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Sarah Polk, ScM, MD — Contributing Investigator

Sarah Polk, ScM, MD, is an Assistant Professor whose research is focused in two areas: pediatric health disparities with an interest in the health of low-income Latino children and maximizing the potential of pediatric primary care for vulnerable populations.  Regarding the former, she is conducting a retrospective cohort study to look at growth of low-income Latino infants and its correlation to early childhood obesity.  To address enhanced delivery of pediatric primary care, she is working with Dr. Larry Wissow of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on a study of how language discordance between provider and parent might influence the use of common factors in primary care.  Dr. Polk is participating in the Pediatric Integrated Care Collaborative to integrate mental health care into pediatric primary care at the Children’s Medical Practice.  In addition to her research, she is the Medical Director of the Children’s Medical Practice at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and Co-Director of Centro SOL, the Johns Hopkins’ Center for Salud/Health and Opportunities for Latinos.


Contact Information:
Sarah Polk, ScM, MD

Assistant Professor 

The Johns Hopkins University

Bayview Medical Center, Pediatrics

5200 Eastern Avenue

Mason Lord Center Tower, Suite 4200

Baltimore, MD 21224

Phone: 410-550-8296

Fax: 410-550-4153