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Baltimore Sun
September 4, 2009
Colleges see rise in aid appeals
Johns Hopkins angle: Quotes Vince Amoroso, director Student Financial Aid on the Homewood campus.

Baltimore Sun
September 4, 2009
Don't wait for government money, Hopkins business school dean says
Johns Hopkins angle: Quotes Yash Gupta, dean of the Carey Business School.

Baltimore Business Journal
September 4, 2009
Johns Hopkins scouts Baltimore sites for Carey Business School
Johns Hopkins angle: BBJ reports that the Carey Business School could move from its current Downtown Center location.

Baltimore Business Journal
September 4, 2009
Making Maryland B-schools best in class
Johns Hopkins angle: A roundup of new development at area business schools includes the planned Sept. 2010 introduction of the full-time Global MBA at the Carey Business School.

Baltimore Business Journal
September 4, 2009
Hopkins goes global
Johns Hopkins angle: A Q&A with Carey Business School Professor and consumer psychologist Dipankar Chakravarti.

Physics World
September 3, 2009
Magnetic monopoles spotted in spin ices
Johns Hopkins angle: This article includes comments from Oleg Tchernyshyov, a professor in the Krieger School’s Department of Physics and Astronomy.

The New York Review of Books
September 24, 2009
Lincoln Off His Pedestal
Johns Hopkins angle: This pieces reviews four books about the Abraham Lincoln, including Michael Burlingame’s “Abraham Lincoln: A Life,” published by JHU Press.
September 4, 2009
Tear gas used on demonstrators in restive Chinese city
Johns Hopkins angle: This article includes information attributed to the Central Asia Caucasus Institute at JHU’s School of Advanced International Studies.

September 4, 2009
Mistrust May Cause People to Put Off Treatment
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reports on research led by Thomas LaVeist, director of the Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
September 2009
Rethinking therapeutic cancer vaccines
Johns Hopkins angle: This news feature includes comments from Lieping Chen, professor of oncology and dermatology at the School of Medicine.
September 4, 2009
Broder Is Lastest Torture Apologist
Johns Hopkins angle: The author of this column, Melvin A. Goodman, is an adjunct faculty member in the Krieger School.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
September 3, 2009
6 health mistakes smart people make
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature, originally from Marie Claire magazine, advises people with serious medical conditions to get a second opinion. It suggests JHU’s Remote Medical Second Opinion program as one such option.

September 4, 2009
36 children died of swine flu: CDC report
Johns Hopkins angle: In this article, John Bartlett, a professor and infectious disease specialist in the School of Medicine, is quoted regarding the benefits of an N95 mask to better protect healthcare workers.

Baltimore Messenger
September 3, 2009
Six Hopkins 'scholars' from north Baltimore
Johns Hopkins angle: Quotes Bill Conley, dean of enrollment and academic services on the Homewood campus, and Zoe Rammelkamp, a Baltimore Scholar in the class of 2013.

Baltimore Sun
September 4, 2009
Training that works
Johns Hopkins angle: An op-ed by Arnold Packer, formerly a Senior Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University's Institute for Policy Studies.

The Record (Troy, N.Y.)
September 4, 2009
Reilly, Brothers looking for improvement
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature about high school senior Jack Reilly states that he has received a scholarship to play lacrosse next year at JHU but first plans to play football this fall for his high school, having received an okay from JHU men’s lacrosse Coach Dave Pietralama.

The Intelligencer (Southeastern Pennsylvania)
September 4, 2009
Johns Hopkins angle: This sports article previews Saturday’s football game between Delaware Valley and Johns Hopkins, mentioning head coach Jim Margraff, and the team’s punter, Max Islinger.


Winston-Salem Journal Now (N.C.)
September 1, 2009
Swine flu is at WFU: Sick students are advised not to attend classes
More than 80 students at Wake Forest University are believed to have swine flu, university officials said earlier this week.

Associated Press
September 4, 2009
Swine flu causes Stillman to cancel home game
The coach felt compelled to cancel the game after he learned that about 37 of his players had become sick.

National Public Radio – All Things Considered
September 2, 2009
Colleges Ramp Up Efforts To Hold On To Students
Millions of college freshman are starting school this fall — and as they launch their new careers, they'll be told over and over how crucial a degree is. Yet as many as half of all students who attend college might never complete their degrees. Many schools view this as a crisis and have embraced a new mission: Retain students at all costs.

National Public Radio – Tell Me More
September 1, 2009
Is A College Education Worth The Debt?
A college degree has long been considered a golden ticket to success in this country. But with the current economic recession, some question whether obtaining a college degree is worth going into debt.

Baltimore Sun
September 4, 2009
For them, reform could hit close to home
With heated debates about reforming health care swirling across the country, professors from the University of Maryland's graduate schools told more than 200 students about how proposed changes might affect their future careers in medicine, dentistry, nursing, law, pharmacy and social work at a panel discussion Thursday night in downtown Baltimore.

Washington Post
September 4, 2009
Montgomery College Trustees Oust President
Trustees of Montgomery College removed President Brian K. Johnson from office late Thursday night, voting to place him on immediate administrative leave, with pay, and not to renew his contract.

New York Times
September 4, 2009
Strike by Professors Leads to Canceled Classes in Michigan
Classes at Oakland University in suburban Detroit were canceled indefinitely on Thursday after professors went on strike, upset over being asked to freeze their salaries a year after the university’s president received a $100,000 raise.

Inside Higher Ed
September 4, 2009
A Call for Change, From Within
With the Spellings Commission nearly two years in the rearview mirror now, Robert Zemsky has once again taken on the role of critic -- this time of the commission and of higher education. In Making Reform Work: The Case for Transforming American Higher Education, the University of Pennsylvania professor delivers what he describes as "the report the Spellings Commission should have written."

Boston Globe
September 3, 2009
Same message, new delivery
Each fall, many incoming college students tune out the talking heads that fill their days-long orientation schedules and - let's be honest here - nod off. To capture the attention of the YouTube generation, some Boston colleges are spicing up traditional start-of-the-year programming with short videos, text-messaging polls, and social-networking bulletins like Twitter.

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