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The Washington Post
October 22, 2009
Questions and answers about swine flu
Johns Hopkins angle:Andrew Pekosz, an associate professor of molecular microbiology and immunology at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, answers readers' questions about H1N1 "swine" flu.

The Washington Post
October 22, 2009
Adults can have allergic reactions, too
Johns Hopkins angle: Robert Wood, chief of pediatric allergy and immunology at Johns Hopkins Children's Center, is quoted.

New York Times Video
October 21, 2009
Bloggingheads: 2010 Strategy
Johns Hopkins angle: KSAS political scientist Steven Teles debates UCLA's Mark Kleiman on how Democrats should frame the 2010 election.

Voice of America
October 21, 2009
US Plans New Talks with Burma
Johns Hopkins angle: Chris Beyrer of the School of Public Health was interviewed.
October 22, 2009
Wary Japan redefines relationship with U.S.
Johns Hopkins angle: Kent Calder of SAIS is quoted.

Birmingham News (Ala.)
October 22, 2009
UAB offers health coverage to same-sex partners
Johns Hopkins angle: Article mentions that Johns Hopkins offers benefits to same-sex domestic partners.

Chronicle Herald (Canada)
October 22, 2009
Is Obama pushing the wrong buttons
Johns Hopkins angle: This opinion column mentions the view of Charles Doran of SAIS.
October 22, 2009
Mild PT Helps ICU Patients Recover
Johns Hopkins angle: Critical care experts at Johns Hopkins are reporting reduced recovery times and reduced muscle wasting among critically ill patients who participate in mild physical therapy exercises during their hospital stays. Dale Needham of the School of Medicine is quoted.

Spokesman Review (Washington state)
October 22, 2009
Barrueco trades Lexus for symphony
Johns Hopkins angle: A feature story about guitarist Manuel Barrueco of Peabody.

November 2009
The Scientists Behind the Stories at Scientific American
Johns Hopkins angle: An editorial mentions that Rita Colwell of the School of Public Health is on the Scientific American's board of advisors.

Sindh Today (India)
October 22, 2009
Scientists discover what triggers liver cancer
Johns Hopkins angle: This IANS piece focuses on a study by researchers at UC-Irvine and JHU, that reveals that consuming large quantities of aflatoxin
(produced by mold on nuts and grains) can trigger liver cancer.

Citizen of Morris County (NJ)
October 22, 2009
For all candidates, taxes, spending are top issues in 25th Assembly race
Johns Hopkins angle: Candidate Michael Carroll earned a degree in political science from JHU.

The Washington Post
October 22, 2009
Hurdles to Montgomery 'smart growth' option
Johns Hopkins angle: The university is mentioned in this article about smart growth in Montgomery County.

The Washington Post
October 22, 2009
U.S. pressures Japan on military package
Johns Hopkins angle: Kent Calder, director of the Edwin O. Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies at JHU, is part of this story about Japan's foreign

Wall Street Journal
October 22, 2009
On the Tragic Story of Kilpatrick Stockton’s Mark Levy
Johns Hopkins angle: This article quotes Ruth Wedgwood, director of the program on international law and organizations, at SAIS.

Maryland Daily Record
October 21, 2009
My Sports Dreams helps local college teams fill in their budgets
Johns Hopkins angle: Tom Calder, director of athletics for Johns Hopkins, is quoted.

Smarter Technology
October 21, 2009
Smarter Hurricane Prediction to Shorten Power Outages
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reports on a study whose authors include Seth Guikema, an assistant professor of geography and environmental engineering in the Whiting School.

Huffington Post
October 22, 2009
Obama: Change the Channel
Johns Hopkins angle: This column is written by Robert Guttman, director of the Center on Politics & Foreign Relations at JHU’s School of Advanced
International Studies.

SEED Magazine
October 21, 2009
Saturn’s Strange Children
Johns Hopkins angle: This research column refers to an explanation regarding the discovery of Saturn’s new ring, provided by David K. Strickland, an
associate research scientist in the Krieger School’s Department of Physics & Astronomy.

Christian Science Monitor
October 21, 2009
Opinion: Societies don't have to be secular to be modern
Johns Hopkins angle: This article is an interview with Francis Fukuyama, a professor at JHU’s School of Advanced International Studies.

Huffington Post
October 21, 2009
Mental Illness: The Stigma of Silence
Johns Hopkins angle: In this column, actress Glenn Close refers readers to a Web posting in which to listen to Kay Redfield Jamison, a psychiatry professor in the School of Medicine, describes her battles with bipolar disorder.

Pharmaceutical Business Review (London)
October 22, 2009
iPierian To Collaborate With Johns Hopkins University On $3.7m NIH Grant
Johns Hopkins angle: The story reports that iPierian has been selected to participate in a $3.7m National Institutes of Health Grand Opportunities grant,
awarded to JHU.

Detroit Free Press
October 22, 2009
U-M lands stem cell research grants
Johns Hopkins angle: This Associated Press wire story states that the University of Michigan “is among the leading academic recipients for the stem-cell
research grants, alongside Johns Hopkins University, University of Wisconsin, Harvard University and the California university system.”

Pioneer Press (Suburban Chicago)
October 22, 2009
Highland Park Native Wins Podiatric Award
Johns Hopkins angle: This story about award winner Laura Shin mentions that her interest in stem cell research began during her undergraduate years studying neuroscience at JHU.

The Jewish Journal (Los Angeles)
October 21, 2009
Israeli doctors disinvited from Egypt confab
Johns Hopkins angle: This article refers to a conference organized with the assistance of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs.


Higher Education News


Boston Globe
October 21, 2009
A sense of safety shatters at colleges
Security specialists say a steady drumbeat of individual murders on college campuses should send a signal that new steps must be taken to protect students.

Washington Post – The Color of Money blog
October 22, 2009
Getting through college these days almost requires a degree in thrift
Students could reduce the expense of attending college if they lived at home or with a relative or friend who might not charge rent or would ask for a
minimal amount for room and board.

Chronicle of Higher Education
October 22, 2009
Colleges Help Veterans Advance From Combat to Classroom
On campuses nationwide, veterans offices are helping hundreds of thousands of veterans acclimate to college life this fall.

Inside Higher Ed
October 22, 2009
Dashboard Fever
Increasing numbers of colleges are collecting and organizing data in easily digestible forms, resulting in an explosion of dashboards and other mechanisms.

Baltimore Sun
October 22, 2009
Morgan wins fight with UMUC over online program
The University of Maryland University College will not be allowed to offer a community college administration degree.  Morgan State University argued that
the online program would duplicate its efforts.

WBAL – 1090 AM
October 21, 2009
College Of Notre Dame Honored
College of Notre Dame of Maryland has been named by The Fulbright Program to a listing of colleges and universities that produced the most 2009-10 U.S. Fulbright students.

Washington Post
October 22, 2009
Catholic U. getting solar energy system
More than 1,000 solar panels will be installed on four Catholic University buildings this fall, creating the largest solar energy system in the Washington

New York Times
October 22, 2009
In Basketball, Troubles Spill Off the Court
An adjunct professor at SUNY Binghamton says she felt pressure from the athletic department to give a pass to players who didn’t show up for class, came late and left early when they did.

Washington Post
October 22, 2009
Georgetown student advertises for a personal assistant
The successful applicant will do laundry, gas up the car and handle other 'everyday tasks' for busy sophomore.

Johns Hopkins University