The Young Spinoza:
A Philosopher in the Making

Johns Hopkins University, September 18th-19th 2011

Levering Hall, Sherwood Room

Sunday, September 18th

Session I: 10:00-12:00


· Pina Totaro (CNR-Rome): "The Recently Discovered Vatican Manuscript of Spinoza's Ethics"

· Frédéric Manzini (Paris IV – Sorbonne): "When was Spinoza not young any more?"

· Michael LeBuffe (Texas A&M University): "Spinoza's (Early) Provisional Morality"


Session II: 2:00-3:30

Chair: John Carriero (UCLA)

· Karolina Hübner (University of Toronto): "The Early Spinoza on the Nature of Ideas"

· Samuel Newlands (University of Notre Dame): "Spinoza's Early Anti-Abstractionism"

Session III: 4:00-6:00

Chair: Bandon Look (University of Kentucky)

· Russ Leo (Princeton University): "Spinoza's Calvin: the Use and Abuse of Reformed Orthodoxy in the Korte Verhandeling van God, Mensch en deselvs Welstand"

· Ed Curley (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor): "Spinoza's Lost Defense"

· Dan Garber (Princeton University): Spinoza’s Cartesian Dualism in the Korte Verhandeling


Monday, September 19th

Levering Hall, Sherwood Room

Session IV: 9:00-11:00

Chair: Eckart Forster (Johns Hopkins University)

· Ursula Renz (Universität Klagenfurt): "From the Passive to the Active Intellect"

· Yitzhak Y. Melamed (Johns Hopkins University): "The Development of Spinoza's Concepts of Substance and Attribute"

· Tad Schmaltz (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor):            "Spinoza on Eternity and Duration: The 1663 Connection"

Session V: 11:30-1:00

Chair:  Mogens Laerke (University of Aberdeen)

· John Morrison (Columbia University/Barnard College): "The Nature of True Ideas in the Ethics and the Treatise on the Emendation of the Intellect"

· Filippo Mignini (University of Macerata): "Fictio/Verziering(e) in the Early Writings of Spinoza"


Session VI: 3:00-5:00


· Alan Nelson (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill): "Spinoza's Early Writings on Truth"

· John Brandau (Johns Hopkins University): "Degrees of Reality, Degrees of Perfection, Degrees of having Essence"

· Colin Marshall, (University of Melbourne): "Reason in the Short Treatise"

DINNER (buffet)

For further information please contact Yitzhak Melamed: ymelame1@jhu.edy

We would like to thank the Hopkins ECC Project, the Singleton Center for Pre-Modern Studies, and the Stulman Program for Jewish Studies for their generous support.