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About Us

The Hopkins Center for Population Aging and Health (HCPAH) is a new NIA Demography Center established in September 2009.  The overarching goal of the HCPAH is to support the development of trans-disciplinary science on population aging and health. The Center draws upon social science and biomedical perspectives to foster interdisciplinary collaborations that enhance our understanding of the social and behavioral pathways to disability and the consequences of disablement for individuals, families, and society.

The HCPAH includes three cores:  administrative, dissemination, and program development. These cores facilitate the development of new collaborations on aging and disability research, increase the visibility of our research, and support pilot research projects that lead to applications for further funding.

Affiliates of the HCPAH come from both the Homewood and Medical Campuses of Johns Hopkins University, including the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Nursing, Public Health, and Medicine.  Disciplines represented include Demography, Sociology, Economics, Biostatistics, Nursing, Epidemiology, Geriatrics, and Health Services research.

HCPAH Director:  
Emily Agree, PhD.

Coordinating Committee:
Andrew Cherlin, PhD.
Judith Kasper, PhD.
Karen Bandeen-Roche, PhD.
M.E. Hughes, PhD. (Dissemination Core)

Project Staff:
Adrienne Wiley
Michele Trieb