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The New York Times
June 3, 2010
Black Women See Fewer Black Men at the Altar
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature includes a comment from Andrew Cherlin, a sociology professor in the Krieger School and director of the Hopkins Population center.

June 4, 2010
The Johns Hopkins Institute for NanoBioTechnology: Small in Science, but Not in Scope
Johns Hopkins angle: This profile of the Institute for NanoBioTechnology quotes Peter C. Searson, the Joseph R. and Lynn C. Reynolds professor of materials  science and engineering at Johns Hopkins and director of INBT, as well as INTB associate director Denis Wirtz, the Theophilus Halley Smoot professor of  chemical and biomolecular engineering. Other faculty members involved in the institute also are quoted.

CNN Money
June 4, 2010
Euro-damage: How the union made Europe's weaklings even weaker
Johns Hopkins angle: WSE applied economist Steve Hanke is quoted.

United Press International
June 3, 2010
No benefit to matching hearts by race
Johns Hopkins angle: This UPI piece reports that a donor heart matched for the race of the transplant recipient has no advantage for survival, according to a study led by Ashish Shah of the School of Medicine.

India Talkies (ANI)
June 4, 2010
Is Saturn’s moon Titan home to some kind of exotic life form?
Johns Hopkins angle: KSAS astrophysicist Darrell Strobel is quoted in this ANI piece.

Brahmand Defence and Aerospace News
June 4, 2010
Hints of life found on Saturn's moon: Astronomers
Johns Hopkins angle: This PTI story mentions research by KSAS astrophysicist Darrell Strobel.
June 4, 2010
Chemical Activity Hints at Life on Titan
Johns Hopkins angle: KSAS astrophysicist Darrell Strobel is quoted.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek
June 3, 2010
In Search of the Ideal Jobless Rate
Johns Hopkins angle: This Bloomberg News story mentions KSAS economist Laurence Ball.

Toronto Star
June 4, 2010
A Q&A with George Charames
Johns Hopkins angle: George Charames, a PhD student at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, is about to begin a fellowship at JHU.

June 4, 2010
SOUTH AFRICA: World Cup HIV prevention plans fall short
Johns Hopkins angle: Richard Delate, country programme director for Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa is quoted in this IRIN story.

Trend News Agency
June 4, 2010
Expert: Anti-Semitic mood intensifies in Turkey after JDP comes to power
Johns Hopkins angle: Svante Cornell, director of the Central Asia and Caucasus Institute at SAIS, is interviewed in this article.

Nashoba Publishing (Massachusetts)
June 4, 2010
Groton Middle School tops ranking, HBMS on Johns Hopkins list, too
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reports that Groton-Dunstable Regional Middle School just won the top-in-Massachusetts status in Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth rankings.

Baltimore Business Journal
June 4, 2010
Packing up a desk full of memories — good and bad — and heading home
Johns Hopkins angle: In a goodbye column, reporter Heather Harlan Warnack mentions stories and things to remember, including that Baltimore is lucky to have  the job engines known as Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland.

Omaha World-Leader
June 4, 2010
Creating jobs a top priority
Johns Hopkins angle: Candidate Mike Denklau has taught at CTY, according to this story.

Front Page Magazine
June 4, 2010
Symposium: When Does a Religion Become an Ideology?
Johns Hopkins angle: In this special edition of Frontpage Symposium, David Satter of SAIS is among experts discussing the question: When does a religion  become an ideology?

Youngtown Vindicator
June 4, 2010
4K for Cancer makes pit stop in Valley on cross-country trek
Johns Hopkins angle: This story notes that many participants in the 4K for Cancer bike ride come from JHU.

Queens Villages Times (New York City)
June 3, 2010
Language lesson
Johns Hopkins angle: This entertainment feature mentions that actor Nimmy Weisbrod earned both a bachelor of music degree and a performance diploma in opera from JHU’s Peabody Institute.

Baltimore Sun
June 3, 2010
Storytellers reunite with high school memories
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature about the Stoop Storytelling Series quotes one of the project’s participants, Diane Coraggio, who works at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The Buffalo News (New York)
June 4, 2010
Falletta concerto competition generates international buzz
Johns Hopkins angle: This article about the JoAnn Falletta Guitar Concerto Competition states that guest artist Benjamin Beirs trained as a classical guitarist at the Peabody Conservatory of Music.

Maryland Daily Record
June 3, 2010
On the Move - Business edition
Johns Hopkins angle: Nancy L. Craig, a professor of molecular biology and genetics, and King-Wai Yau, a professor of neuroscience and ophthalmology, both in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, are among 72 scientists nationwide newly elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences, an honorary society that advises the government on scientific matters. (TV Channel 13 – Baltimore)
June 3, 2010
Dozens Of City Students Earn Scholarships
Johns Hopkins angle: This TV news story reports that Eric Maul, a student at JHU’s Peabody Institute, was an Al Sanders Scholarship winner, named for a local
television news anchor.

Washington Examiner
June 4, 2010
Andre Watts takes on the 'Emperor' at Strathmore
Johns Hopkins angle: This article mentions that pianist Andre Watts is a graduate of JHU’s Peabody Institute.

Philadelphia Daily News
June 4, 2010
Elmer Smith: At West Philly High: Renaissance or inquisition?
Johns Hopkins angle: This columnist mentions Johns Hopkins University/Diplomas Now.

Philadelphia Public School Notebook
June 4, 2010
West teachers must decide Friday; SAC chair calls probe a "travesty"
Johns Hopkins angle: This blog mentions Johns Hopkins University/Diplomas Now.

Baltimore Sun
June 3, 2010
Chris Carr addresses scholarship recipients
Johns Hopkins angle: This sports blog reports that Baltimore Ravens Chris Carr cornerback recent addressed 67 Maryland recipients of scholarship awards from the Baltimore Community Foundation. These recipients included JHU student Dominique Duval and Eric Maul, a student at JHU’s Peabody Institute.

The New York Times
Benjamin Lees, Versatile Composer, Dies at 86
Johns Hopkins angle: This obituary mentions that Lees taught composition at the Peabody Conservatory.

Washington Post
June 4, 2010
Rita Landers Naval Academy Teacher (obituary)
Johns Hopkins angle: Landers in 1985 received a doctorate in Hispanic and Italian studies from Johns Hopkins University, with a specialty in 16th-century Spanish poetry and its roots in Italian literature.

Baltimore Sun
June 3, 2010
Martha Lenore Winston (obituary)
Johns Hopkins angle: This obituary mentions that Winston earned a master's degree in elementary education from the JHU.

Baltimore Sun
June 3, 2010
Kai-Yun Chiu (obituary)
Johns Hopkins angle: This obituary notes that Chiu earned a master's degree in administrative science from the JHU.

Higher Education News

Chronicle of Higher Education
June 3, 2010
Crunching Words in Great Number
In the June 4 issue, The Chronicle published an article on what Google Books could mean for researchers. The publication asked some leading scholars to comment on how "big data" will change the humanities. Their responses are included in this piece.

Chicago Tribune
June 4, 2010
Purdue report looks at strategies for improving its low diversity
A report from Purdue University's chief diversity officer says the school needs to become more affordable and create more programs to retain students if it wants to improve the demographic makeup of the campus.

Inside Higher Education
June 4, 2010
What Freshmen Will Read
College orientation programs don't yet have the power of Oprah's Book Club, but they increasingly feature books that students are asked to read over the summer or during their first week on campus -- and to discuss with their new classmates. The idea is that having every freshman read the same book builds a sense of common experience and adds intellectual content to a week that can easily be consumed by learning a college bureaucracy and socializing.

The Washington Post
June 4, 2010
How brain drains will save the world (Class Struggle Blog)
In this era of rising college expectations -- more applications, more students and more university places than ever -- we Americans remain very insular. We think nothing can be better than Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford or some other moldy brick institution high on the U.S. News list. A few adventurous U.S. students are enrolling in Canadian and British schools, but nobody talks about that in the high school cafeteria or the PTA.

The New York Times
June 4, 2010
An Applicant’s Perspective on the College Essay
In this post, a young woman connects the transformative quality of writing with the searing fearlessness of college essays, or college essays as they should be.

Diverse Issues in Higher Education
June 4, 2010
Hispanic College Success: It's All in The Family
Studies show that more Hispanic students are enrolling in college, but a disproportionate number drop out with debt instead of degrees.

Baltimore Sun
June 4, 2010
Move to give college athletes rights, money gains steam as NCAA, big-time sports keep growing
Led by a former UCLA linebacker, college athletes are demanding more from their schools in exchange for the long hours they put in and are poised for perhaps their biggest victory yet.

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