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Using the University Content Management System

The content management system (CMS) that the university has purchased to ensures that users can easily update information and can take advantage of numerous application modules provided within the system.

How can your department use the CMS?

To develop your site on the CMS, contact Design & Publications, the university CMS administrators. Template design will be provided by Design & Publications on a reasonable fee-for-service basis. Design & Publications will work closely with your department to professionally develop templates that fit your needs. All templates will meet or exceed accessibility standards and Section 508 compliance. Tips for maintaining site compliance will be provided by Design & Publications.

Are there any restrictions or requirements when using the CMS?

University instance

In order to maintain the integrity and maximun funcionality of the CMS, all sites will be created within the university insitance. No additional instances will be created.

Web page design

In order to both ensure consistency within the system and allow flexibility for customization, the following few elements will appear appear on all sites:
  1. The Johns Hopkins University logo will appear above the fold (top 500 pixels) of the home page; it will also appear somewhere on all pages.
  2. In addition to the site-specific links the following navigation will appear at the top of all pages in one of our standardized navigation formats. Each of these links will open in a new window so that visitors do not lose your site.

    JHU Home page (Logo will serve as the icon for this link)
    »  University Calendar
    »  University News
    »  Find a Person
    »  JHU Search
  3. A standard footer will be used consisting of a copyright, privacy statement, disclaimer, directions, and contacts (frequently used university numbers/addresses). Additional departmental information can be added to your footer.

Beyond this small header and footer, templates can have any design or organization.

Server applications

Any custom server applications not already included in the CMS modules must be approved by Johns Hopkins Enterprise Networking Services. Contact Enterprise Networking Services before beginning development of applications. Many applications are not stable enough to be hosted on the same server as the CMS and will not be permitted.

Site maintenance

Site template maintenance and user setup will be done by Design & Publications on a fee-for-service basis. All other site maintenance is the responsibility of the department. Design & Publications services are available for these updates.

For more information on using the CMS or developing Web sites within JHU, please send an inquiry to

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