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August 16, 2011
Trouble with math? You may lack ‘number sense’
Johns Hopkins angle: Melissa Libertus, a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, was interviewed live on MSNBC Tuesday morning as part of the network's Making the Grade series.

FOX News (Discovery News)
August 16, 2011
Are Math Smarts Innate?
Johns Hopkins angle: Cites research by Johns Hopkins University.

South Bend Tribune (Chicago Tribune)
August 17, 2011
Hospitals trying to reduce noise
Johns Hopkins angle: Quotes Ilene Busch-Vishniac, former dean of the Whiting School, about research she conducted at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The Somerville News (Mass.)
August 17, 2011
Somerville teacher studies Caribbean slave trade
Johns Hopkins angle: Mentions Philip D. Morgan, professor in the Department of History in the Krieger School.
August 17, 2011
The Top 25 Underrated Creative Writing MFA Programs (2010-2011)
Johns Hopkins angle: Refers to the Writing Seminars.
August 16, 2011
Examining the book 'Transforming American Governance'
Johns Hopkins angle: Thomas Stanton, a fellow of the Center for the Study of American Government, was a guest on the show "In Depth with Francis Rose."
August 16, 2011
The Brain As a Muscle: What We Should Really Do With Summer
Johns Hopkins angle: This piece cites Johns Hopkins research.

Baltimore Sun
August 16, 2011
Rawlings-Blake boasts fundraising lead
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted in this Maryland Politics blog post is Lester Spence, a Krieger School assistant professor of political science.

The Guardian (UK)
August 17, 2011
Resisting the supermarket tantrum – and the flirty cartoon cow
Johns Hopkins angle: Cites research by the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

KGO Newstalk AM 810 (Calif.)
August 17, 2011
Cartoons on Food Boxes Create Nagging Children
Johns Hopkins angle: This ABC News Radio story quotes Dina Borzekowski, associate professor at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Holly Henry, a doctoral candidate.

August 16, 2011
Will you have a heart attack? These tests might tell
Johns Hopkins angle: Quotes Erin Michos, a cardiologist at the Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease at Johns Hopkins University.
August 16, 2011
Tiny Primate Sported Earliest Fingernails
Johns Hopkins angle: Quotes en Rose, a professor in the Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution at the School of Medicine.

The Vancouver Sun
August 17, 2011
Cigarettes: the dark side of gender equality
Johns Hopkins angle: Cites research by the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Daily Kos
August 16, 2011
Black Kos, Tuesday's Chile
Johns Hopkins angle: Quotes Dorry Segev of the School of Medicine about his research showing that black people under the age of 50 actually do much worse on dialysis than equally sick whites who undergo the same treatment process.

Voice of America
August 17, 2011
WHO Urges Ban on Blood Test for Tuberculosis
Johns Hopkins angle: Quotes David Dowdy, who studies infectious diseases at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek
August 17, 2011
When Gutsy Business Leaders Are Needed
Johns Hopkins angle: Refers to research by neuroscientist David Linden at the School of Medicine.

Ogden Standard-Examiner (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
August 16, 2011
Jeopardy champ 'Watson' computer to be doctor's helper
Johns Hopkins angle: Mentions that IBM is working with medical faculty at Johns Hopkins to develop diagnostic applications for the Watson computer.

Philadelphia Daily News
August 17, 2011
Local kidney-donation chain links mismatched pairs to benefit many patients
Johns Hopkins angle: Software from Johns Hopkins is mentioned.

Maryland Community Newspapers Online
August 17, 2011
Africa captures Silver Spring writer’s imagination
Johns Hopkins angle: Says that author Susi Wyss has done international health work with Jhpiego.

Minnesota Public Radio
August 16, 2011
New Classical Tracks - Violist Carefully Polishes Rare Gems of the 18th Century
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reviews a new classical music recording by violist Victoria Chiang, who serves on the artist faculty at the Peabody Conservatory.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
August 16, 2011
Century club: Ex-bartender Joe Sapienza and music director Eugene Reichenfeld reach milestones
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature mentions that music teacher Eugene Reichenfeld, who turns 100 on Saturday, earned an advanced degree from the Peabody Conservatory.

Baltimore Sun
August 16, 2011
Maryland to hold first "Entrepreneur Expo" in November
Johns Hopkins angle: The technology blog post mentions that The Johns Hopkins University will be among the participants on Nov. 14 at a conference called “The Entrepreneur Expo: Harnessing the Power of Innovation in Maryland.”
August 16, 2011
Broadneck grad is new Siena College lax coach
Johns Hopkins angle: Mentions Scott Marr, a former Johns Hopkins University lacrosse standout.

The Independent (UK)
August 17, 2011
Special investigation: TV company takes millions from Malaysian government to make documentaries for BBC... about Malaysia
Johns Hopkins angle: Notes that Alan Friedman studied at Johns Hopkins University.

Baltimore Sun
August 16, 2011
Wilbur O. Miller, career Army officer, dies
Johns Hopkins angle: While in the Army, Miller also studied at The Johns Hopkins University, this obituary states.


Inside Higher Ed
August 17, 2011
A Graduate Student Burden
The end of subsidized graduate loans in an era of declining resources means students will have to bear much of the increased costs.

Los Angeles Times
August 17, 2011
Opinion Piece: Take back the liberal arts
In visiting university classes across the country, we were appalled at how the humanities and social sciences - even pure sciences - were being taught. If students are staying away from those classes, it's not necessarily because they prefer practical training. Many times it's because professors have subverted the subjects that once held pride of place on most campuses.

Wall Street Journal
August 17, 2011
Recruiters at Black Colleges Break From Tradition
In what has become a mutually beneficial relationship for schools and students, many of the nation's 105 historically black colleges are increasingly wooing non-black students. The goals: to boost lagging enrollment and offset funding shortfalls.

Chicago Tribune
August 17, 2011
Opinion Piece: Will high costs lead to the extinction of on-campus learning?
The price of living on or near campus may have reached a tipping point. Because now there is another viable option: online learning, where the cost of living on campus is zero. Online enrollment at virtual, online-only and traditional universities and colleges offering online classes increased 21 percent in 2009.

Chronicle of Higher Education
August 14, 2011
Toward a Rational Response to Plagiarism
Plagiarism is making us crazy. No, the mere thought of plagiarism is making us crazy. Collectively, as a professoriate, we're obsessed with it. All of that preoccupation with plagiarism does little to help us answer the fundamental question: What can we as individual faculty members do about it?

Inside Higher Ed
August 17, 2011
Modest Gains on ACT
The ACT is today announcing very small gains on the total composite score and on the percentage of test-takers whose scores suggest they are "college ready." But the new data suggest that large gaps remain when looking at test scores by racial and ethnic groups.

Chronicle of Higher Education
August 16, 2011
Enrollments Plunge at Many For-Profit Colleges
Enrollment at many for-profit colleges has fallen sharply in recent months, a reflection of a weak economy and increased scrutiny of the sector.

Diverse Issues in Higher Education (AP)
August 17, 2011
Villanova Censured for Inflating GPAs, LSAT Scores
The law school at Villanova University has been censured for submitting falsified admissions data for several years to the American Bar Association, allegedly at the behest of former administrators.

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans)
August 16, 2011
Holy Cross College disposes of president, 19-member board
With no warning and no explanation, the president of Our Lady of Holy Cross College and all 19 members of its policy-making board have been dismissed. Notification came Monday via email from Sister Suellen Tennyson, local leader of the order of Marianite nuns that owns the college, board members said.

Johns Hopkins University