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National Public Radio “Morning Edition”
December 11, 2009
An Insiders View To The Nobel Medal Ceremony
Johns Hopkins angle: NPR is behind the scenes as Johns Hopkins’ Carol Greider prepares to pick up her Nobel
Prize gold medal from the king of Sweden.

Baltimore Sun
December 11, 2009
Hopkins' Greider accepts medicine Nobel
Johns Hopkins angle: Carol Greider of the School of Medicine accepted yesterday in Stockholm the Nobel
Prize in physiology or medicine, which she shared with Elizabeth Blackburn.

The Guardian (U.K.)
December 11, 2009
The other Nobel prize winners
Johns Hopkins angle: This news blog mentions Carol Greider of the School of Medicine as one of this year’s
Nobel Prize recipients in medicine.

New York Times Blogs
December 10, 2009
Room for Debate Blog: Medicare for 50-Somethings?
Johns Hopkins angle: Gerard Anderson of the Bloomberg School of Public Health discusses a proposal that
would allow people older than 55 to buy into Medicare at subsidized rates if they cannot find coverage

The Globe & Mail (Canada)
December 11, 2009
How to break the climate impasse
Johns Hopkins angle: This commentary was co-authored by William Zartman of JHU's School of Advanced
International Studies.

Minnesota Public Radio
December 10, 2009
Racial disparities a concern as Congress debates health care reform
Johns Hopkins angle: This story mentions that researchers at Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland
found that from 2003 to 2006, higher rates of disease among African-Americans and other people of color
cost the nation more than $230 billion in medical costs.

U.S. News & World Report
December 10, 2009
How to Get the Right Diagnosis: Why Doctors Goof
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature quotes John Flynn, clinical director of internal medicine at Johns
Hopkins Hospital.

American Medical News
December 11, 2009
Needlestick injuries in med school common -- and often unreported
Johns Hopkins angle: Medical students commonly stick themselves with needles and do not report it, placing
them at increased risk for contracting bloodborne pathogens, according to a study led by Martin Makary of
the School of Medicine.
December 10, 2009
Nigeria: Family Planning - Experts Proffer Solutions to Reduce Maternal Deaths
Johns Hopkins angle: The Bloomberg School of Public Health was involved in organizing the International
Conference on Family Planning.

Maryland Business Gazette
December 11, 2009
Talking With Steve Monroe: At home in the hot seat
Johns Hopkins angle: This story mentions that the Maryland Biotechnology Center is working in partnership
with Johns Hopkins.
December 11, 2009
Daily News: Experts Recommend Doubling Heart Testing for Athletes
Johns Hopkins angle: To best identify symptomless, life-threatening cardiac abnormalities in young athletes
early, two popular diagnostic tests should be used, according to new research from Johns Hopkins.

Baltimore Sun
December 11, 2009
GBMC head stepping down for Pa. hospital position
Johns Hopkins angle: This article states that during his tenure at GBMC, Laurence M. Merlis created an
affiliation between the Towson health system and Johns Hopkins Medicine in such clinical areas as
cardiology and pediatric surgery.

Gazette (MD)
December 11, 2009
Montgomery calls for biotech tax credit
Johns Hopkins angle: Elaine Amir of JHU's Montgomery County campus is quoted in this story.

The Washington Post
December 11, 2009
Danaher names Zerhouni to board of directors
Johns Hopkins angle: This brief states that Elias Zerhouni, senior adviser at JHU's School of Medicine,
has been named to the board of the medical and equipment maker Danaher Corp. Zerhouni served as director of
the National Institutes of Health from 2002 to 2008.

Baltimore Sun (AP)
December 10, 2009
Medical equipment maker Danaher names former NIH director Elias Zerhouni to board of directors
Johns Hopkins angle: This Associated Press piece reports that medical and industrial equipment maker
Danaher Corp. said Thursday it has appointed Elias Zerhouni -- currently a senior adviser to the School
of Medicine -- to its board of directors.

Southern Maryland Online
December 11, 2009
Bundles of bears and books
Johns Hopkins angle: Two students at Little Flower School have collected toys and books that will be
distributed at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

Network World
December 11, 2009
NASA helicopter crash tests flying airbag
Johns Hopkins angle: This feature about a NASA airbag protection system for helicopters states that it was
tested with a crash test dummy model supplied by JHU’s Applied Physics Laboratory. The dummy was equipped
with simulated internal organs.

Reuters AlertNet
December 11, 2009
PRESS DIGEST - South Korean newspapers
Johns Hopkins angle: This report states that the city of Incheon, Seoul National University Hospital and
Johns Hopkins Medicine International signed a memorandum of understanding on Thursday to start construction
on an international hospital in Incheon's Songdo business district.

Huffington Post
December 10, 2009
Afghanistan Ambassador Speaks Out On U.S. Troop Surge
Johns Hopkins angle: This column is written by Robert Guttman, director of the Center on Politics and
Foreign Relations at JHU’s School of Advanced International Studies.

Baltimore Sun
December 11, 2009
Harford writer's book was 'Princess' inspiration
Johns Hopkins angle: Novelist E.D. Baker earned a master's degree from Johns Hopkins.

Carroll County Times (Maryland)
December 11, 2009
College Notebook: Issermoyer solid on Campbell's offensive line
Johns Hopkins angle: This sports column mentions that freshman Scott Cremens of Westminster was a member of
the Johns Hopkins football team that made an impressive run in this year’s NCAA Division III tournament.

Our Sports Central
December 11, 2009
Outlaws Add 12 In MLL Supplemental Draft
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reports that the Denver Outlaws lacrosse team drafted longstick
midfielder/defenseman Brendan Skakandi, who was a three-year starter at Johns Hopkins and co-captain of
their 2007 NCAA Championship Squad.


Stars & Stripes
December 11, 2009
Budget bill includes $6 million for vet centers at colleges
The Department of Education will receive $6 million next year to help fund "Centers of Excellence for
Veterans Success" at campuses across the country.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
December 11, 2009
Mayor gives universities deadline on tuition tax
The mayor of Pittsburgh has asked the city's universities for a $5 million-per-year promise in return for
the shelving of the proposed 1 percent tuition levy that he calls the Fair Share Tax.

Inside Higher Ed
December 11, 2009
Unity on 'Incentive Compensation
Nonprofit and for-profit colleges oppose a plan to eliminate regulatory clarifications to Congress's 1992
ban on "incentive compensation" for admissions and financial aid officers.

New York Times
December 11, 2009
Illegal Immigrant Students Publicly Take Up a Cause
With many illegal immigrants lying low to avoid a continuing crackdown, immigrant students have become the
most visible supporters of a legislative overhaul.

New York Times
December 11, 2009
26 Students Arrested in Protest Over Tuition Increases
Some students barricaded themselves inside a building at San Francisco State University to protest budget
cuts and tuition increases across the state’s public university system.

Chronicle of Higher Education
December 6, 2009
Longtime Advocate for Women in Medicine Leads Diversity Effort
Weill Cornell Medical College's first chief diversity officer is a molecular pathologist with experience as
a mentor for women in science.

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