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NPR - Morning Edition
November 1, 2010
Annie Murphy Paul: A Writer Explores Fetal Origins
Johns Hopkins angle: This book excerpt mentions Janet DiPietro, a developmental psychologist at the Bloomberg School of Public Health and one of the pioneers of the science of fetal origins.

OneIndia (ANI)
November 1, 2010
Silica on mars volcano indicates wet and cozy past on 'Red Planet'
Johns Hopkins angle: This ANI story quotes Scott Murchie of APL. The story notes that three billion years old light-colored piles of hydrated silica on a volcanic cone are the evidence of most recent habitable microenvironments on Mars.

Space Fellowship
November 1, 2010
Mars volcanic deposit tells of warm and wet environment
Johns Hopkins angle: According to this story, researchers at Brown University teamed up with Scott Murchie of APL to analyze the bright exposures on Mars with the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM) instrument on the orbiter.

ACED Magazine
November 1, 2010
Mars had Warm, Wet Environment New
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reports that Scott Murchie of APL teamed up with researchers at Brown University to analyze bright exposures on Mars.

The Hindu
November 1, 2010
Mars' volcanic deposit tells of life
Johns Hopkins angle: Scott Murchie of APL was involved in this research.

The Washington Post
October 30, 2010
Cardoso vs. Lula: Two Brazilian presidents vie over who turned country around
Johns Hopkins angle: Riordan Roett, a Brazil expert at SAIS and author of "The New Brazil," is quoted.

The Washington Post
October 31, 2010
In reliably blue Maryland, the Republican challenge is a steep one
Johns Hopkins angle: Adam Sheingate, an associate professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University, is quoted.

Baltimore Sun
October 29, 2010
Democratic candidates in districts 2, 3, and 7 face little-known Republican opponents
Johns Hopkins angle: This article quotes Krieger School political scientist Matthew Crenson.

Washington Examiner
October 29, 2010
Md. House race gets silly on election eve, analysts say
Johns Hopkins angle: Krieger School political science professor emeritus Matthew Crenson is quoted.

Chicago Tribune
October 31, 2010
Scientists hope to one day make scary memories vanish
Johns Hopkins angle: This brief story reports on a Johns Hopkins University experiment in which researchers showed that when mice were first learning to be afraid of something, receptors in their brain became more active and remained elevated for about a week. But during that time, fearful memories could be erased by training the mice not to be afraid of whatever it was that scared them.

The Washington Post
October 30, 2010
As moms and legal minds, first ladies Kendel Ehrlich and Katie O'Malley have much in common. Yet the campaign divide is wide.
Johns Hopkins angle: This story states that Maryland First Lady Katie O'Malley and her two sons served spaghetti to families with children being treated at Johns Hopkins.

The Urbanite (Baltimore)
November 1, 2010
Healthy by Design
Johns Hopkins angle: This story about a building "boom" amongst Baltimore health care institutions mentions a "nearly $1 billion, 1.6-million-square-foot replacement campus for Johns Hopkins Hospital in East Baltimore."

Miami Herald
November 1, 2010
Sad state of universities
Johns Hopkins angle: This commentary notes that "As a region, Latin America fares poorly, with an R&D-to-GDP ratio of 0.5 percent, which is a fifth of South Korea's, one-third of China's and half that of India. Brazil, Mexico and Argentina produce fewer patents in a year than my three graduate alma maters, Johns Hopkins, Columbia and Harvard."

Reader's Digest
November 1, 2010
15 Harmless Folk Remedies Worth a Try
Johns Hopkins angle: According to this health advice column, Ronald N. Shore, a doctor from Johns Hopkins Hospital, discovered in the 1980s that when he covered a spot of psoriasis with a regular adhesive bandage for three weeks, the skin covered by the adhesive--but not by the gauze pad--healed completely.

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 1, 2010
Daniel Rubin: Problem solved, burden eased for couple with disabled son
Johns Hopkins angle: According to this article, Joey Gattuso's symptoms were so "distinctive" that "researchers at Johns Hopkins named a condition after him, Joey Gattuso syndrome."

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
October 31, 2010
Creative Concerns: Our auto hero -- the turn signal
Johns Hopkins angle: This column mentions Krieger School civility expert P.M. Forni and his book, "Choosing Civility."

Daily Times (Salisbury, Md.)
October 30, 2010
St. Peter's Episcopal expands music program
Johns Hopkins angle: This story states that the Bruce Horner, who was recently hired as the church’s organist/choir director, is a graduate of the Peabody Conservatory of Music.
October 28, 2010
Jazz Bassist Michael Formanek Is Back After a Dozen Years Between Albums
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature mentions that bassist Michael Formanek took a job in 2003 at the Peabody Conservatory of Music, where he teaches students and directs the Peabody Jazz Orchestra.

The Reporter (Pa.)
November 1, 2010
Wissahickon robotics team visits White House
Johns Hopkins angle: Jenni Herchek, a member of the robotics team, is a freshman at Johns Hopkins.

Baltimore Sun
October 31, 2010
Will electronic medical records invade your privacy?
Johns Hopkins angle: This article quotes Scott Afzal, program director of CRISP, a nonprofit collaboration among Erickson Retirement Communities, Johns Hopkins Medicine, MedStar Health and the University of Maryland Medical System.

The Saratogian (NY)
November 1, 2010
Wilton man to donate kidney, and his brother, a Saratoga Springs native, will receive one in kidney swap
Johns Hopkins angle: This story about a "kidney swap" reports that one donor will come from Johns Hopkins Hospital.

New York Times
October 27, 2010
Hotel Review: The Hotel Monaco in Baltimore
Johns Hopkins angle: This review of Baltimore’s Hotel Monaco mentions that it is located “a short walk from the Mount Vernon area, home to the Walters Art Museum and Peabody Institute.”

Huffington Post
October 31, 2010
Ethiopia: Education Unbanned!
Johns Hopkins angle: This blog mentions the "enormous contributions" of Johns Hopkins University and other top colleges and universities.

Associated Content
October 28, 2010
Charity Tillemann-Dick: Operatic Survivor of a Double-Lung Transplant
Johns Hopkins angle: This story profiles opera singer Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick, who studied at the Peabody Conservatory.

Baltimore Sun
October 31, 2010
Maryland bridge chief's career spans 60 years
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature mentions that Earle Freedman, head of the state's Office of Bridge Development, began his career in 1950, fresh out of a civil engineering program at The Johns Hopkins University.

Bowling Green Daily New (Ky)
October 30, 2010
Book review: ‘Struggle’ offers coherent discourse on role of gov’t
Johns Hopkins angle: According to this story, author John Samples is an adjunct professor at JHU.

Baltimore Sun
October 29, 2010
Recovery and rehab are part of the game for Ravens' Ayanbadejo
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted in this feature is Andrew J. Cosgarea, a professor of orthopedic surgery and sports medicine in the School of Medicine. In the piece, he is referred to as the team doctor for the Baltimore Orioles and the Johns Hopkins University athletic teams.

Baltimore Sun
October 31, 2010
Keeping kids from becoming 'baby thugz'
Johns Hopkins angle: This Dan Rodricks column refers to the stabbing death of Johns Hopkins researcher Stephen Pitcairn and also mentions that the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions are supporting a Baltimore City initiative to provide adult mentors to children who live communities with historically higher rates of juvenile crime.

Annapolis Capital
October 31, 2010
State Offices: Future at stake for O'Malley, Ehrlich
Johns Hopkins angle: According to this election round up, candidate Susan J. Gaztanaga was educated at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Delmarva Daily Times
October 31, 2010
Harris, Kratovil enter bitter 1st District rematch
Johns Hopkins angle: This story reports that Andrew Harris earned his undergraduate and a medical degree from Johns Hopkins University and today is a practicing anesthesiologist.

Westborough News (Ma.)
October 31, 2010
Voters head to the polls Tuesday
Johns Hopkins angle: State Senator James Eldridge is a graduate of JHU.

Baltimore Sun
October 30, 2010
City voters to decide whether to loosen oversight on purchases
Johns Hopkins angle: This story refers to a report on Baltimore city financial practices prepared by the Baltimore Efficiency and Economy Foundation, in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies.

Waterville Morning Sentinel (Me.)
November 1, 2010
High school students now on campus
Johns Hopkins angle: This education story mentions the Center for Talented Youth.

South Coast Today (NH)
October 31, 2010
Southcoast students honored
Johns Hopkins angle: Seven SouthCoast students were honored at a statewide awards ceremony for gifted children held by The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) at College of the Holy Cross campus on October 17.

Baltimore Sun
October 30, 2010
Crime Scenes: Bail set at $175,000 for sign, flag theft
Johns Hopkins angle: This article concerns the difference in bail amounts set for three visiting students from Canada who were arrested after they allegedly stole a parking sign, an American flag and a padlock from the grounds of The Johns Hopkins University on Oct. 23.

New York Post
October 30, 2010
Kelly's winding road leads Ducks to top
Johns Hopkins angle: This story mentions that Chip Kelly spent time at JHU as "defensive coordinator."

York Dispatch (Pa.)
October 31, 2010
York College men handle adversity well
Johns Hopkins angle: This story mentions that the York College men's soccer team lost to Johns Hopkins in early September.

Baltimore Sun
October 30, 2010
Morgan State falls to Florida A&M, 31-17
Johns Hopkins angle: This sports column includes a news brief reporting that Johns Hopkins’ football team routed Juniata by a score of 48 to 0, marking the first time in school history that Johns Hopkins has accumulated 500 or more yards in back-to-back games.


Diverse Issues in Higher Education
November 1, 2010
Perspectives: Affirmative Action May be Needed — for Men
Anti-affirmative action initiatives such as the referendum before Arizona voters on Tuesday may prove harmful to men if universities cannot rely on that tool to achieve gender diversity.

Inside Higher Ed
November 1, 2010
Call to Defend the Humanities
Cornell's president urges leaders in higher education to mount a campaign on behalf of the NEH and NEA and of disciplines that feel under siege.

Baltimore Sun
October 31, 2010
University education programs brace for impact of K-12 reforms
As teachers prepare to be evaluated on the performance of their students, education programs are readying for an era when they will be judged much more directly on the performance of their graduates.

New York Times – The Choice blog
November 1, 2010
Applying Early Is the New Black
Thousands of earnest and very tense high school seniors will be hitting the “send” button today so that their early application gets to their dream school.

Chronicle of Higher Education
October 31, 2010
A Public University Joins the Expanding 50K Club of College Prices
One hundred institutions are charging $50,000 or more this year, among them the University of California at Berkeley.

Johns Hopkins University