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New York Times
July 19, 2009
Driven to Distraction -- Dismissing the Risks of a Deadly Habit
Johns Hopkins angle: Story quotes Steve Yantis, professor of psychological and brain sciences in the
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, who has conducted research on how the brain deals with competing demands for attention.

Washington Post
July 18, 2009
Surgeon General Pick's Stance on Abortion May Clash With Church's
Johns Hopkins angle: Quotes Robert Lawrence, director of the Center for a Livable Future
at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

India's Emerging Grand Strategy
July 18, 2009
Johns Hopkins angle: Article was written by Sunil Khilnani, The Starr Foundation Professor
at Johns Hopkins’s School of Advanced International Studies.

Baltimore Sun (AP)
July 19, 2009
First evidence presented linking kids' lower IQ scores to air pollution exposure before
Johns Hopkins angle: This Associated Press story -- which also appeared in numerous
newspapers and online publications -- quotes Patrick Breysse, an environmental health specialist at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

July 15, 2009
Million-Dollar Ears
Johns Hopkins angle: Article quotes Charles C. Della Santina, director of the Vestibular
Neuroengineering Laboratory at the School of Medicine.

New York Times
July 18, 2009
Letters to the Editor
Johns Hopkins angle: Kay Redfield Jamison of the School of Medicine penned a letter to the

Bloomberg News
July 20, 2009
Elan, Wyeth’s Alzheimer’s Angst Builds as Rivals Fail
Johns Hopkins angle: Paul Rosenberg, assistant professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins
University School of Medicine, was quoted in this article.

Bloomberg News
July 20, 2009
Morgan Stanley Gains as Fed Adviser on AIG Sales
Johns Hopkins angle: Phillip Phan of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School commented in
this article.

Baltimore Sun

July 20, 2009
Colleges, universities feel the pain
Johns Hopkins angle: This article quotes W. Schroeder, senior associate vice president for
development and alumni relations at JHU.

Baltimore Sun

July 19, 2009
I probably won't be your family doctor
Johns Hopkins angle: This commentary was authored by Pooja Aggarwal, a fourth-year medical
student at the School of Medicine.

Washington Post
July 20, 2009
At N.Y. Fed, Blending In Is Part of the Job
Johns Hopkins angle: The story notes that many of the young “trader analysts” at the
Federal Reserve Bank of New York hold master's degrees in international affairs or public policy from schools such as Johns Hopkins.

Maryland Daily Record
July 20, 2009
Informatics degree program
Johns Hopkins angle: The School of Medicine will begin offering in September a new,
intensive, one-year master’s degree program designed to prepare graduates for informatics leadership positions in clinical, public health and scientific settings.

News24 South Africa
July 20, 2009
Circumcision is no help to women
Johns Hopkins angle: According to Maria Wawer and team at the School of Public Health,
circumcision may help protect men from the Aids virus, but it does not protect the wives and female partners of infected men.

Yahoo! Finance
July 18, 2009
Why primary care doctors are shrinking in the US
Johns Hopkins angle: Jonathan Weiner of the School of Public Health is quoted in this
article exploring why there are fewer primary care physicians in the United States.

Southeastern European Times
July 20, 2009
Gregorian: bad rhetoric is preventing OHR closure
Johns Hopkins angle: Q & A with Principal Deputy High Representative to Bosnia and
Herzegovina Raffi Gregorian, who earned a degree at the School of Advanced International Studies.

Sydney Morning Herald
July 18, 2009
Stimulating read explores the great political divide
Johns Hopkins angle: According to this story, Australian economist Max Corden previously held a "senior
position" at JHU.

Montana Standard
July 19, 2009
Kids' brains go south in summer Time
Johns Hopkins angle: Article quotes Brenda McLaughlin, director for research and
evaluation at Johns Hopkins University's National Center for Summer Learning.

Advertiser-News (NJ)
July 20, 2009
Kids should still have structure during summer break from school
Johns Hopkins angle: Story mentions research conducted by the National Center for Summer
Learning, based at the Johns Hopkins School of Education.

Baltimore Sun
July 20, 2009
Think you have food allergies? Think again
Johns Hopkins angle: Piece quotes Robert Wood, a pediatric allergist at the School of

Baltimore Sun
July 19, 2009
Robert Chew gives youth a master class in theater
Johns Hopkins angle: This article about "The Wire" actor Robert Chew and his work teaching at a local
youth summer theater program stated that Chew briefly studied singing at Peabody Conservatory's preparatory division.

Albany Times-Union
July 19, 2009
'Front lines' for learning 
Johns Hopkins angle: Brenda McLaughlin, director of research at the National Center for
Summer Learning at Johns Hopkins University, is quoted.

San Diego Union-Tribune

July 18, 2009
Business Briefs: Salk Institute establishes Jacobs presidential chair
Johns Hopkins angle: Salk President William R. Brody, who joined the institute in March
after 12 years as president of Johns Hopkins University, will be the first holder of the Irwin M. Jacobs presidential chair at the Salk Institute.

Honolulu Star Bulletin
July 20, 2009
2 new regents approved for UH
Johns Hopkins angle: John Holzman, who earned a master's degree from the Johns Hopkins
School of Advanced International Studies, was elected to the UH Board of Regents.

Baltimore Sun

July 20, 2009
2 admit defrauding disabled man
Johns Hopkins angle: Two people have pleaded guilty to stealing more than $150,000 from a
Johns Hopkins University groundskeeper. Manager Mark Selivan was quoted.

Annapolis Capital
July 18, 2009
Our Bay
Johns Hopkins angle: Story was written by Kurt Riegel of the Whiting School of

North Adams Transcript (Mass.)
July 18, 2009
City’s summer program cracks top 10 in nation
Johns Hopkins angle: The North Adams public schools’ summer program has been ranked among
the 10 best in the country by the prestigious National Center for Summer Learning at the Johns Hopkins University.

Baltimore Sun
July 19, 2009
Hall of Famer Tierney heads to Denver with big plans
Johns Hopkins angle: This Associated Press story notes that Bill Tierney, Hall of Fame
lacrosse coach and former Johns Hopkins assistant, is preparing to move out West to unite with his son Trevor and lead the University of Denver to a spot among lacrosse's elite.

Malvern News
July 19, 2009
Malvern Prep wrestler headed to Johns Hopkins
Johns Hopkins angle: Malvern Prep wrestler Andrew Giannascoli will wrestle for Johns
Hopkins University.


Chronicle of Higher Education
July 24, 2009
In an Uncertain Summer, Colleges Try to Control Enrollment 'Melt'
In the summer, what's true of Popsicles is also true of freshman classes: A little melt is
fine, but too much can cause a real mess. Each year, admissions officers know that a small percentage of admitted applicants who sent deposits will not show up.

Chronicle of Higher Education
July 24, 2009
When Computers Leave Classrooms, So Does Boredom
College leaders usually brag about their tech-filled "smart" classrooms, but a dean at
Southern Methodist University is proudly removing computers from lecture halls. José A. Bowen, dean of the Meadows School of the Arts, has challenged his colleagues to "teach naked" — by which he means, sans machines.

Bloomberg News
July 20, 2009
Enrollment to Drop at a Third of Private Colleges, Survey Says
Fourteen percent of schools surveyed from May 18 to June 19 predicted new undergraduate
student enrollment would fall more than 5 percent, the National Association of Independent Colleges & Universities said today in a statement. Forty-four percent of the schools said tuition deposits for the semester that starts in September declined from a year ago.

Chronicle of Higher Education

July 20, 2009
Small Colleges Expect Slight Enrollment Bump This Fall
Despite the continuing economic slump, enrollment at private, nonprofit colleges is
expected to increase slightly this fall compared with last year, according to a report by the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.  The unpredictable economy is making this admissions season a guessing game.  For one thing, more students than in previous years are angling for larger financial-aid packages.  More than 80 percent of the colleges in the survey reported increases in student-aid applications.

Inside Higher Ed
July 20, 2009
Dodging the Bullet
The increases in enrollment numbers varied across respondents, but about 74 percent
reported that they were not projecting an enrollment decline -- and some saw increases of more than 5 percent.  NAICU received surveys from nearly 300 institutions, and the news -- while better than expected -- wasn't uniformly sunny.  Of those who responded, about 40 percent said they'd lost some students in the 2008-9 academic year or for the fall 2009 term because of the recession.

Washington Post
July 20, 2009
Lifelines in the Student Loan Sea
This summer brings a measure of relief for those carrying student loan debt. Starting July
1, student borrowers can cap their monthly payments at a modest sum determined by income and family size. A second initiative, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, will erase student debt entirely after 10 years for graduates who work for government or various nonprofit organizations.

New York Times
July 19, 2009
Before College, Costly Advice Just on Getting In
The parents of some students are willing to pay $40,000 or so to try to ensure admission
to select colleges. A growing field of independent admissions counselors is willing to accept it. In the last three years, the number of independent admissions advisers (as opposed to school-based counselors) is estimated to have grown to nearly 5,000, from about 2,000, according to the Independent Educational Consultants Association, a membership group trying to promote basic standards of competency and ethics.

Wall Street Journal – The Wallet blog
July 17, 2009
Starting Salaries Dip for the Class of ‘09
The good news for the class of 2009: Starting salaries are barely down from last year. The
bad news: Only 20% of graduating seniors have actually found a job.

USA Today
July 16, 2009
Congratulations on graduating. Now go get health insurance
For many college students, mortarboards aren't the only things up in the air on graduation
The National Association of Colleges and Employers reports that an estimated 1 million
alumni dropped from their parents' health insurance coverage upon graduating this year.

Baltimore Sun
July 18, 2009
Five students at MICA diagnosed with probable swine flu
Five students in a Maryland Institute College of Art summer program have been diagnosed
with probable H1NI influenza infections, commonly known as swine flu, a college spokeswoman said Friday.

Baltimore Sun
July 19, 2009
Help for families struggling with tuition
Maryland colleges are starting to send out fall tuition bills, and signs indicate that
more families will struggle to pay. Applications for federal student aid are up. More families are appealing aid packages to get additional assistance. And more parents are being rejected for federal loans.

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 20, 2009
Scholarship program aims to stem N.J. nursing shortage
This fall, 46 nursing master's and doctoral students will receive free tuition through the
New Jersey Nursing Initiative, a new $22 million program aimed at averting a critical nursing shortage in the state. The program is privately funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Princeton, N.J.

Johns Hopkins University