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Johns Hopkins Children's Center
The Neeraj Vij Laboratory
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Welcome to the Neeraj Vij Laboratory

Image of Neeraj Vij by Joshua Franzos

Current Research and Expertise

The research goal of my laboratory is identification of molecular pathways leading to chronic disease pathophysiology with an aim to identify novel therapeutic sites. At the translational front, we focus on identification of novel therapeutic strategies including design of small molecules and nano- drug delivery systems. The focus of ongoing research projects is-

Proteostasis-imbalance & pathogenesis of chronic disease

1. Protein processing of misfolded CFTR and other conformational mutant proteins- Mechanisms of misfolded protein ubiquitination and deubiquitination, and identification of substrate specific Ub ligases (E1/E2/E3s) and deubiquitinating enzymes (DUBs).

2. Functional role of VCP/p97 (AAA ATP chaperone)-retrograde translocation protein complex,

3. Pathogenetic mechanisms of aberrant- proteostasis and autophagy

4. Proteostasis mechanisms involved in lung tumor progression & metastasis

Inflammatory mechanisms in pathogenesis  of chronic disease

3. Mechanisms of infection and/or cigarette smoke induced chronic inflammatory signaling in obstructive lung diseases (CF & emphysema/COPD); modifier role of lipid-raft signaling and proteostasis-imbalance.

4. Immune-privilege & wound healing.

Therapeutic strategies & nano-delivery systems for treating chronic conditions

5. Identification of novel molecular targets, therapeutic development and targeted nano-drug delivery systems.

600 N. Wolfe Street / CMSC 3-122 / Baltimore, Maryland 21287 / Phone 410.955.9783 / Fax 410.502.8007