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TIME Magazine
June 16, 2011
'Magic Mushrooms' Can Improve Psychological Health Long Term
Johns Hopkins angle: The psychedelic drug in magic mushrooms may have lasting medical and
spiritual benefits, according to new research led by Roland Griffiths of the Johns Hopkins
School of Medicine.

Mother Jones
June 17, 2011
Geeky Stats About Magic Mushrooms
Johns Hopkins angle: This story focuses on research being done on "magic mushrooms" by a
team at Johns Hopkins.

The Christian Science Monitor
June 16, 2011
How Mercury is like Saturn (and other surprises from NASA's orbiter)
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted is APL's Ralph McNutt. 

New Scientist
June 16, 2011
Mercury was probably pummelled in its youth
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted is Ralph McNutt of the APL.

Baltimore Sun
June 16, 2011
NASA's Messenger disproves several theories about Mercury
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reports on new information obtained from NASA's Messenger
spacecraft mission, which is being managed by JHU’s Applied Physics Laboratory. Quoted are
APL scientists Ralph McNutt Jr. and Brett Denevi.

Voice of America
June 16, 2011
Sub-Saharan Africa Girls Face High HIV/AIDS Risk
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted is Carol Underwood, senior research scientist at Johns Hopkins
University's Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Education Week
June 17, 2011
Study Helps Pinpoint Math Disability
Johns Hopkins angle: This story about math learning mentions Krieger School psychologists
Justin Halberda and Lisa Feigenson.

New York Times
June 16, 2011
Meatless Mondays Catch On, Even With Carnivores
Johns Hopkins angle: This story mentions the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Baltimore Sun
June 16, 2011
Mayors to flock to Baltimore for four-day conference
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted in this story is Matthew Crenson, a Krieger School professor
emeritus of political science.

Gazette (Maryland)
June 17, 2011
Johns Hopkins hopes to seal deal bringing Chinese company to Science City
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted is Elaine Amir, executive director of Johns Hopkins Montgomery

Ivanhoe Newswire
June 17, 2011
Mist Inhaler Dangers
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted is Sonal Singh, M.D., M.P.H., an assistant professor of general
internal medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Chemistry World
June 17, 2011
Nanoboxes given optoelectronic function
Johns Hopkins angle: This article focuses on research by chemical and biomolecular engineer
David Gracias and colleagues at the Whiting School of Engineering which showed previously
how nanoscale origami could be used to fold a sheet into a cube.

Baltimore Sun
June 16, 2011
Autism doctor: My therapy is unconventional, but it works
Johns Hopkins angle: In this commentary, physician Mark Geier states that he completed his
medical training at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He also is identified as a former assistant professor at the School of Medicine.

Ha'aretz (Israel)
June 17, 2011
Chapter and verse
Johns Hopkins angle: This story mentions that Lorin Stein was a teaching fellow at Johns

Baltimore Sun
June 17, 2011
Civil Dining: Baltimore Diner launches discussion on Monday
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reports that the Baltimore Diner blog will be launching a
conversation on “Civil Dining,” inspired and guided by the Johns Hopkins Civility Project
and in particular on the work of P.M. Forni, a Krieger School professor who co-founded the

June 16, 2011
Smooke’s “nonopera” premieres in Brooklyn on Friday
Johns Hopkins angle: This article focuses on “Criminal Element,” composed by David Smooke,
who teaches at the Peabody Institute. Smooke is interviewed.

CBS Baltimore (WJZ-TV Channel 13)
June 16, 2011
BSO Offers Amateur Music Camp For Adults
Johns Hopkins angle: Interviewed in the TV news feature about BSO Academy, a week-long
amateur music camp for adults, is Carolyn Williams, who studied flute at the Peabody Institute.

Maryland Daily Record
June 16, 2011
On the move – 6/16/11: Mann receives national award
Johns Hopkins angle: This brief states that George Wills, the newly selected MPT Foundation
chair, will receive the Grassroots Advocacy Award for his work to rally the public and his
advocacy with state and federal officials on behalf of public broadcasting. Wills holds a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University.

The Dispatch (Ocean City, MD.)
June 17, 2011
Recognized For Teaching Skills
Johns Hopkins angle: Dr. Alex Azar has been awarded the Allan D. Jensen Part-Time Faculty
Teaching award for the 2010/2011 academic year. Azar was nominated for the award by medical
students attending the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. This is the second consecutive
year Azar has received the award.

Baltimore Sun
June 16, 2011
Michigan joins American Lax Conference
Johns Hopkins angle: This blog post reports that Michigan will field its first women's
varsity lacrosse team in 2013, and the Wolverines will play in the American Lacrosse
Conference, home to Johns Hopkins and six-time national champion Northwestern. Johns Hopkins
coach Janine Tucker is quoted.

Baltimore Sun
June 17, 2011
Bayhawks can't hold lead, lose on road to Lizards, 14-11
Johns Hopkins angle: A women’s college lacrosse item in this column states that the American
Lacrosse Conference, which includes Johns Hopkins, has accepted Michigan as a member,
effective immediately.

Inside Higher Ed
June 17, 2011
Trendless Summer
Enrollments this season are up at some colleges, down at others -- but a few institutions
prove that marketing can pay dividends.

Chronicle of Higher Education
June 16, 2011
Gates Foundation Weighs In on Credit-Hour Rule
In a letter to the secretary of education, a foundation official said the rule could
threaten innovative programs at colleges that get grants from the organization.

USA Today (Associated Press)
June 16, 2011
New data on college students and overconfidence
Among other things, researchers found that a growing percentage of incoming college freshmen
rated themselves as "above average" in several categories, compared with college freshmen
who were surveyed in the 1960s.

Baltimore Sun
June 16, 2011
Settlement conference to be held in bias lawsuit
After nearly five years of litigation, a coalition representing Maryland's historically
black public colleges and universities has agreed to discuss a settlement with the state,
which it accused in a 2006 lawsuit of discriminatory practices and multiple civil rights

Chronicle of Higher Education – Wired Campus blog
June 14, 2011
Civil War Project Shows Pros and Cons of Crowdsourcing
The University of Iowa is the latest institution to use crowdsourcing to let anyone online
help do work once reserved for scholars and archivists.

New York Times
June 13, 2011
Dreaming of Center Stage, but the Gift Shop Is Already a Second Step
A college student’s experience at a hardware store helped her win an internship at an opera
house in Colorado.

Wall Street Journal
June 13, 2011
In This Class, Scratching Is on the Curriculum
For the second year in a row, NYU's Tisch School of Arts is offering "DJ History, Culture
and Technique," the successful completion of which means four undergraduate credits in the
bank. All students need to sign up is a high school diploma and their parents' permission to
set them back about $5,200.

Chronicle of Higher Education
June 12, 2011
In Follow-Up, 'Academically Adrift' Students Show Worrisome Levels of Debt and Joblessness,
Author Says

The recent graduates' unemployment rate is no better than the overall rate, and many have
heavy debt, an author of the study told college leaders.

Johns Hopkins University