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The Washington Post
June 21, 2011
The Pain of Wrong Site Surgery
Johns Hopkins angle: This article quotes Peter Provonost, medical director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Innovation in Quality Patient Care.

ABC News
June 21, 2011
Protect children from summer dangers
Johns Hopkins angle: This piece quotes Andrea Gielen, who studies injuries as director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy.

Baltimore Sun
June 20, 2011
Fiber optics a boon, from classroom to operating room
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted in this feature is Philipp J. Stolka, a Whiting School postdoctoral fellow and researcher at the Johns Hopkins Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics.

eSchool News Online
June 20, 2011
Troubles with quantity estimation linked to math learning disability
Johns Hopkins angle: This story reports on research led by Michelle Mazzocco of the School of Medicine, along with Krieger School psychologists Lisa Feigenson and Justin Halberda

Huffington Post
June 21, 2011
New Cigarette Warnings Released
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted in the blog post is Joanna Cohen, a Bloomberg School of Public Health associate professor who directs JHU’s Institute for Global Tobacco Control.
June 21, 2011
Mutations Cause Ultra Muscular Humans, Animals, Fish
Johns Hopkins angle: Se-Jin Lee, a School of Medicine professor in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, comments in this Discovery News feature.

Sacramento Bee (Calif.)
June 21, 2011
Canine pal can be a workout partner
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature quotes Christine Zink, a veterinarian and professor of pathology in the School of Medicine.

Baltimore Business Journal
June 20, 2011
Johns Hopkins Medicine International names Kersey chairman
Johns Hopkins angle: This article states that Johns Hopkins Medicine International has elected Christopher W. Kersey as chairman of the board.

New England Cable News (AP)
June 21, 2011
Nerve disorder doesn't slow down man
Johns Hopkins angle: This Associated Press story mentions Andrea Corse, a School of Medicine associate professor of neurology-neuromuscular medicine.

Media Matters
June 20, 2011
Fox Hosts Official From Extremist-Linked Pro-Gun Group To Distort Link Between "Carry Laws" And Crime
Johns Hopkins angle: This article quotes Daniel Webster, co-director at the Center for Gun Policy and Research at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Baltimore Sun
June 20, 2011
National Aquarium taps Californian as new CEO
Johns Hopkins angle: This article mentions that the National Aquarium has established a conservation center to create research partnerships with The Johns Hopkins University, the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Fla., and others.

June 20, 2011
McDiabetes: Will McDonald's Ever Stop Peddling Its Killer Junk to Kids?
Johns Hopkins angle: This piece about junk food advertising and its effect on kids mentions a Bloomberg School of Public Health study that concluded that adolescents exercise as much as they did two decades ago, when rates of obesity and other diet-related disease were significantly lower.

June 20, 2011
"White Coat Effect" Linked to Hypertension Overtreatment
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted in this piece is Lawrence Appel of the School of Medicine.
June 21, 2011
Gensler Evolving in Derivatives War Sees No Deed Go Unpunished
Johns Hopkins angle: This article mentions that Gary Gensler, chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, studied math at The Johns Hopkins University in a program for gifted teenagers.

Federal News Radio
June 20, 2011
DARPA to launch virtual Internet
Johns Hopkins angle: This story mentions that The Johns Hopkins University is working on this project.

Yahoo! News (HealthDay News)
June 20, 2011
Single Reading Can't Gauge Blood Pressure Control: Study
Johns Hopkins angle: Lawrence Appel of the School of Medicine is quoted in this HealthDay News story.

June 20, 2011
Food Allergies in Kids More Common Than Thought
Johns Hopkins angle: Robert Wood of the School of Medicine comments in this story.

Baltimore Sun
June 20, 2011
Blue Jays banners take flight from Camden Yards
Johns Hopkins angle: This blog post states that a Johns Hopkins staff meeting was taking place at a banquet facility at the Warehouse Thursday, so the entrance was festooned that morning with four gaily decorated vertical banners in Hopkins periwinkle blue, proclaiming “Blue Jays Forever.”

Inside Indiana Business
June 21, 2011
St. Francis Healthcare Names Executive Director
Johns Hopkins angle: Gregory Williamson earned a master's degree at JHU, this story states.

The Hot Springs Star (S.D.)
June 21, 2011
The toughest job at the Miss S.D. Pageant
Johns Hopkins angle: This article notes that Rick Tedrick earned his MBA at JHU.

New Jersey Herald
June 21, 2011
Five sets of twins to graduate from Newton
Johns Hopkins angle: Kyle Wall will attend Johns Hopkins, this story notes.

News-Herald (Ohio)
June 21, 2011
N-H Scholar Athlete award finalists named
Johns Hopkins angle: This article states that Kyle Flynn will attend JHU in the fall.

Reading Eagle (Pa.)
June 21, 2011
Reading High graduate: 'Help others first to change the world,' says aspiring doctor headed to Johns Hopkins
Johns Hopkins angle: Valedictorian Noe Cabello heads to Johns Hopkins in the fall, this feature notes.

The Philippine Star
June 18, 2011
Mime artist Iinuro Naoki: His silence was eloquent / Reyes concerts, NAMCYA tilts
Johns Hopkins angle: An item in this arts column mentions that eminent international pianist Reynaldo Reyes earned his master’s degree and artist diploma at the Peabody Institute.

Baltimore Sun
June 20, 2011
F. Gould Charshee Jr.
Johns Hopkins angle: This obituary notes that Charshee graduated from The Johns Hopkins University in 1966 with a biology degree.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph (W.Va.)
June 20, 2011
JoAnne Hale (obituary)
Johns Hopkins angle: Hale attended the School of Nursing, this obituary notes


NPR – Morning Edition
June 21, 2011
Catholic University To Phase Out Co-Ed Dorms
At colleges across the country, some 90 percent of student housing is co-ed. Now, Catholic University in Washington, D.C., wants to turn back the clock. The college is returning to single-sex dorms. The university hopes to fight back against a culture of binge drinking and casual sex.

Inside Higher Ed
June 21, 2011
Moral, but Lawful?
Catholic University of America has announced a transition to single-sex only housing. But officials there have been served with intent-to-sue notice on the grounds that completely eliminating coeducational dorms would violate the District of Columbia’s Human Rights Act.

Washington Post – College Inc. blog
June 20, 2011
Maryland university goes test-optional on admissions for good
A five-year experiment in “test-optional” admissions at Salisbury University in Maryland yielded strong enough results that the school has been granted permission to make the option permanent.

Diverse Issues in Higher Education (AP)
June 21, 2011
Pennsylvania Legislation Seeks In-state Tuition for Undocumented Immigrants
Undocumented immigrants would qualify for the less expensive in-state tuition rates at Pennsylvania universities if they meet residency requirements included in proposed legislation introduced Monday.

Inside Higher Ed
June 21, 2011
ACT's Validity Questioned
Study finds that two of its four parts -- and the composite scores institutions rely on -- don't predict college success.

Chronicle of Higher Education
June 20, 2011
Yale U. Will Replace Anti-Semitism Institute With a New Center Under Different Leadership
The center will be led directly by Yale faculty members, unlike the institute, and it will discuss both contemporary and historical anti-Semitism.

U.S. News & World Report
June 20, 2011
Wikipedia Gradually Accepted in College Classrooms
Professors don't want students to rely on the site but admit it's a useful starting point for research.

New York Times (Texas Tribune)
June 18, 2011
U.T. Experiment Grapples With Essence of Gravity
The Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment at the McDonald Observatory, part of the University of Texas, could have a bearing on finally formulating why gravity exists.

Chronicle of Higher Education
June 17, 2011
Review of University Rankings Offers a Comprehensive Critique of the Process
International university rankings have "galvanized" the world of higher education, but, despite their growing influence, they provide only an "oversimplified picture" of the mission of universities, says a new report commissioned by the Brussels-based European University Association.

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