Location:       CafÈ Conference Room, Azafran. 

1st Floor, Space Telescope Building



Saturday September 19


Session One

10:00-10:30   Naveeda Khan: Riotous Images and the Proliferation of Sin: Another Look at the Danish Cartoon Controversy


10:30-11:00   Sumathi Ramaswamy: Nursing the nation into being: The visual ambivalence of the maternal breast in bourgeois India


11:00-11:15   Comments


11:15-12:15   Discussion





Session Two

2:00-2:30       Ludger Viefhues-Bailey: Holiness Sex: Conservative Christian Sex Practices as Acts of Sanctification


2:30-3:00       Eric Fassin: Celibate Priests, Abstinent Homosexuals.  What the Exclusion of Gay (and Gay-Friendly) Men from Priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church Does to Chastity.


3:00-3:15       Break


3:15-3:45       Francois Sebbah: Levinas: God, the Father, and Sexual Difference


3:45-4:10       Comments


4:10-5:30       Discussion


7:00 Onward Dinner



Sunday September 20


Session One

11:00-11:30   Deepak Mehta: Self-Dissolution, Politics and the Work of Affect: The Life and Death of Sufi Baba


11:30-12:00   Bhrigupati Singh: Sensuality and Morality in Rural Central India


12:00-12:15   Comments


12:15-1:15     Discussion





Session Two

3:00-3:30       Michael Moon: Sexual Sovereignty (What Can That Mean?):† Some Autoethnographic and Alloethnographic Perspectives


3:30-4:00       Veena Das: Religion, Sexuality and Sovereignty: The Case of Divine Marriage


4:00-4:15       Comments


4:15-5:15       Discussion


7:00 Onward Dinner