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New York Times
February 25, 2010
Dispute Shows Argentina’s Lack of Oil Exploration
Johns Hopkins angle: Riordan Roett of SAIS is quoted.

Zee News (ANI)
February 26, 2010
Why schizophrenia symptoms emerge in young adulthood
Johns Hopkins angle: This ANI story reports that researchers led by Akira Sawa of the School of Medicine claim to have identified the mechanisms rooted in two anatomical brain abnormalities that may explain the onset of schizophrenia and the reason symptoms don't develop until young adulthood.
February 26, 2010
Why some people are 'face blind' and others 'super-recognizers'
Johns Hopkins angle: This story mentions Krieger School cognitive scientist Michael McCloskey.

Business Gazette (Maryland)
February 26, 2010
NewsWatch: Montgomery, Hopkins sign science, jobs agreement
Johns Hopkins angle: After five months of negotiations, officials from Johns Hopkins University and Montgomery County signed a memorandum of understanding Wednesday that spells out their vision for decades to come, particularly at the school's two properties between Rockville and Gaithersburg, a linchpin in the county's broader economic strategy.

The Money Times (UPI)
February 25, 2010
Stressed nanomaterial: Startling activity
Johns Hopkins angle: This United Press International story reports that researchers led by Kevin Hemker of the Whiting School say they've discovered that under certain conditions, newly developed nanocrystalline materials exhibit surprising activity.

Business Gazette (Maryland)
February 26, 2010
Commercial Real Estate: JBG to build cancer institute campus
Johns Hopkins angle: This story reports that the new National Cancer Institute Shady Grove Campus will be part of the Montgomery County Life Sciences Center on property owned by Johns Hopkins University.

Business Gazette (Maryland)
February 26, 2010
Study: Stem cell research money provides jobs, taxes
Johns Hopkins angle: This story on stem cell research money mentions that "the lion's share of the grants has gone to researchers at Johns Hopkins University."

February 25, 2010
Hospitals Urged to Start Recycling
Johns Hopkins angle: Martin Makary, surgeon and associate professor of public health at the School of Medicine, is quoted in this HealthDay News story.

Middle East Online
February 26, 2010
Al Haig's Foreign Policy Blunders
Johns Hopkins angle: This column was written by Melvin Goodman, adjunct professor of government in the Krieger School. (Baltimore)
February 26, 2010
Interlock Devices for All Drunk Drivers?
Johns Hopkins angle: This report mentions the October hit-and-run death of JHU student Miriam Frankl.

Delaware County Daily Times
February 26, 2010
Availability of health-needs study questioned
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reports that an assessment of the county’s public health needs performed by researchers from the Bloomberg School of Public Health will likely be made available in its entirety in the coming weeks, the county’s executive director said Thursday.
February 26, 2010
Europe is still incomplete without fully integrating the Western Balkans, a region where the United States also plays a key role
Johns Hopkins angle: Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremi delivered a lecture at SAIS this week.

Front Page Magazine
February 26, 2010
Symposium: Is Hannah Arendt Still Relevant?
Johns Hopkins angle: David Satter, a senior fellow of the Hudson Institute and a visiting scholar at the School of Advanced International Studies, is one of two experts interviewed about whether Hannah Arendt is still relevant.

Opelika-Auburn News (Ala.)
February 26, 2010
State using new method to calculate graduation rate
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted is Thomas West, a researcher affiliated with Johns Hopkins University’s Everyone Graduates Center.

Palladium Item
February 26, 2010
RHS celebrates graduation rate
Johns Hopkins angle: Joanna Fox, senior program developer and policy analyst at the Center for Social Organization of Schools at Johns Hopkins University, is quoted.

Patriot Post
February 26, 2010
Beyond the Statistics of Cancer
Johns Hopkins angle: This column quotes Lisa Jacobs, assistant professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Carroll County Times
February 26, 2010
Ganjon honored for GATE work
Johns Hopkins angle: This story notes that Karen Ganjon is the coordinator for the Johns Hopkins University certificate program in gifted education.

Syracuse Post-Standard
February 26, 2010
Question mark in 2009 becomes instant offense in 2010 for Syracuse lacrosse
Johns Hopkins angle: Article mentions Stephen Peyser, who helped Johns Hopkins win a national championship in 2007 and also taking a regular shift on the Blue Jays’ top midfield line.

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 26, 2010
Dr. Eleanor Maloney Smergel, 59
Johns Hopkins angle: Smergel worked as a research technician at Johns Hopkins University.


Washington Post
February 26, 2010
Online courses can reduce the costly sting of college
StraighterLine, based in Alexandria, is a serious education company that offers students as many general-education courses as they care to take for a flat monthly fee, plus $39 per course.

New York Times
Tallying Cuts and Costs
Here are some numbers, from state and nonprofit sources, that describe education in public schools and colleges hit by budget cuts and the resulting layoffs, furloughs and fee increases.

Chronicle of Higher Education
February 26, 2010
Census Counts on Help From College Housing Staffs
The U.S. Census Bureau is working with colleges to assure that every student living on a campus in the country is counted.

Washington Post
February 26, 2010
Direct student loans: A better way to invest in education – Opinion
Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, writes, "Banks have had plenty of help with government bailouts and other subsidies while working families and students are increasingly squeezed. President Obama wants to eliminate the subsidy for banks and use that money to help poor and middle-class students and adults attend college."

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
February 26, 2010
Obama Initiative May Cut Loan Burdens
The Obama administration is banking on a new initiative that is a reboot of an existing but little-known concept – income-based loan repayment.

Inside Higher Ed
February 26, 2010
Outreach to Gay Applicants
Like many colleges, Penn has undergrads help woo admitted students with similar interests or ethnic backgrounds. Now the university is recruiting based on sexual orientation, too.

Baltimore Sun
February 26, 2010
Former UM law dean is asked to refund $60,000
State university system officials have also referred questionable payments totaling $410,000, which were revealed by a state legislative audit, to the attorney general's office for review.

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