The 2010 Mid-Atlantic Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

Johns Hopkins University – April 18th, 2010

Maryland Hall, Room 201


Ohad Nachtomy (Fordham University): Leibniz and Kant on Possibility and Existence

Katherine Dunlop (Brown University): Presuppositions in Newton’s Metaphysics of Space and Time

Coffee Break


Peter Distelzweig (University of Pittsburgh): Seventeenth Century TeleoMechanics: Muscle, Mathematics and Animal Locomotion

Author Meets Critic Session

Dan Garber (Princeton University): Leibniz: Body, Substance, Monad (Oxford University Press, 2009).

Critic: Christia Mercer (Columbia University)

 Lunch Break


John Morrison (Barnard College, Columbia University): Spinoza on Causation and Conception

Cathay Liu (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill): Descartes' Priority of Geometry over Algebra

Coffee break

5:00- 7:10

Marius Stan (Caltech): Kant on Action and Reaction: the Influence of Leibniz

Amy Schmitter (University of Alberta): Natural Passions, Reason & Religious Emotion in Hobbes and Spinoza

7:30 Dinner