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Location and Contact Information

The HCPAH is effectively a University-wide research center, facilitating collaboration across the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, Bloomberg School of Public Health, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and other academic enterprises.  As with other research centers at the University, the HCPAH is administratively located within a single academic department, in this case, the Department of PFRH at the School of Public Health.  This is the home department of the Director, and many other faculty engaged in population based aging research.  It is also the administrative home of many of the staff members.

Contact Information:

Emily M. Agree, Ph.D.
Population, Family, & Reproductive Health
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 North Wolfe Street, Room E4646
Baltimore, MD 21205

Center Administrator:
Adrienne E. Wiley, MSW, MID
Sr. Research Program Coordinator
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe Street, Rm E4007
Baltimore, MD 21205
(443) 287-4772