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The Washington Post
September 22, 2009
Kirch and Miller: How Academic Medicine Can Help
Johns Hopkins angle: This piece endorsing a health-care reform proposal by Rep. Allyson Schwartz is written by Edward D. Miller, dean of the medical faculty and CEO Of Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Darrell G. Kirch, president and CEO of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Baltimore Sun
September 23, 2009
Finding angels isn't easy for startups
Johns Hopkins angle: This article includes comments from the Krieger School’s Louis P. Galambos, a professor of economic and business history, and Aris Melissaratos, a senior adviser to the president of JHU.

September 23, 2009
Small Steps May Speed Recovery in ICU Patients
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reports on research led by Dale Needham, an assistant professor of pulmonary medicine in the School of Medicine.
September 23, 2009
Cancer stem cell research gains traction, tackles new targets
Johns Hopkins angle: This story includes comments from William Matsui, an associate professor of oncology at the School of Medicine who also supervises a lab at the university’s Kimmel Cancer Center.

Miami Herald (Fla.)
September 22, 2009
South Florida a hot spot for those without health insurance
Johns Hopkins angle: This article includes a comment from Gerard Anderson, a professor of health policy at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The Washington Post
September 23,2009
Montgomery Council Reverses Course On Land Purchase
Johns Hopkins angle: This blog piece mentions the plans for a science city near Johns Hopkins' Montgomery County campus.

Baltimore Sun
September 23, 2009
Weekend's shootings defy recent city trend
Johns Hopkins angle: This crime roundup includes quotes from Daniel W. Webster, the co-director of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Gun Policy and Research.

United Press International
September 22, 2009
Cheap test as good as MRI to detect stroke
Johns Hopkins angle: This health news brief reports on research led by David E. Newman-Toker, an assistant professor of neurology in the School of Medicine.

The Detroit News
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Future doctors cross the line on Web, study finds
Johns Hopkins angle: This Associated Press feature mentions that the “now-defunct Pithotomy Club of Johns Hopkins Medical School, for example, made a tradition of racy skits and songs skewering professors for nearly 100 years.”

The Sun News (Macon, Ga.)
September 23, 2009
Newlyweds head orchestra at Second Baptist Church
Johns Hopkins angle: This profile focuses on Dawson Hull, director of instrumental music and administrator of the Conservatory Music program at the church, and his wife, Taneea Hull, who met as students at JHU’s Peabody Institute.

Baltimore Sun
September 23, 2009
Hopkins' Miller earns spot on Good Works Team
Johns Hopkins angle: This sports digest item states that JHU’s senior offensive lineman Tim Miller is one of 11 college football players who have been named to the 2009 Allstate American Football Coaches Association's Good Works Team, which honors student-athletes involved in community service activities.

Jackson Sun (Tennessee)
September 23, 2009
Jackson cyclists ride in Memphis
Johns Hopkins angle: This sports brief mentions that Hewitt Tomlin of Jackson threw for 243 yards and one touchdown as Johns Hopkins’ football team won for the 13th time in its last 15 games, defeating Gettysburg, 41-23.

The Washington Post
September 23, 2009
Octavius M. Covington (Obituary)
Johns Hopkins angle: This article states that the account executive earned a bachelor's degree in political science from Johns Hopkins.


The New York Times
September 23, 2009
University Funds Report Steep Investment Losses
Steep investment losses have caused painful cutbacks at some of the nation’s best-known universities over the most recent fiscal year and have prompted questions about whether their endowments are taking on too much risk.

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 22, 2009
Penn president wins Carnegie grant
For her work in carrying out the plan she launched when arriving in Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann was one of four higher-education leaders to win a $500,000 grant from the Carnegie Corp. of New York.

Inside Higher Ed
September 23, 2009
When Less Is More
This year, following a pattern that had already taken hold among less competitive institutions, some institutions are asking a little less of applicants, at least when it comes to how much they have to write on their essays.

The Chronicle of Higher Education
September 23, 2009
Minority Students Needed in Math and Science to Combat 'Brain Drain,' Professors Say
Mathematics-education experts on Tuesday urged the federal government to get more involved in recruiting underrepresented minority students to science, math, and engineering majors.

The Washington Post
September 23, 2009
Get your own beer! Swine flu spreading on campus
Swine flu is swirling through the nation's campuses, but despite all the warnings, flu kits and prominently displayed jugs of hand sanitizer, many students just aren't that worried.

Inside Higher Ed
September 23, 2009
FAFSA Experiment Boosts College Going
Financial aid experts have argued that while making enough money available to students is essential, one reason for lower college going rates of low-income people is that potential students from lower socioeconomic groups are either unaware of how much need-based financial aid is available or intimidated by the process of applying for it.

Inside Higher Education
September 22, 2009
Open Letter on Open Access
The presidents of 57 liberal arts colleges release an open letter endorsing the Federal Research Access Act of 2009, a bill aimed at increasing public access to academic research funded by the federal government.

USA Today
September 22,2009
24 get $500,000 MacArthur genius grants
A papermaker, an investigative reporter and a health services innovator are among 2009 recipients of MacArthur Foundation genius grants, which give $500,000, "no strings attached," over the next five years to help foster creativity and potential to make important contributions.

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