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Johns Hopkins Ebola Readiness | Johns Hopkins University

"Ipsa scientia potestas est" -- Francis Bacon, 1597

Knowledge is power.

So let’s know what we’re dealing with, and what we’re not, when it comes to Ebola.

This site is designed for students, faculty members and staff members of the Johns Hopkins University who are not involved in patient care. We want you to have easy access to expert information on the disease itself, the outbreak in West Africa and the situation in the United States. You’ll find all that just to the right, in the middle column.

On the far right, we’re collecting all the Johns Hopkins-specific knowledge you’ll need. That includes an archive of updates to the community, along with relevant documents and policies.

We also include links to other Johns Hopkins-related Ebola sites. Some provide information on how Johns Hopkins Medicine is preparing for possible Ebola patients. Another highlights what Johns Hopkins and its people are doing to fight the deadly outbreak, in labs in Baltimore and on the ground in West Africa.

You can also find downloadable graphics and suggestions on how you can donate to the campaign against Ebola.

Should the Ebola outbreak ever have a direct impact on the university community, this page will be your source for updated information and guidance.

This site is maintained by the Johns Hopkins University Office of Communications. Contact us with questions or suggestions.