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Washington Post
December 1, 2009
109 years old, and she's still living it up
Johns Hopkins angle: Samuel C. Durso, interim director of the Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology at Johns Hopkins, is quoted.

Wall Street Journal
December 1, 2009
Health Journal: Bright Ideas for Treating the Winter Blues
Johns Hopkins angle: This article about Seasonal Affective Disorder and its treatment approaches quotes Michael Gloth of the
School of Medicine. 

December 1, 2009
Medical Students Don't Report Needle-Sticks
Johns Hopkins angle: Martin A. Makary of the School of Medicine headed up a study that concluded that medical students are commonly stuck by needles, putting them at risk of contracting dangerous blood-borne diseases, but many of them fail to report the injuries to hospital authorities.

November 30, 2009
Med Students Often Fail to Report Needlestick Injuries
Johns Hopkins angle: This report quotes the study’s lead researcher, Martin A. Makary, an associate professor of surgery at the School of Medicine.

Christian Science Monitor
November 30, 2009
ECONOMIC SCENE: No quick recovery for charitable giving
Johns Hopkins angle: Megan Haddock, international project coordinator at the Center for Civil Society Studies, is quoted in this story.

New Kerala (India)
December 1, 2009
Educational home visits may improve asthma symptoms in kids
Johns Hopkins angle: This article includes comments from the study’s senior investigator, Kristin Riekert, a pediatric psychologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, assistant professor in the School of Medicine and co-director of the Johns Hopkins Adherence Research Center.

Asia Times Online
December 1, 2009
Fair wind blows for China's Longyuan Power
Johns Hopkins angle: Ryan Rutkowski is a masters student studying international economics at the Johns Hopkins-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies. 

Baltimore Sun
December 1, 2009
Achievement program looks to keep kids from getting lost in middle school
Johns Hopkins angle: According to this article, mentors in Baltimore include a post-doctorate Johns Hopkins University student.

United Press International
November 30, 2009
Burnout, depression link to medical errors
Johns Hopkins angle: This article reports on medical errors related to both burnout and depression among U.S. surgeons, as
described in a study by researchers at the Mayo Clinic and JHU.

Information Security Network
December 1, 2009
Monetary Machinations
Johns Hopkins angle: Pieter Bottelier, a senior adjunct professor of China studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced
International Studies, is quoted.

Baltimore Sun
December 1, 2009
UM system considers toughening math requirements
Johns Hopkins angle: KSAS mathematician Steve Wilson is quoted.

December 1, 2009
Smart Phones Aid Diagnosis
Johns Hopkins angle: Elliott Fishman and Asim Choudhri, both of the School of Medicine, are quoted in this story about a new
application for smartphones that can assist physicians in diagnosing acute appendicitis long distance.

The Scientist
December 1, 2009
Subsidized science
Johns Hopkins angle: This piece quotes David Sidransky of the School of Medicine.

Baltimore Sun
December 1, 2009
Why was 'Ace of Cakes' never on Baltimore TV?
Johns Hopkins angle: This Dan Rodricks column discussing television notes that Johns Hopkins "system alone could provide excellent
content for years."

Louisville Courier-Journal
November 30, 2009
Trita Parsi wins World Order Grawemeyer for Mideast insights
Johns Hopkins angle: Parsi is an adjunct professor at SAIS.

Baltimore Sun
December 1, 2009
UM Medical Center, Hopkins reduce other hospitals' costs
Johns Hopkins angle: This letter to the editor was written in response to a previous article headlined "Pricey hospitals wary of reforms," and including Johns Hopkins.

Nature News
November 30, 2009
US bioethics commission promises policy action
Johns Hopkins angle: Ruth Faden, executive director of the Berman Institute of Bioethics at the Johns Hopkins University, is quoted.

Kansas City Infozine
December 1, 2009
Educational Home Visits Can Improve Asthma in Children
Johns Hopkins angle: A few home visits by a health care specialist to educate children with asthma about basic strategies for earlier symptom recognition and improving medication use can lead to fewer flare-ups and less frequent trips to the ER, according to research led by Kristin Riekert from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

All Headline News
December 1, 2009
More than 1,000 Hospitalized Annually With Aviation-Related Injuries
Johns Hopkins angle: This AHN story reports on a new study, out of the School of Public Health and led by Susan Baker, that revealed that about 1,000 people are hospitalized with aviation-related injuries in the United States each year and about 750 are killed. Of those, about a third are injured in private aircraft and another 29 percent are hurt or killed while parachuting.

Claims Journal (Reuters)
December 1, 2009
Aviation Injuries Take 750 Lives a Year in U.S.
Johns Hopkins angle: This Reuters story reports on a new study, out of the School of Public Health and led by Susan Baker, that revealed that about 1,000 people are hospitalized with aviation-related injuries in the United States each year and about 750 are killed. Of those, about a third are injured in private aircraft and another 29 percent are hurt or killed while parachuting.
December 1, 2009
South Africa: HIV Home Test Kit to Be Piloted
Johns Hopkins angle: This story on the launch of a home test kit for HIV mentioned that Johns Hopkins University recently piloted a home test with 400 people in a hospital emergency room in the US and found that most people found the test easy to use and acceptable.
November 30, 2009
Jazz Vocalist Showcase with Jay Clayton at Crossroads Lounge in Baltimore
Johns Hopkins angle: This preview of an upcoming showcase to be presented by vocalist Jay Clayton mentions that the event will feature rising Baltimore jazz vocalists who currently study with Clayton at the Peabody Institute.

Saudi Gazette
December 1, 2009
Political storm brews for Pakistan’s Zardari
Johns Hopkins angle: This opinion piece quotes Hasan Askari of SAIS.

NewsAz (Azerbaijan)
December 1, 2009
South Caucasus discussed at Wilton Park Conference in London
Johns Hopkins angle: This story mentions Svante Cornell of SAIS.

Bangor Daily News
December 1, 2009
Ex-Bangor dentist now a national spokesman
Johns Hopkins angle: Jonathan Shenkin earned a master’s degree in public health at Johns Hopkins University.

Red Bluff Daily News (California)
December 1, 2009
Top students from Western Region recognized
Johns Hopkins angle: This article states that Red Bluff resident Grant Cottier, a sixth grade student at Berrendos Middle School, attended the 2009 Johns Hopkins University Center For Talented Youth Fall Awards Ceremony.

Reading Eagle
December 1, 2009
Kase, Eagleson big reasons for Hopkins' playoff run
Johns Hopkins angle: This story reports that Johns Hopkins, with Berks products Andrew Kase and Sam Eagleson playing prominent roles, also has advanced to the quarterfinals with two victories. (Bergen County Record)
December 1, 2009
Local college notes: Anthony Fossati gets his due
Johns Hopkins angle: This sports column mentions that three receivers from Bergen County – Tucker Michels, Dan Crowley and D.J. Hartigan – played prominent roles as JHU’s football team pulled off its second consecutive road upset in the NCAA Division III playoffs.


NPR - Morning Edition
December 1, 2009
High Court Hears Student Loan Bankruptcy Case
The question before the Supreme Court is what the obligations of the lender and the borrower are when a student can't pay.

Boston Globe
December 1, 2009
He’s redefining acceptance at Harvard
William Fitzsimmons has spent his nearly four-decade career in Harvard admissions helping transform a bastion of privilege into one more accessible to students from backgrounds like his.

New York Times
December 1, 2009
In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap
Race remains a major obstacle for African-American job seekers, even those with degrees from respected colleges.

Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, Miss.)
December 1, 2009
Plan to merge black colleges meets with ire
A proposal to merge Mississippi's three public historically black universities is sparking debate over its racial undertones and raising questions over the state's funding of those colleges.

Inside Higher Ed
December 1, 2009
Aggressive Tack on Incentive Comp
The U.S. Education Department recommended eliminating 12 exceptions to a 1992 law that barred colleges from paying admissions officers based on their success in enrolling students.

Baltimore Sun
December 1, 2009
McDaniel to educate aspiring teachers from India
A new McDaniel College partnership aims to give aspiring teachers in India a chance to earn a master's in education, as well as their teaching certification, on the Westminster campus.

Wall Street Journal – Real Time Economics blog
December 1, 2009
College Graduates Facing Mounting Debt, Rising Unemployment
College graduates face record high levels of debt and unemployment, according to a report released this morning from the Project on Student Debt.

Wall Street Journal
December 1, 2009
Pittsburgh Pushes Tax on College Students
Pittsburgh is proposing what appears to be a one-of-a-kind 1 percent tuition tax on local university and college students, who claim the tax is illegal and unfair.

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