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The Washington Post
March 16, 2010
The Checkup
Johns Hopkins angle: Dorry Segev of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and colleagues studied 80,347 people who donated a kidney between April 1, 1994 and March 21, 2009, according to this brief.

The Washington Post
March 16, 2010
Rare disorder makes people feel off balance for weeks or months
Johns Hopkins angle: David Zee, a professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, is quoted.

Baltimore Business Journal
March 15, 2010
Johns Hopkins names Lewis as government and community affairs head
Johns Hopkins angle: This article states that Thomas S. Lewis will represent the school and its partner health system before federal, state, local and community leaders.

Chronicle of Higher Education
March 15, 2010
The Most (Overlooked) Beautiful Campuses
Johns Hopkins angle: This column names Johns Hopkins as one of the most beautiful campuses.

March 15, 2010
The New Doctor Death
Johns Hopkins angle: According to this story, Dr. Lawrence Egbert formerly taught a course in medical ethics at JHU.
March 15, 2010
JHU astrophysicist and team win $5 million stimulus grant to build telescope
Johns Hopkins angle: KSAS astrophysicist Charles Bennett and team have won a $5 million grant, administered by the stimulus package, to build an instrument that will probe what happened during the universe’s first trillionth of a second of existence.

New York Times
March 15, 2010
For Obese People, Prejudice in Plain Sight
Johns Hopkins angle: This essay exploring prejudice against the overweight mentions Mary Huizinga of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Huizinga led a study that concluded that the higher a patient’s body mass index, the less time a doctor spends with him or her.

Christian Science Monitor
March 15, 2010
St. Patrick's Day: Did Patrick become Christian for the tax breaks?
Johns Hopkins angle: This story quotes Carmel McCaffrey, a former professor of Irish history and Irish literature at Johns Hopkins University.
March 16, 2010
Limbaugh Embraces Costa Rica Socialized Medicine
Johns Hopkins angle: This story quotes Gerard Anderson, a health care specialist at Johns Hopkins.

Baltimore Sun
March 16, 2010
Orioles' Roberts back in camp after back treatment
Johns Hopkins angle: Roberts was examined Monday by Dr. Lee Riley, a back specialist at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

New York Times
March 15, 2010
Prognosis: Health Risk for Kidney Donors Is Low
Johns Hopkins angle:  A study led by Dorry L. Segev, a transplant surgeon at Johns Hopkins reveals that having only one kidney does not appear to affect the long-term survival of live kidney donors, and the risk of dying from the surgery itself is very low.

South Asia Mail (IANS)
March 16, 2010
Kidney donation does not increase risk of death
Johns Hopkins angle: This IANS piece reports on a new study, led by Dorry Segev of the School of Medicine, that indicates that having only one kidney does not appear to affect long-term survival of live kidney donors.

Sindh Today (ANI)
March 16, 2010
Policies of neighbouring nations major factor in decision to implement Hib vaccine
Johns Hopkins angle: This ANI story reports that scientists at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have found that a nation’s eligibility for support from the Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization (GAVI) and whether a country’s neighbours used the Haemophilus influenza Type b vaccine (Hib) were significant influencing factors in the use of the vaccine in addition to its price.

CNN Money
March 16, 2010
How 3 small businesses stood up to larger competitors
Johns Hopkins angle: John Gagliardi, 35, co-founder and president of New York City-based Maverik, is a former pro and a Johns Hopkins legend.

Food Safety News
March 16, 2010
A Push for Sustainability in Manhattan
Johns Hopkins angle: This column mentions “Meatless Mondays,” a Bloomberg School of Public Health initiative.

Delmarva Now
March 16, 2010
Maryland woman have influenced history
Johns Hopkins angle:  This column mentions Dr. Helen Brooke Taussig of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Taussig was a 20th Century medical pioneer. She is credited with being the founder of the subspecialty pediatric cardiology.
March 16, 2010
Caution: Stats May Be Slippery (BusinessWeek)
Johns Hopkins angle:  Susan Baker of the School of Public Health is quoted.

Taiwan News
March 16, 2010
China Post: Bullying by the press
Johns Hopkins angle: This editorial mentions Francis Fukuyama of SAIS.
March 16, 2010
Carole Lee Hull (obituary)
Johns Hopkins angle: Hull worked in the lab at Johns Hopkins Hospital early in her career.

Monsters and Critics
March 16, 2010
HBO2 documentary Making the Crooked Straight debuts April 14, preview
Johns Hopkins angle:  Dr. Rick Hodes completed his internal medicine residency at Johns Hopkins University.
March 16, 2010
Minority, Underprivileged Patients Not As Likely To Be Referred To Specialty Hospitals For Brain Tumors
Johns Hopkins angle: African-American, Hispanic, and economically disadvantaged patients with brain tumors are significantly less likely to be referred to high-volume hospitals that specialize in neurosurgery than other patients of similar age, the same gender, and with similar comorbidities, according to new research led by Debraj Mukherjee, M.D., M.P.H., a research fellow and co-director of Johns Hopkins’ Neuro-Oncology Surgical Outcomes Laboratory.


Inside Higher Ed
March 16, 2010
Taking Sides
The U.S. Supreme Court is about to consider a higher education case that has largely been seen as pitting the rights of gay students against the rights of religious students.

Inside Higher Ed
March 16, 2010
A 'Suicide School'?
Six Cornell U. students kill themselves in the span of six months, leading to questions about safety and security.

USA Today
March 16, 2010
What if a college education just isn't for everyone?
There's an undercurrent of concern about a group of students — sometimes called "the forgotten half," a phrase coined 22 years ago by social scientists studying at-risk young people — who, for whatever reason, do not think college is for them.

New York Times
March 16, 2010
Fending Off Digital Decay, Bit by Bit
As research libraries and archives are discovering, “born-digital” materials are much more complicated and costly to preserve than anticipated.

Boston Globe
March 16, 2010
NCAA fouls on grad-rate commitment - Column
Until the NCAA bans the likes of Maryland, Texas, Nevada Las Vegas, and Kentucky, the concept of "student-athlete'' is corrupted beyond repair.

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