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The Engineer
January 20, 2011
Wind turbines need to be farther apart, suggests study
Johns Hopkins angle: Charles Meneveau, a Whiting School fluid mechanics and turbulence expert, working with a colleague in Belgium, has devised the new precept through which the optimal spacing for a large array of turbines can be obtained.

Reliable Plant Magazine
January 21, 2011
Study yields better turbine spacing for large wind farms
Johns Hopkins angle: Charles Meneveau of the Whiting School has devised a new formula through which the optimal spacing for a large array of turbines can be obtained on large wind farms.

Myrtle Beach Sun News
January 21, 2011
S.C. project stems 'dropout factories'
Johns Hopkins angle: Robert Balfanz of the Center for Social Organization of Schools is quoted. (Columbia, S.C.)
January 20, 2011
Diplomas Now Program Helps Cut Drop Outs in Columbia
Johns Hopkins angle: This story quotes Robert Balfanz of the Center for Social Organization of Schools.
January 20, 2011
Wal-Mart gives boost to push for healthier food
Johns Hopkins angle: This Associated Press dispatch quotes Robert Lawrence of the Center for a Livable Future and the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

January 20, 2011
Multiple Asteroid Strikes May Have Killed Mars’s Magnetic Field
Johns Hopkins angle: This article mentions James Roberts of APL.

Wall Street Journal
January 21, 2011
Woman Finds Her Voice After Rare Transplant
Johns Hopkins angle: This report quotes Lee Akst, assistant professor of otolaryngology at the School of Medicine.

Foreign Policy
January 20, 2011
Kim Jong Il's Missiles
Johns Hopkins angle: This article was written by Joel Wit of SAIS.
January 20, 2011
Zimbabwe: No Money for Public Sector Wages
Johns Hopkins angle: This story mentions that in December 2008 Steve Hanke, professor of applied economics at the Whiting School of Engineering, estimated Zimbabwe's annual inflation rate at around 6.5 quindecillion novemdecillion percent - 65 followed by 107 zeros.

Asbarez Armenian News
January 21, 2011
An Appeal in the NY Times to Protect the Armenians of Azerbaijan
Johns Hopkins angle: According to this article, Adrian Lyttelton of SAIS was one of more than 100 human rights activists, scholars and public figures to sign a 1990 New York Times letter to the editor on July 27, 1990, urging the Soviet authorities and the international community to condemn the anti-Armenian pogroms and protect the security of Armenians in the Caucasus.

Youngstown Vindicator (Ohio)
January 21, 2011
Teach children what’s right, speaker says
Johns Hopkins angle: Gwendolyn E. Boyd, executive assistant to the chief of staff at the Applied Physics Laboratory, was the keynote speaker at the event Thursday at Kilcawley Center at Youngstown State University.

Maryland Morning with Sheilah Kast
January 21, 2011
Health Care Disparities
Johns Hopkins angle: African Americans receive less weight reduction and exercise counseling from physicians than their white counterparts, according to a study out of the School of Public Health. Sara Bleich of the School of Public Health is interviewed.
January 20, 2011
Montel Williams lends support to Maryland's medical marijuana effort
Johns Hopkins angle: This blog post notes that Montel Williams has been treated at The Johns Hopkins Hospital for multiple sclerosis.

Montreal Gazette (Reuters)
January 21, 2011
Scientists crack gene code for rare cancer
Johns Hopkins angle: This Reuters piece reports that experts at the Kimmel Cancer Center said yesterday they have found out why some people can live for years with the same kind of rare pancreatic cancer that affects Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Quoted is Nickolas Papadopoulos. (ANI)
January 21, 2011
Scientists crack genetic code for form of pancreatic cancer
Johns Hopkins angle: This ANI piece reports that researchers at the Kimmel Cancer Center have deciphered the genetic code for a type of pancreatic cancer, called neuroendocrine or islet cell tumors. The work shows that patients whose tumors have certain coding 'mistakes' live twice as long as those without them. Quoted is Nickolas Papadopoulos.

Times of India
January 21, 2011
Experts consult Pakistan manual on Congo virus
Johns Hopkins angle: Experts at the School of Public Health and the School of Medicine helped draw up a set of guidelines for tackling any future outbreak of Congo virus in Pakistan.

Newark Star-Ledger (NJ)
January 21, 2011
Keep standards high for involuntary commitment, but make help available
Johns Hopkins angle: This editorial about Tucson suspected shooter Jared Loughner and mental illness mentions a Baltimore Sun column written by psychiatrist Larry Wissow of the School of Medicine.

Science News
January 20, 2011
Citation-amnesia paper published
Johns Hopkins angle: This commentary mentions work done by Karen Robinson and Steve Goodman of the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Petoskey News-Review (Michigan)
January 20, 2011
Healing Hands: Charlevoix graduate makes a difference in the world
Johns Hopkins angle: As director of pediatric trauma at Johns Hopkins Children's Center, Charlevoix graduate Dylan Stewart improves the lives of children each day.

Baltimore Sun
January 20, 2011
Want to reduce the deficit? Cut Congress' health care
Johns Hopkins angle: This letter to the editor mentions that U.S. Rep. Andy Harris is a Johns Hopkins Hospital physician.

Baltimore Sun
January 20, 2011
Pianist Jonathan Biss, fresh from Carnegie Hall
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature states that Jonathan Biss, a young pianist who makes his Carnegie Hall recital debut today and will repeat the program at JHU’s Shriver Hall on Sunday, studied with Leon Fleisher, a long-time Peabody Institute faculty member.

Baltimore Sun
January 20, 2011
Peabody's Amit Peled to make Kennedy Center debut
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reports that cellist Amit Peled, a Peabody Institute faculty member, will make his debut performance at the Kennedy Center on Sunday, presented by the Washington Performing Arts Society. The piece also notes that Neale Perl, the society’s president and CEO, is an amateur cellist with a degree from Peabody.

Tri-City Herald (Kennewick, Wash.)
January 21, 2011
Award-winning duo to play next Camerata Musica event
Johns Hopkins angle: This article previews a performance by the D'Amore Duo, made up of guitarist William Feasley and oboist Yeon-jee Sohn. The piece notes that Feasley was the first guitarist to earn the coveted Artist Diploma from the Peabody Conservatory and that Sohn earned a degree in oboe performance from Seoul National University, the Peabody Conservatory and the University of Maryland.

Washington Examiner
January 21, 2011
Pianist Brian Ganz plays it all for the love of Chopin
Johns Hopkins angle: Pianist Brian Ganz teaches at the Peabody Conservatory, this story states. (Washington, D.C., TV Station)
January 20, 2010
Maryland Man Aims To Perform All Of Chopin's Work
Johns Hopkins angle: This Associated Press wire story mentions that pianist Brian Ganz teaches at the Peabody Conservatory.

Mountain Xpress (Asheville, N.C.)
January 20, 2011
Stormy extraordinary: The Peabody Trio brings a tempest in a teapot
Johns Hopkins angle: This article previews a concert by The Peabody Trio, the resident faculty ensemble of the Peabody Conservatory. It mentions that the group includes Violaine Melançon on violin, Natasha Brofsky on cello and Seth Knopp on piano.

Gazette (Md.)
January 21, 2011
Marketing Maryland
Johns Hopkins angle: This story mentions Johns Hopkins University.

Zimbabwe Independent
January 20, 2011
China: A case of two faces
Johns Hopkins angle: According to this story, Cui Tiankai holds a postgraduate degree from JHU.

Washington Post
January 21, 2011
Ruth S. Wallack, administrative assistant
Johns Hopkins angle: This obituary notes that the deceased did graduate work at SAIS.


Washington Post – College Inc. blog
January 20, 2011
Tucson shooting response underscores role of universities in building community
Guest blogger Gary Rhoades, general secretary of the American Association of University Professors, writes that events such as the memorial held at the University of Arizona for the Tucson shooting victims serve as "a reminder that at our best, our calling in the academy is not to enhance our institution's revenue and prestige but to engage and enhance the communities of which we are a part."

Diverse Issues in Higher Education
January 21, 2011
Education, Treasury Secretaries Highlight College Tax Credit in D.C. Student Meeting
During a town hall-style meeting at the at the University of the District of Columbia, Arne Duncan and Tim Geithner highlighted initiatives that Congress and the White House have undertaken to make college more affordable.

Inside Higher Ed
January 21, 2011
The Mini-AGI
A new $2 billion federal grant program for community (and for-profit) colleges will impose strict accountability requirements and compel participants to make academic materials available to the public.

Chronicle of Higher Education
January 19, 2011
Why Some Elite Colleges Give Away Courses Online
Foundations and universities have spent a fortune producing freely available online course materials. This week a new book, "Unlocking the Gates," takes stock of that movement by focusing on some of its most high-profile players and their online successes and failures.

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