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The Washington Post
June 29, 2011
Lisa J. Heiser, education professional
Johns Hopkins angle: This obituary states that Lisa J. Heiser had been the vice dean for faculty development at Johns Hopkins University medical school since 2006.

Maryland Daily Record
June 28, 2011
Planning for Baltimore’s Red Line moves forward
Johns Hopkins angle: This article mentions Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

Baltimore Sun
June 28, 2011
City plans to buy four new Circulator buses
Johns Hopkins angle: This article about the Baltimore’s free Circulator bus system mentions that a third line, the Green Route — serving Johns Hopkins Hospital, Fells Point, Harbor East and the City Hall area — is scheduled to begin service in the fall.

Baltimore Sun
June 28, 2011
Mother's advice helped turn Tucker into Gilman's comeback kid
Johns Hopkins angle: This sports feature profiles Ryan Tucker, a Gilman high school lacrosse star who mentions the advice he received from his mother, Johns Hopkins women's lacrosse coach Janine Tucker.

New York Times
June 28, 2011
Bloggingheads: Afghanistan and Terrorism
Johns Hopkins angle: In this online news video, Michael Cohen, of the American Security Project, and Daniel Serwer, of JHU’s School of Advanced International Studies, debate withdrawing from Afghanistan. (Baltimore Sun)
June 29, 2011
Village Learning Place lets the good times roll
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature states that the Village Learning Place, a community-run library and activities center in Charles Village, is encouraging children to enroll in a summer education program whose curriculum was written with the help of students in JHU’s Center For Social Concern.

Washington Post
June 28, 2011
‘Tribute to the Wounded Warriors’ fails to live up to the hype
Johns Hopkins angle: This review states that a wind ensemble from the Peabody Institute participated in this event.

Baltimore Sun
June 28, 2011
Grasmick's last day marks end of an era
Johns Hopkins angle: This article about the retirement this week of Nancy Grasmick after two decades as Maryland state superintendent of schools mentions that Grasmick earned her doctorate from The Johns Hopkins University.

Baltimore Sun
June 28, 2011
Big BIO in Washington D.C. -- one Baltimore man's journey to the heart of BioPharma
Johns Hopkins angle: In this technology blog post about the 2011 BIO International conference in Washington, D.C., columnist Gus Sentementes states that “Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland system were well represented” at the event.

KBPS (San Diego)
June 28, 2011
NOVA scienceNOW: Hubble’s Amazing Rescue; Gangster Birds; Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa; How Memory Works
Johns Hopkins angle: This preview of “NOVA scienceNOW," includes a story about repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope featuring Krieger School astrophysicist John Grunsfeld and a profile of School of Medicine surgeon Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa.

June 29, 2011
Obama News Conference Likely to Address Debt, Libya, Afghanistan
Johns Hopkins angle: Bloomberg reports that President Barack Obama will appear in the East Room of the White House one hour ahead of a speech at which his top counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, is to present the administration’s counterterrorism policy at SAIS.

New Kerala (IANS)
June 29, 2011
Students invent device to minimize risks in dialysis
Johns Hopkins angle: IANS reports that biomedical engineering students from the Whiting School of Engineering have invented a device to cut down the risk of infection, clotting and narrowing of blood vessels during dialysis.

Red Orbit
June 29, 2011
Student Team Invents Device To Cut Dialysis Risk
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reports that graduate students at the Whiting School have invented a device to reduce the risk of infection, clotting and narrowing of the blood vessels in patients who need blood-cleansing dialysis because of kidney failure. The five biomedical engineering students on the team were enrolled in a one-year master's degree program in the university's Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design.

Baltimore City Paper
June 29, 2011
How to Be Politically Active Without Looking Like a Poser and Other Things the Author Learned Over Couscous
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted is Krieger School political scientist Lester Spence.

June 28, 2011
Floating Probe Would Examine Alien Sea on Titan
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted is Ralph Lorenz of APL.

Forbes Blogs
June 28, 2011
National Aquarium Director Faults Gulf Damage Assessment
Johns Hopkins angle: This column mentions the Johns Hopkins University.

The Daily Mail (UK)
June 28, 2011
Can TSA's scanning machines give you cancer? New fears after claim government is covering up 'clusters' of disease among airport workers
Johns Hopkins angle: This story about TSA scanner safety mentions that documents cite “a Johns Hopkins University study showing the radiation zones around the scanners could exceed safety limits.

Las Vegas Sun (AP)
June 29, 2011
US Congressman calls on Egypt to release ‘spy’
Johns Hopkins angle: Congressman Gary Ackerman is asking for the release of Ilan Grapel, a Johns Hopkins University alumnus accused of spying for Israel.

Marketing Week
June 30, 2011
On the pulse
Johns Hopkins angle: This article mentions malaria research at Johns Hopkins.

Community Times (Reisterstown, Md.)
June 28, 2011
Lasting legacy
Johns Hopkins angle: This story mentions that Nancy Grasmick earned her Ph.D. in communicative sciences from Johns Hopkins University.

Hoboken Reporter (N.J.)
June 29, 2011
In 7-hour meeting, board votes against tenure for two popular teachers in Hoboken
Johns Hopkins angle: This article mentions Cheng-Yen Hillenbrand, the head of the Johns Hopkins gifted program.

Baltimore Sun
June 27, 2011
William Lloyd "Little Willie" Adams, prominent venture capitalist
Johns Hopkins angle: This obituary states that Adams too took night courses at what was called the McCoy College at The Johns Hopkins University.

Birmingham News (Ala.)
June 29, 2011
Balancing gymnastics and academics pays off for Tide's Kayla Hoffman
Johns Hopkins angle: Kayla Hoffman will serve an internship this fall at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center.


Diverse Issues in Higher Education
June 29, 2011
Obama Administration Officials Take High Profile at Senate Hearing on DREAM Act
A congressional hearing on Tuesday breathed new life into the decade-old and oft-thwarted effort to pass the proposed federal DREAM Act, but Democratic leaders concede there is no clear path to enactment and that one of the main obstacles is lack of Republican support.

USA Today
June 29, 2011
Universities turn to outsourced instructors
Instructional outsourcing is sprouting on university campuses around the country.

Chronicle of Higher Education
June 26, 2011
Those Tweedy Old Admissions Deans? They're All Business Now
The caricature of the tweedy idealist has yielded to that of the number-obsessed marketer. What most colleges want is something in between.

Inside Higher Ed
June 29, 2011
Dealing With the Depressed or Dangerous
Students who kill or threaten to harm themselves create legal and moral dilemmas for colleges -- a topic of discussion at key meeting of campus lawyers.

Baltimore Sun
June 29, 2011
Baltimore International College to lose accreditation in August
Loss of federal financial aid could force closure of downtown college that teaches cooking and hospitality management.

Inside Higher Ed
June 29, 2011
On Athletes and Aid
Report shows that institutions in NCAA Division III, which does not allow athletics scholarships, need reminder to follow cardinal rule.
Washington Post – Campus Overload blog
June 28, 2011
Founding Farmers restaurant installs bee hives at GWU
The restaurant — which is known for using locally grown or produced ingredients — has installed six beehives on the roof of George Washington University's Lisner Hall, where the university already had four of its own hives.

Inside Higher Ed
June 29, 2011
Plan to Restructure British Higher Ed
Long-awaited "white paper" proposes greatly increased competition for highly qualified students and more access to student loan funds for for-profit providers.

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