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Baltimore Sun
September 21, 2009
Packed classes catch colleges by surprise
Johns Hopkins angle: A projected freshmen class of 1,235 is actually a class of 1,350 at JHU this
fall. Bill Conley, dean of enrollment and academic services, is quoted.

September 21, 2009
Was sword killing justified?
Johns Hopkins angle: More coverage of a JHU student's alleged involvement in the death of a
suspected burglar.
September 19, 2009
Prosecutors To Decide If Swordsman Will Be Charged
Johns Hopkins angle: More coverage of a JHU student's alleged involvement in the slaying of a
suspected burglar.

Voice of America
September 21, 2009
Vaccines Offer Preventative Solutions to High Childhood Pneumonia Rates
Johns Hopkins angle: Coverage of a new study, led by Kate O'Brien of the School of Public Health,
of two strains of pneumonia. The study is providing African governments with their first ever
country-by-country figures on the leading global killer of children under the age of five.

Los Angeles Times
September 20, 2009
Keeping tabs on patient can cut costs
Johns Hopkins angle: This story notes that a Johns Hopkins study found that some Medicare
Advantage plans, such as CareMore, which practice what is known as coordinated care, are good at
keeping members out of hospitals.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune
September 19, 2009
Neal St. Anthony: U.S. economy needs discipline, sacrifice
Johns Hopkins angle: Article focuses on remarks made by Michael Mandelbaum of the School of
Advanced International Studies to a group of Twin Cities investors recently.

United Press International
September 21, 2009
Lung cancer in non-smokers different
Johns Hopkins angle: A new biology, diagnosis and treatment guide finds that lung cancer in those
who have never smoked is different from that of smokers. Charles M. Rudin of The Johns Hopkins
Kimmel Cancer Center led the study.

Baltimore Sun
September 20, 2009
At a premium
Johns Hopkins angle: This Eileen Ambrose column quotes Heidi Conway, senior director of benefits,
about health plans for JHU employees.

Tulsa World
September 21, 2009
Domestic violence death risk due study
Johns Hopkins angle: According to this story, the lethality assessment quiz was developed for
health professionals by Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell of the School of Nursing.

New Kerala (India)
September 19, 2009
Cheap 'eye movement' exam 'best bet' for diagnosing stroke in patients with dizziness
Johns Hopkins angle: This ANI article reports on a new JHU study has found that a simple,
one-minute eye movement exam performed at the bedside worked better than an MRI to distinguish new
strokes from other less serious disorders in patients complaining of dizziness, nausea and
spinning sensations.David E. Newman-Toker is quoted.

New Kerala (India)
September 19, 2009
Scientists unveil antioxidant that controls spinal cord development
Johns Hopkins angle: John Hopkins scientists have gained significant insights into a mechanism
whereby an antioxidant protein controls the activity of another protein, critical for the
development of spinal cord neurons.Neuroscientist Shanthini Sockanathan of the School of Medicine
is quoted.

The Washington Post
September 21, 2009
First Click--Maryland
Johns Hopkins angle: This blog about an effort to build a science city in Montgomery County
mentions Johns Hopkins.

Galveston County Daily News
September 21, 2009
Academic association to probe UTMB layoffs
Johns Hopkins angle: Article mentions Arthur O. Lovejoy, who was a philosopher at Johns Hopkins
University back in 1915.

Baltimore Sun
September 21, 2009
A mother writes about coping with loss
Johns Hopkins angle: Sorrel King has written a book about the death of her daughter, Josie, at
Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2001.

New York Post
September 20, 2009
Little girl lost
Johns Hopkins angle: Coverage of "Josie's Story: A Mother's Inspiring Crusade to Make Medical Care
Safe," by Sorrel King. Josie King died at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2001. (Virginia)
September 20, 2009
Baltimore Aquarium Releases Healthy Sea Turtle
Johns Hopkins angle: This Associated Press story mentioned that an ailing sea turtle was treated
for a shell infection at Johns Hopkins before being released into the wild.

Lebanon Daily News (Pa.)
September 21, 2009
Retired pianist gets her wish
Johns Hopkins angle: Catharine Dunkle Elliott studied at Peabody Conservatory.

Baltimore Sun
September 19, 2009
Johns Hopkins routs Gettysburg, 41-23
Johns Hopkins angle: The Blue Jays (2-1, 1-0 Centennial Conference) have won 13 of their past 15
against the Bullets (0-3, 0-1).

Maryland Daily Record
September 18, 2009
Worcester retires as head of Maryland Businesses for Responsive Government
Johns Hopkins angle: Robert O.C. Worcester, who stepped down last week after heading MBRG since
its inception in 1983.

Maryland Daily Record
September 21, 2009
On the Move -- Legal Edition
Johns Hopkins angle: This brief states that Ronni H. Monaghan, director of institutional research
at JHU, has joined a Towson law firm.

Annapolis Capital
September 20, 2009
Busy Bodies: Warm up properly before physical activity
Johns Hopkins angle: Lifestyle column author Kelly Gonzalez refers in the article to his time
spent playing lacrosse at JHU.

The Oklahoman
September 19, 2009
First Indian to win Miss Oklahoma dies
Johns Hopkins angle: This obituary for Ada Martyne Caudell mentions that she studied nursing at
the School of Nursing.


The New York Times
September 18, 2009
Will a Killing at Yale Affect Applications This Year?
News of the killing of a Yale graduate researcher in a campus lab — and the arrest of a co-worker
— has rippled through American kitchens and living rooms. The undergraduate admissions office at
Yale is sure to face questions from some jittery parents (and students, too) about the relative
safety of the college community.

Inside Higher Ed
September 21, 2009
Defining 'College Ready,' Nationally
Today, the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association will
release common standards for core curriculums in mathematics and reading and writing that could
create widely embraced standards for what high school students need to know to be "college ready."

The Boston Globe
September 21, 2009
New president has Dartmouth eager for change
A new college presidency is met by fanfare on every campus, but the change is particularly
striking at Dartmouth. Faculty, students, and alumni have high hopes that incoming president Jim
Yong Kim can usher in a new era for an institution often viewed as a conservative bastion of white
privilege dominated by raucous fraternities.

The Los Angeles Times
September 21, 2009
Opinion: Student loan reform is needed now
Students face enough of a financial challenge without lining bank executives' pockets. Congress,
please take student loans from private banks and shift them to the existing government program.

Chronicle of Higher Education
September 21, 2009
Colleges Warily Turn Sensitive E-Mail Over to Outside Companies
Nervous about privacy laws, institutions are nevertheless thinking about outsourcing faculty and
administrative e-mail accounts to Google and Microsoft.

Chronicle of Higher Education
September 20, 2009
American Graduate Programs With Overseas Partners Are on the Rise
American universities may still lead the world in the sheer number of students they attract. But
in another measure, Europe fares far better. At a meeting of the European Association for
International Education in Madrid, many educators focused on the booming field of international
joint-degree and dual-degree programs.

Inside Higher Ed
September 21, 2009
The Mobile Campus
Last fall, Abilene Christian University gave out free iPhones or iPod Touches to its first-year
undergraduates as part of an attempt to transform its campus into a 200-acre Petri dish for
studying the intersection of mobile technology and higher education. The reviews from the first
year of the experiment are in — and they are glowing.

The New York Times
September 18, 2009
More Asian Universities Cast a Net for Foreign Students
With the appetite for higher education showing no signs of abating among the growing Asian middle
class, more universities in Asia are positioning themselves to attract foreign students by
relaxing quotas on non-local students or encouraging overseas institutions to set up local

U.S. News & World Report
September 17, 2009
Colleges Play the Name Game
As the competition for paying students heats up, hundreds of colleges are revamping their names to
make themselves sound more attractive. Names changes to reflect a more academic image, a change to
coed status or a large donation are nothing new. But many recent college name changes seem to be
more about marketing.

Inside Higher Ed
September 21, 2009
Don't (Dis)count Them Out
In a year when high tuition discounting proved tempting for many small colleges, Marymount
Manhattan kept rates low – and increased enrollment substantially.

Johns Hopkins University