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ABC News/Good Morning America
May 18, 2011
How Do Babies Learn to Talk?
Johns Hopkins angle: This story reports on research done by a Johns Hopkins doctoral student in cognitive science that sheds light on how human beings acquire language and grammar skills. Now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Rochester, Jennifer Culbertson worked with Krieger School cognitive scientist Paul Smolensky on the study.

TIME Magazine
May 17, 2011
The Caligula Effect: Why Powerful Men Compulsively Cheat
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted in this article is Fred Berlin, founder of the sexual disorders clinic at Johns Hopkins.
May 17, 2011
Hopkins Press Wraps Up $4.1M Renovation
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reports that the 114-year-old building that houses the Johns Hopkins University Press has a modern new look after a $4.1 million, two-year renovation. Quoted is Jack Holmes, director of development for JHU Press.

ABC News/Good Morning America
May 17, 2011
U.S. News and World Report Ranks Nation's Children's Hospitals
Johns Hopkins angle: This piece reports that the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center was named to the “Honor Roll” of hospitals that excel in four or more specialties in U.S. News and World Report’s fifth annual rankings of Best Children's Hospitals.

Baltimore Business Journal
May 17, 2011
Hopkins children's hospital on U.S. News 'honor roll'
Johns Hopkins angle: This brief states that Johns Hopkins Children’s Center was one of 11 hospitals to land on the report’s “Honor Roll” for excelling in four or more specialties.

Washington Post
May 18, 2011
Harvard brainiac to Berkeley radical: Pop culture’s college IDs
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature notes that The Johns Hopkins University serves as a stand-in for Harvard in the Oscar-winning film "The Social Network." The story also says that on TV, "Johns Hopkins is equated with brilliant, off-kilter doctors, most recently television’s misanthropic Gregory House."

May 17, 2011
Most women don't need Vitamin A pills: study
Johns Hopkins angle: This Reuters wire story reports on a new study from Bangladesh concluding that most of the world's women don't need Vitamin A supplements. Researchers from the Bloomberg School of Public Health worked on the study, and Keith West is quoted.

U.S. News & World Report
May 17, 2011
Aging Brains Have Trouble Remembering New Information
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reports on a study led by Krieger School neuroscientist Michael Yassa that shed light on why aging brains have difficulty remembering new information.

Canada Free Press
May 18, 2011
Why Hawking Was Wrong To Discount Life After Death
Johns Hopkins angle: This commentary is written by Scott M. Tyson, who earned an engineering degree at JHU and previously worked at the university’s Applied Physics Laboratory.

Washington Post – Campus Overload blog
May 17, 2011
Writing a commencement speech that doesn’t bore college grads
Johns Hopkins angle: This blog post cites the transcript of Vice President Al Gore's Commencement 2005 speech at Johns Hopkins.

Baltimore Business Journal
May 17, 2011
Feds accepting applications for accountable care program
Johns Hopkins angle: This news brief states that Johns Hopkins Hospital is considering applying for a federal coordinated care program with ties to the health reform law passed last year. The initiative is a pilot program, according to the brief.

Baltimore Sun
May 18, 2011
Treating thoracic outlet syndrome
Johns Hopkins angle: This post calls attention to a live online chat scheduled for noon today. It will focus on thoracic outlet syndrome, and the chat will be conducted with Paul Christo, director of the Multidisciplinary Pain Fellowship Training Program at the School of Medicine.

New Kerala (IANS)
May 18, 2011
Gene variation linked to infertility in women
Johns Hopkins angle: This IANS wire story reports on a study led by Annabelle Rodriguez of the School of Medicine that found that variation in a gene involved in regulating cholesterol in the bloodstream, which affects progesterone production in women, is linked to infertility in some women.

Yahoo! News (HealthDay)
May 17, 2011
Gene Variation May Explain Some Female Infertility Cases
Johns Hopkins angle: HealthDay reports that researchers from the School of Medicine found that a gene variation that causes faulty cholesterol regulation also appears to affect production of the pregnancy hormone progesterone and may be a reason why some women can't get pregnant.

Yahoo! News (HealthDay News)
May 17, 2011
Obese People at Higher Risk of Infection After Colon Surgery
Johns Hopkins angle: Obese patients are at a significantly increased risk for surgical site infections after undergoing partial or full removal of the colon, according to a study led by Elizabeth Wick of the School of Medicine, a HealthDay News article states.

WMDT-TV ABC News (Delaware)
May 18, 2011
Del. educators discuss parental involvement
Johns Hopkins angle: The Associated Press reports that Mavis Sanders, a research scientist at the Center for the Social Organization of Schools, is moderating an education workshop in New Castle.
May 18, 2011
A guide to headache remedies
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted in this story is Jason Rosenberg, the director of the Johns Hopkins Headache Center at Bayview.

Asian Correspondent
May 18, 2011
Leading medical schools for Asian students
Johns Hopkins angle: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is among those listed in this article.

San Mateo Daily Journal
May 18, 2011
College mental health screenings go high-tech
Johns Hopkins angle: This story mentions that JHU is one of the schools using a computerized evaluation called the Behavioral Health Measure.

Baltimore Sun
May 17, 2011
Middle River's Long chosen for Coca-Cola's Olympic ad campaign
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature mentions that Jessica Long, the seven-time Paralympics swimming gold medalist from Middle River, will be giving a speech at Johns Hopkins Hospital later this month, “talking to doctors about my prosthetics.”

Baltimore Sun
May 17, 2011
Towson student to bicycle cross country for cancer fundraiser
Johns Hopkins angle: This article concerns a 4K for Cancer cross-country bicycling fund-raiser that was started by Johns Hopkins University students in 2001.

Frederick News-Post
May 18, 2011
Wolfsville student gets jump start on paying for college
Johns Hopkins angle: This piece reports that Jeremy Harshman was named a Carson Scholar. The program was created by Children’s Center neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

Providence Journal (Rhode Island)
May 19, 2011
The pianist is planning to become a doctor
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature mentions that pianist Naida Cole studied with Leon Fleisher at the Peabody Institute.

Baltimore Sun – Explore Baltimore County
May 18, 2011
Carnival excitement returns to St. Pius X campus
Johns Hopkins angle: An item in this neighborhood column states that Milly Brugger, who majored in public health, played on the women’s lacrosse team and was recognized on the dean's list, will receive her bachelor of science degree from Johns Hopkins University on May 26.


NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
May 17, 2011
For Some, College Debt Just Doesn't Add Up
Of the eight high school seniors featured in this story, at least one has decided not to attend her "dream school," which would have cost her around $50,000 a year, in favor of attending a community college. The reason? Fear of racking up student loan debt.

NPR – All Things Considered
May 13, 2011
Some New Grads Still Struggle To Land Jobs
On college campuses, the outlook for new grads is better than it's been for the past couple of years — with starting salaries averaging about $50,000. Still, for many students — especially those without technical skills or a business background — landing a good job remains tough.

Chronicle of Higher Education
May 17, 2011
Faculty Groups Kick Off Campaign to Promote College Accessibility and Defend Higher Education
Organizations that believe the nation's future depends on making college affordable for all Americans will join forces to fight policies that lead to doing more with less.

Baltimore Sun
May 18, 2011
Sophie Kerr prize awarded to Baltimore County resident in New York City
For the first time, Washington College gives out literary prize somewhere other than commencement. The winner will receive $61,062, or $25,429 more than the average starting salary for a 2011 liberal arts graduate.

Diverse Issues in Higher Education
May 18, 2011
Town Hall Meeting: Shortage of Black Male Teachers Looms as Many Choose High-Paying Professions
Award-winning teachers told inspirational stories during a U.S. Education Department TEACH campaign forum to get more college students, particularly those from diverse backgrounds, to join the ranks of American educators.

Inside Higher Ed
May 18, 2011
What They Are Really Typing
Moving beyond student surveys, recent studies use spyware and sleuthing to study how students use their laptops in class -- with the hope of informing more nuanced policies.

Chronicle of Higher Education – Wired Campus blog
May 17, 2011
Georgia Tech to Lead $10-Million Homeland-Security Project on Cybersecurity
Researchers hope to clear up the misconception that open-source software is highly vulnerable to attack and show that it instead gives flexibility in dealing with security threats.

New York Times
May 18, 2011
Yale Restricts a Fraternity for Five Years
Delta Kappa Epsilon, whose alumni include both President Bushes, has been punished for an episode in which members led pledges in chants offensive to women.

Johns Hopkins University