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In accordance with federal regulation, all investigators on a PHS-supported grant or contract must receive training related to conflict of interest whenever the institution’s policy changes and every four years thereafter.  In addition, training must be completed whenever the institution determines that an investigator is not in compliance with the university’s conflict of interest policy and/or has not adhered to the assigned management plan for a conflict of interest.

To access the course, go to My Learning:  Log in using your JHED ID and password, and then search for the course titled "Conflict of Interest and Commitment."


View this webinar to learn more about the new PHS financial conflict of interest regulations, which are effective as of August 24, 2012.  The regulations have led to revised JHU and divisional policies regarding disclosure requirements of faculty and investigators and the review, management and reporting of financial conflicts of interest.  The revised regulation is available here.

COI in the Media

The national media, Congress, and policy makers are focusing attention on conflict of interest in the biomedical professions.  Major newspapers frequently report on interactions between physicians, researchers and industry.  Media attention has been recently heightened by changes in the federal regulations associated with conflict of interest involving research.  While many articles fail to communicate the complexity of industry interactions and conflict of interest, they nonetheless highlight the salient issues involved. 

Below is a collection of recent stories in the print media, articles in professional journals, and titles of books on conflict of interest in the biomedical professions.  Please select a link below, and check back frequently for updates to this resource. 

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