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May 13, 2009
A Ray Of Light On Dark Energy
Johns Hopkins angle: Story focuses on KSAS astrophysicist Adam Riess's research into dark
energy and the expansion of the universe.

San Francisco Chronicle
May 13, 2009
Obama's goal is to turn around 5,000 schools
Johns Hopkins angle: Piece quotes Robert Balfanz, a Johns Hopkins University researcher who
testified before the Education Committee on Tuesday.

Boston Globe
May 13, 2009
A new NATO for a new world
Johns Hopkins angle: Mentions Daniel Hamilton of SAIS.

Florida Times-Union
May 13, 2009
Jacksonville vet using stem cells to treat dogs
Johns Hopkins angle: Piece says that in the past two years, scientists have used stem cells to
make paralyzed mice walk, effectively treat heart attacks in pigs and repair ligament injuries in horses, according to research from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Baltimore Sun
May 13, 2009
Michael Pollan dishes out advice on healthful eating
Johns Hopkins angle: Robert Lawrence, director of the Center for a Livable Future at the Johns
Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, is quoted.

Baltimore Sun
May 13, 2009
Too much exposure
Johns Hopkins angle: Commentary authored by Ruth G. Fesahazion, a doctoral student of health
policy at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
May 12, 2009
Staying close to your teen
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature, originally in Good Housekeeping, includes advice from Robin
Goldstein, a human development instructor in JHU’s School of Education.

PC World
May 12, 2009
Thailand Hospital E-health System Saves Money, Lives
Johns Hopkins angle: This article describes software used by Johns Hopkins Hospital
and features quotes from Stephanie Reel, vice president of information services at Johns Hopkins.

Trinidad & Tobago Express
May 13, 2009
Travel patterns spreading swine flu virus, says prof
Johns Hopkins angle: Andrew Pekosz, an associate professor of molecular microbiology and
immunology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, talks about swine flu.

Baltimore Sun
May 12, 2009
Johns Hopkins Hospital at center of identity theft probe
Johns Hopkins angle: Federal authorities are investigating the theft of patient information,
possibly by a former Johns Hopkins Hospital employee, as part of a scheme to make fraudulent Virginia driver's licenses. (Michigan)
May 12, 2009
Hospital: Ex-Hopkins worker suspected in ID theft
Johns Hopkins angle: Associated Press report on the theft of patient information at Johns
Hopkins Hospital.

WBAL Radio
May 13, 2009
Former Hopkins Employee Investigated
Johns Hopkins angle: Reports that Johns Hopkins Hospital has informed the state attorney
general's office that a former employee may have been involved in fake driver's license scheme in Virginia.

Baltimore City Paper
May 12, 2009
More Hopkins ID Theft
Johns Hopkins angle: Federal authorities are investigating the theft of patient information,
possibly by a former Johns Hopkins Hospital employee.

Allentown Morning Call
May 13, 2009
Muhlenberg's TV contestant lifts spirits
Johns Hopkins angle: Story mentions Scott Menke, a JHU student who competed this week on

Huffington Post
May 12, 2009
We've Got Civil Rights; Now, We Just Need Civil Eats
Johns Hopkins angle: This column mentions the Healthy Monday campaign, a non-profit public
health initiative launched in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University and other schools.

WBAL TV (Baltimore)
May 12, 2009
Hopkins Students Warned After Recent Robbery
Johns Hopkins angle: University spokesman Tracey Reeves was interviewed about a recent security

Scientist Live
May 13, 2009
Sight may depend on second sites
Johns Hopkins angle: Quotes Nicolas Katsanis, an associate professor of ophthalmology
and molecular biology and genetics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine.

Worcester Telegram
May 13, 2009
‘Awesome’ success
Johns Hopkins angle: According to the article, Ken Davenport, a producer whose stage shows have been
nominated for Tony Awards, attended JHU for a year.

Baltimore City Paper
May 13, 2009
Bad Scientists
Johns Hopkins angle: Story reports that Per Gloersen, an 81-year-old retired senior scientist
at the Oceans and Ice Branch of NASA's Laboratory for Hydrospheric Sciences, received his PhD in physics at JHU in 1956.


May 13, 2009
Blake instructor earns award for teaching excellence
Johns Hopkins angle: Fred Katz, a business education teacher at James Hubert Blake High School
in Cloverly, has been chosen to receive the Excellence in Teaching Award for the Carey School of Business at Johns Hopkins University. Katz teaches at Carey.

Stockton Record (California)
May 13, 2009
A stunner for SUSD: School district slashes its dropout rate
Johns Hopkins angle: Article mentions JHU research into "dropout factories."

Baltimore Sun
May 12, 2009
East Baltimore nonprofit gets grant for housing help
Johns Hopkins angle: East Baltimore Development Inc, which is developing 88 acres north of the
Johns Hopkins Hospital, received a grant of $31,000. (New Jersey)
May 13, 2009
John Rowe's local college notes
Johns Hopkins angle: This sport column mentions Scott Orlovsky, a former JHU baseball pitcher
who was inducted into Johns Hopkins Hall of Fame. It states that Orlovsky tied the Johns Hopkins record for career wins (29) while compiling a 29-3 record.

Washington Post
May 13, 2009
Obituaries: Robert Yablonski. Air Force Colonel
Johns Hopkins angle: Obituary for retired colonel Robert Yablonski, 62, who received a master's
degree in international public policy in 1983 from SAIS.

The Independent (U.K.)
May 13, 2009
Professor Philip L. Walker: Materials scientist known to his peers as 'Mr Carbon'
Johns Hopkins angle: This obituary for Walker, an expert in the fields of coal and carbon
science, mentions that he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemical engineering from Johns Hopkins.



Inside Higher Ed
May 13, 2009
Top Ph.D. Programs, Shrinking
Harvard, Chicago, Princeton, Northwestern, MIT and others will enroll smaller classes of doctoral students in the fall. Is recession forcing long-term change on graduate education?

Chronicle of Higher Education
May 13, 2009
Calculating the True Cost of Tuition Freezes at Public Colleges
President Obama singled out Maryland’s governor, Martin O’Malley, during in a nationally televised speech on higher education last month, praising him for staving off a tuition increase within the public-university system and urging other leaders to follow suit. The story suggests that while holding down tuition may score political points for elected officials, the real impact on a student's pocketbook is often underwhelming because public-college tuition in most states is relatively low compared with private institutions.

USA Today
May 13, 2009
Graduates saddled with debt, student loans can't easily turn to bankruptcy
Student loan defaults are at their highest rate since 1998, and likely will go higher. And though federal student loans offer some payment modification options, private loans are far more onerous, because even filing for bankruptcy rarely wipes out the debt.

Inside Higher Ed
May 13, 2009
Quick Takes
In today’s “Quick Takes” section of Inside Higher Ed, the editors point out a report released today by the Pew Charitable Trusts, finding that many low-income students who could benefit from higher education don't apply to college because they don't know they could get financial assistance or they are intimidated by the process.

Wall Street Journal
May 13, 2009
Brandeis Plan to Raze Building Sparks Donor Suit
The descendant of a donor to Brandeis University sued the school, trying to block the demolition of a science building named for his great uncle. The lawsuit is the latest in a growing number of disputes between donors and universities over honoring the intent of gifts -- and the second such recent controversy involving Brandeis. Other schools that have seen recent fights over honoring the intent of donors include Princeton University, Trinity College and Tulane University.

Wall Street Journal – Digits blog
May 13, 2009
Journalism Students Debate Owning iPhones
When the University of Missouri School of Journalism’s student newspaper reported that incoming students of the journalism program would be required to purchase either an iPhone or an iPod Touch, it touched off a debate about whether universities can require specific tech purchases or whether certain companies can have a tech “monopoly” on campuses. The story mentions similar situations at Duke University and Radford University in Virginia.

Inside Higher Ed
May 13, 2009
Both Sides of the Pond
After career at Yale, Alison Richard was tapped as Cambridge's leader. In a podcast interview, she discusses academic leadership and the future of research universities.

Inside Higher Ed
May 13, 2009
Athletics, Antitrust and Amateurism
Scholars argue NCAA and its members can reduce and contain skyrocketing program costs through Congressional oversight of their continuing tax-exempt status.

Chronicle of Higher Education
May 13, 2009
'Nuanced Approach' Needed for Tax Rules Governing College Sports, Expert Says
The federal government could take a cue from its regulation of charitable organizations and apply similar strategies to big-time college athletics, a leading tax lawyer said on Tuesday.

Chronicle of Higher Education
May 13, 2009
The Russian Roulette of SAT Scores – Commentary
The College Board’s new “Score Choice” program allows students to send only their higher SAT scores to the colleges that they are interested in attending, though some schools aren’t participating in the program. The director of college counseling at Antilles School, on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, writes that while one can think of SAT scores as cards to be played in the high-stakes game of admissions poker, the feeling that some of our students can have is closer to that of Russian roulette.

Coshocton Tribune (Ohio)
May 13, 2009
University faculty hijacks history – Commentary
The op-ed talks about how the Columbus Day holiday is now known as “Fall Weekend” at Brown University and “Indigenous People's Day” at American University.

USA Today
May 13, 2009
8 keys to a graduation speech with pomp & significance
USA Today asked students, faculty and others for advice for this year’s crop of commencement speakers.

USA Today
May 13, 2009
10 stellar commencement addresses
The story excerpts the best lines from 10 commencement speeches. Includes quotes from Apple CEO Steve Jobs, novelist David Foster Wallace, actor Bradley Whitford and others.

Baltimore Business Journal
May 12, 2009
Job market shrinking for college grads
College graduates are facing an increasingly competitive job market according to a new analysis by Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. The Chicago-based outplacement firm finds a series of difficulties for the 2.3 million students who will earn associate or bachelor’s degrees in 2009.

Johns Hopkins University