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Educational Program

About the program

Dr. Gordon and his interdisciplinary team provide support services to young adults with special needs including instruction and training in functional academics, activities of daily living, vocational skills, social skills, leisure activities, and self-advocacy.  At the heart of the educational program is a young man who was nonverbal until approximately age 14.  With years of intensive training, he was taught some aspects of speech, and has learned an appreciable number of skills.  He is currently using vocal speech approximations (words, phrases, and short sentence frames) as his primary mode of communication  (see, for example O'Grady et al., 2005; Boner et al., 2008; Pickett et al., 2008; Thorne et al., 2009; Loughlin et al., 2010, Loughlin et al. 2011).  Dr. Gordon and his group have consulted on educational programs for other individuals with autism, on a individualized, case-by-case basis.  If interested in such an evaluation, contact Dr. Gordon directly at 410-955-8531 or at


What's New

NYEP Cooking Class – Introductory Level
We are pleased to offer a weekly introductory cooking class and dining group to young adults in Manhattan.  The class will focus on independent meal preparation as well as related social skills.  Each week, participants will follow a simple recipe to cook a healthy entrée and work together to set the table, serve drinks, serve each other salad, sides, and/or dessert, and clean up.  Semester-long recipe themes include grain bowls, stir fries, breakfast dishes, etc.  Throughout the year, the group will host dinner parties and more casual get-togethers as a way to connect to and socialize with friends.  The cost $40 per class; there will be 36 classes per year.  Contact Olivia Pullara at 917-734-3856 for more information.