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Baltimore Sun Blogs
August 23, 2010
Hopkins team to ring closing Nasdaq bell
Johns Hopkins angle: The Picture of Health blog reported that a biomedical engineering student and faculty team from Johns Hopkins University that developed a system to make spinal surgery more successful in patients with osteoporosis rang the Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell on Monday.

Baltimore Business Journal
August 23, 2010
Johns Hopkins team to ring NASDAQ closing bell
Johns Hopkins angle: Recent biomedical engineering graduates from Johns Hopkins University traveled to New York Monday to ring the NASDAQ stock exchange’s closing bell.

WJZ-TV 13 (Baltimore)
August 23, 2010
Latest Poll Still Shows Gubernatorial Dead Heat
Johns Hopkins angle: Krieger School political scientist Matthew Crenson commented in this story about the Maryland gubernatorial race.

Foreign Policy
August 23, 2010
Exclusive: Jimmy Carter headed to North Korea on rescue mission
Johns Hopkins angle: This article quotes Joel Wit, a former U.S. nuclear negotiator who is now a visiting fellow at Johns Hopkins' School of Advanced International Studies and the founder of its website about North Korea, 38 North.

New York Times
August 23, 2010
Inside Neurosurgery’s Rise
Johns Hopkins angle: Dr. Harvey Cushing, who was one of America’s first neurosurgeons, did his early surgical training at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Huffington Post
August 24, 2010
Temporarily Unplugged: A Good Idea to Foster Creativity?
Johns Hopkins angle: This blog about technology and the human brain mentions Krieger School psychologist Steve Yantis.

Vancouver Sun
August 24, 2010
This is your brain on vacation
Johns Hopkins angle: This editorial makes mention of Johns Hopkins University research that concludes that students lose academic ground during summer vacation months.

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 24, 2010
A youthful remedy
Johns Hopkins angle: This story mentions that in 2007, researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that under representation of racial and ethnic minorities in the health-care professions resulted in a diminished standard of care for minority patients. (HealthDay News)
August 23, 2010
Initial Savings May Hide True Cost of Prostate Cancer Care
Johns Hopkins angle: This HealthDay News story quotes Claire Snyder, of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
August 24, 2010
When kids cross the gender divide
Johns Hopkins angle: Quoted is Gregory Lehne, an assistant professor of medical psychology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Syracuse Post-Standard
August 24, 2010
Broccoli in season this week, another Central New York super food
Johns Hopkins angle: This short column reports that researchers at Johns Hopkins University are studying the benefits of certain chemicals in broccoli and broccoli sprouts.

New Straits Times
August 24, 2010
Health: When life’s a headache
Johns Hopkins angle: This story about headaches mentions that researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine report that people who suffer migraines are about twice as likely to suffer a stroke caused by a blood clot compared with those who do not suffer these headaches.

Live Science
August 23, 2010
Death Valley Mystery: What Makes Rocks Wander
Johns Hopkins angle: This column mentions a study led by Ralph Lorenz of the Applied Physics Lab.

Maryland Daily Record
August 24, 2010
On the Move
Johns Hopkins angle: This brief states that Joseph Samek has been hired as senior vice president, director of government services by Wilhelm Commercial Builders, of Annapolis Junction. Samek received a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Johns Hopkins University.

Sify News (India)
August 24, 2010
Yet another Indian American joins USAID
Johns Hopkins angle: This IANS piece reports that Sohini Chatterjee earned a master's degree at Johns Hopkins University.

Arizona Republic
August 24, 2010
Best medicine in Mesa pediatrician's bag may be a chess set
Johns Hopkins angle: According to this article, Mesa area pediatrician Norm Saba did his pediatric internship at the School of Medicine.

Cleveland Jewish News
August 23, 2010
School choice tops lobbyist’s agenda
Johns Hopkins angle: Rabbi Avraham David “A.D.” Motzen earned his master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in special education.

Wicked Local Topsfield (Mass.)
August 24, 2010
Health Watch: Be prepared for emergencies
Johns Hopkins angle: Marty Makary, M.D., M.P.H., an associate professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, is quoted in this brief about diabetes.

North Lake Tahoe Bonanza
August 24, 2010
Health and Wellness: Barbecue safety
Johns Hopkins angle: This column about barbecue safety was written by Rebecca Gelber, a graduate of The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Ridgefield Press (Ct.)
August 24, 2010
More students earn honors
Johns Hopkins angle: Kyle Edward Rodenbach of Ridgefield has received the G. Stanley Hall Prize for outstanding achievement by an undergraduate in psychology at the Johns Hopkins University.

New York Times
August 23, 2010
Dr. James M. Tanner, an Expert in How Children Grow, Is Dead at 90
Johns Hopkins angle: Tanner did his internship at Johns Hopkins.

Baltimore Sun
August 24, 2010
Carl A. Heinz dies at 104
Johns Hopkins angle: Deceased was a 1928 electrical engineering graduate.


New York Times
August 23, 2010
Scholars Test Web Alternative to Peer Review
For professors, publishing in elite journals is an unavoidable part of university life. The grueling process of subjecting work to the up-or-down judgment of credentialed scholarly peers has been a cornerstone of academic culture since at least the mid-20th century.

U.S. News & World Report
August 23, 2010
6 Reasons Private Colleges Are Awarding More Scholarships
While some budget-strapped public universities have been cutting merit-based financial aid to preserve money for needy students, a growing number of private colleges are trying to lure students by giving them financial rewards for their talents and hard work.

The Washington Post (College Inc. blog)
August 23, 2010
Washington Monthly's take on college rankings
Washington Monthly, a magazine with unusually robust higher education coverage, today released its own attempt at a ranking of colleges and universities.

August 24, 2010
To Start A Spinoff Biz, Look To Utah
When it comes to creating new start-ups from academic research, only MIT compares to the University of Utah — despite the fact that MIT's research budget is five times larger.

Wall Street Journal
August 23, 2010
Promises Aren't Enough: Business Schools Need to Do a Better Job Teaching Students Values - Opinion
The solution to ethical challenges in business is not to create an army of M.B.A.s who promise to do the right thing.

Chronicle of Higher Education
August 24, 2010
Federal Judge Overturns Obama Policy on Stem Cells
Seventeen months after President Obama bolstered stem-cell research on university campuses by allowing federal support for studies involving a broad range of cells derived from human embryos, a federal judge has ordered the policy suspended, alarming academic scientists who warn of slower progress in studies seeking treatments for a variety of devastating diseases.

Johns Hopkins University