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The Courier-Post (Cherry Hill, N.J.)
March 27, 2009
Doctors say kidney stones in kids are on the rise
Johns Hopkins angle: This Associated Press story mentions that the Johns Hopkins Children Center is a referral center for children with kidney stones; kidney specialist Alicia Neu is quoted.
March 26, 2009
Kidney stones in children are on the rise
Johns Hopkins angle: Kidney specialist Alicia Neu is quoted.

New Scientist (U.K.)
March 26, 2009
Artificial cartilage performs better than the real thing
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature includes comments from Jennifer Elisseeff, a WSE associate professor of biomedical engineering who conducts related research.

BBC News (UK)
March 26, 2009
Slower spin 'made moon's bulge'
Johns Hopkins angle: James Roberts of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory is quoted.

March 26, 2009
The Betamax of DNA sequencing?
Johns Hopkins angle: This article quotes says Aravinda Chakravarti, a SoM professor in the Johns Hopkins Institute of Genetic Medicine.

Health Day
March 27, 2009
Patients' Bill of Rights Too Tough to Read
Johns Hopkins angle: The article includes comments from J. Douglas Storey, associate director of Communication Science & Research at The Health Communication Partnership, part of the SoPH.

The Globe and Mail (Canada)
March 27, 2009
Lead law goes too far?
Johns Hopkins angle: This news brief about a controversial law aimed at limiting lead exposure includes comments from Ellen Silbergeld, a professor in the SoPH.

March 27, 2009
Zimbabwe: Under a Subimperial, Neoliberal Thumb
Johns Hopkins angle: This opinion piece refers to the monetary policy views presented by Steve Hanke, a WSE professor of applied economics.

Health Day
March 26, 2009
What Causes Mystery Heart Condition?
Johns Hopkins angle: The article refers to new Johns Hopkins research and quotes the study’s senior author, Ilan S. Wittstein, an assistant professor in the SoM.

Providence Journal (R.I.)
March 27, 2009
Doctors can mend a ‘broken heart’
Johns Hopkins angle: The story quotes Ilan Wittstein, the cardiologist at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine who wrote the 2005 New England Journal article that is the subject of this story.

Grand Forks Herald (N.D.)
March 27, 2009
It’s all about Wit
Johns Hopkins angle: The story notes that poet Greg Williamson of the Writing Seminars in the Krieger School will be speaking at the 40th annual UND Writers Conference.

Baltimore Jewish Times
March 27, 2009
Film Festival Offers Screen Savers
Johns Hopkins angle: Kenneth Moss of Department of History in the Krieger School will be participating in a panel discussion during the William and Irene Weinberg Family Baltimore Jewish Film Festival.

Baltimore Sun
March 27, 2009
'Virtual reality' learning to debut in Baltimore Co.
Johns Hopkins angle: Story quotes David Peloff, program director for emerging technologies at JHU's Center for Technology in Education.

New York Times
March 27, 2009
Circumcision Is Found to Curb Two S.T.D.’s
Johns Hopkins angle: Story quotes Ronald H. Gray, a professor of reproductive epidemiology at Johns Hopkins.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
March 27, 2009
Male circumcision reduces herpes, study finds
Johns Hopkins angle: The story is about a study conducted by researchers from Uganda and Johns Hopkins University.

March 26, 2009
Circumcision reduces risk of herpes and HPV infection
Johns Hopkins angle: Researchers from the School of Public Health participated in the study featured in this story.

Star Phoenix (Canada)
March 27, 2009
Male circumcision cuts risk of cancer-causing virus: Study
Johns Hopkins angle: This Reuters piece mentioned that the research was done by a team including JHU.

United Press International
March 26, 2009
Circumcision cuts STD risk
Johns Hopkins angle: This wire story quotes study author Aaron Tobian, a pathology resident in the SoM.

Baltimore Sun
March 27, 2009
Economic downturn hits Md. hospitals hard
Johns Hopkins angle: According to the story, the total profit margin at Johns Hopkins Hospital was 3.8 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Business Gazette (Md.)
March 27, 2009
Hospitals hit by recession
Johns Hopkins angle: The story includes Johns Hopkins Hospital in its lists of hospitals that showed increases in operating profits in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Wall Street Journal
March 27, 2009
Dissecting an Unheralded Alliance
Johns Hopkins angle: Book review is written by Mark Teaford, a professor of functional anatomy and evolution at the SoM.

Indianapolis Star
March 27, 2009
Keyboard combat
Johns Hopkins angle: Adam Golka is a student at Peabody.

March 27, 2009
Expanding Statin Prescriptions Could Save Lives
Johns Hopkins angle: Erin D. Michos, an assistant professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and its Heart and Vascular Institute, is quoted.

Palm Beach Post
March 27, 2009
Men's depression expected to increase as economy declines
Johns Hopkins angle: Johns Hopkins University is mentioned.

Times of India
March 26, 2009
Fructose intake ups obesity & diabetes
Johns Hopkins angle:  Johns Hopkins University research is mentioned.

Maryland Daily Record
March 27, 2009
News Briefs - Business Edition - 03/27
Johns Hopkins angle: Brief notes that three researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have been named early career scientists by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Maryland Daily Record
March 27, 2009
On the Move - Business Edition
Johns Hopkins angle: Brief notes that Bryan R. Knepper of Universal Security Instruments sits on the board of governors of The Johns Hopkins Hospital Heart and Vascular Institute.

Business Gazette (Md.)
March 27, 2009
Commercial Real Estate: Wheaton radio tower signals it's for sale
Johns Hopkins angle: The story mentions the late Bert Carver, who started a two-way radio transmission company after retiring as a physicist at Johns Hopkins University.

All About Jazz
March 27, 2009
Cuban Rhythms Meet the African Skies
Johns Hopkins angle: Joel Holmes is a Peabody alumnus.

Baltimore Sun
March 27, 2009
College lacrosse: State men's week ahead
Johns Hopkins angle: Column notes that the Blue Jays will play at no. 13 North Carolina on Saturday afternoon.

The Capital (Annapolis)
March 26, 2009
County Women's Lacrosse Players
Johns Hopkins angle: The story lists Johns Hopkins women’s lacrosse team members from Anne Arundel County.

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