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Eric Slade, PhD — Contributing Investigator

Eric Slade, PhD, is the Center’s economist with specialized expertise in children’s mental health services.  Dr. Slade works directly with Dr. Wissow and other Center investigators to develop capacity for supporting economic evaluations of the Center’s clinical interventions.  He has more than 15 years of research experience conducting economic evaluations of mental health services, and currently is the lead economist on several NIH-sponsored studies.  Dr. Slade and Dr. Wissow have collaborated on research projects for more than 7 years, working with economic and services utilization data from primary care practice and mental health systems.  Dr. Slade co-directs the Research Methods Core and is the lead investigator on Research Methods Core Project 2 (RMC2).


Contact Information:
Eric Slade, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry University of Maryland School of Medicine
737 West Lombard Street, Room 526
Baltimore, MD 21201
Tel: 410-706-8469
Fax: 410-706-0022