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Wall Street Journal
August 28, 2009
Data Deluge Swamps Science Historians
Johns Hopkins angle: Sayeed Choudhoury, digital curator at Johns
Hopkins University, is quoted in this article.

Baltimore Sun
August 28, 2009
High health care costs hurting small businesses
Johns Hopkins angle: Bradley Herring of the Bloomberg School of Public
Health commented in this story. 

Baltimore Sun
August 28, 2009
Drug competition in peril
Johns Hopkins angle: This opinion piece was written by Jane Andrews, a
medical student and public health student at the Johns Hopkins

New York Times
August 28, 2009
Letters to the Editor
Johns Hopkins angle: This letter was authored by Leonard S.
Rubenstein, a visiting scholar at the Center for Public Health and
Human Rights at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
August 28, 2009
Is Your Medicine Making You Fat?
Johns Hopkins angle: Lawrence Cheskin, an associate professor at the
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and director of the
Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center, offers information on how
various medications can cause changes in a patient's weight.

New Zimbabwe
August 28, 2009
Should Zim dollar be brought back?
Johns Hopkins angle: WSE economist Steve Hanke's research was

United Press International
August 27, 2009
Lego blocks used to study nanoscale arrays
Johns Hopkins angle: This news brief refers to the use of LEGOs in
research being led by Whiting School assistant professors Joelle
Frechette and German Drazer, who are affiliated with the university's
Institute for NanoBio Technology. 

Physics About News and Science
August 28, 2009
LEGOs Meet Big Science
Johns Hopkins angle: Blog focused on research out of the Johns Hopkins
Institute for NanoBioTechnology.

Salt Lake Tribune
August 28, 2009
Horiuchi: Alcohol ads on cable TV targeting young kids
Johns Hopkins angle: Story mentions a new study from the Johns Hopkins
Bloomberg School of Public Health, which states alcohol advertising on
cable television is targeting a disproportionate number of teens. (Reuters)
August 28, 2009
Riding with smoker may be hazardous to your health
Johns Hopkins angle: Riding shotgun with a smoker is just as bad as
hanging out in a smoky bar when it comes to being exposed to
second-hand smoke, according to a new study led by Ana Navas-Acien of
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 

Newstrack India
August 28, 2009
One of astronomy's long held myths about star formation debunked
Johns Hopkins angle: A team led by KSAS astrophysicist Gerhardt Meurer
has debunked one of astronomy's long held beliefs about how stars are
formed, according to this ANI story.

Kittery Times & Transcript (Maine)
August 28, 2009
Study looks at nicotine levels in vehicles
Johns Hopkins angle: Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School
of Public Health tested air nicotine concentrations in smokers' vehicles and found they were
twice as strong as levels measured by other studies in public and-or private places and
up to 50 per cent higher than measurements taken in restaurants and bars that permit smoking.
Patrick Breysse led the study team.

Inside Higher Ed
August 28, 2009
New Presidents or Provosts: Black Hawk College, Johns Hopkins U., South Arkansas CC, Spartanburg CC, Towson U.
Johns Hopkins angle: Lloyd B. Minor, professor and director of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head
and Neck Surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, has been appointed
provost and senior vice president of academic affairs at JHU.

Modern Mom
August 28, 2009
How Sleep, Sun, Air, and Stress Play a Role in Your Health
Johns Hopkins angle: Andrea Gielen of Johns Hopkins University's
Bloomberg School of Public Health, is quoted.

Philadelphia Bulletin
August 28, 2009
Drugs That Do More Harm Than Good
Johns Hopkins angle: According to this story examining whether some
medications are worth the cost, Thomas Finucane, a Johns Hopkins
Medical School professor who has treated many Alzheimer’s patients,
five years ago pointed out the limited value of the drugs: “You can
name 1120 fruits in a minute instead of 10. Is that worth 120 bucks a

Middle East Online
August 28, 2009
Washington Post Again Plays Torture Apologist
Johns Hopkins angle: This commentary was written by Melvin Goodman, an
adjunct professor in KSAS.

Ceylon Daily News
August 28, 2009
The last Kennedy icon
Johns Hopkins angle: This column mentions that Kennedy made a historic
speech at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in
2002, saying that Iraq did not pose the type of threat that justified
immediate war.

Dallas Morning News
August 27, 2009
Classical music: Pianist Adam Golka brings his passion for Beethoven to Bass Hall this weekend
Johns Hopkins angle: Story about Peabody student Adam Golka, who is
studying with piano legend Leon Fleisher.

Health-e (South Africa)
August 28, 2009
Looking for brothers for life
Johns Hopkins angle: The feature quotes Mandla Ndlovu, from Johns
Hopkins Health and Education SA.

Maryland Daily Record
August 28, 2009
A new high-tech tool to help kids learn
Johns Hopkins angle: Maryland Public Television and the Johns Hopkins
Center for Technology in Education arethe local partners for
Thinkfinity, an online education portal designed for parents,
educators and students. 

Maryland Daily Record
August 28, 2009
The Week in Review - Business Edition
Johns Hopkins angle: This brief states that Lloyd B. Minor, a JHU
faculty member for the last 16 years, has been appointed provost and
senior vice president of academic affairs. 

ABC2 News (Baltimore)
August 27, 2009
Back to School Anxiety
Johns Hopkins angle: Golda Ginsburg from Johns Hopkins Children's
Center offers advice to help parents assist their children in
overcoming back to school anxiety. 

The Capital ( Annapolis)
August 27, 2009
Questions linger over O'Malley budget cuts
Johns Hopkins angle: This article refers to a state Board of Public
Works budget plan that cut $7.5 million from cancer-research funding
to the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University.
August 28, 2009
A musician at Bethel Church starts an arts academy for all ages
Johns Hopkins angle: Feature story about Peabody Conservatory alumnus
Stan Wilkerson, who is opening the Bethel Academy of the Arts, which
aims to train people in music in a Christian atmosphere. 

Killeen Daily Herald (Texas)
August 28, 2009
Hillman Visiting Artist Series kicks off with the Maia String Quartet
Johns Hopkins angle: According to this story, the Maia Quartet was
formed at the Cleveland Institute of Music and subsequently received a
fellowship to attend the Peabody Conservatory and work with Earl

Baltimore Sun
August 28, 2009
Mary Valliant Thomas
Johns Hopkins angle: Thomas worked in the admissions department at the
Johns Hopkins University in the 1960s. 


Associated Press
August 28, 2009
SPIN METER: College aid bill may fall short
President Barack Obama says a bill in Congress would help him send
millions more Americans to college. But the measure may fall short of
Obama's goal. 

Chronicle of Higher Education
August 27, 2009
Penn Offers Cultural Passports and a Twist on the Usual Summer-Reading Assignment
Unlike many of their college-bound peers, freshmen at the University
of Pennsylvania weren't required to pick up a book for their
first-year reading project this summer. Instead, in the Penn Reading
Project's 19th year, incoming students were told they would study
Thomas Eakins's painting "The Gross Clinic," along with video and
audio lectures and supporting text, on the Internet.
August 27, 2009
More college grads bank future on private student loans
As the cost of higher education is skyrocketing, so is the debt
carried by young Americans. An increasing number of college students
are turning to private loans -- one of the riskiest ways to pay for
schooling, according to an education organization that compared them
to credit-card debt.

Chronicle of Higher Education
August 28, 2009
Private Colleges Are Breathing Easier This Fall, Says President of Council
With the arrival of that new academic year, we caught up on Thursday
with Richard H. Ekman, president of the Council of Independent
Colleges, to ask him about how his members were doing now and the
challenges they might still face. Here are excerpts from that

Pittsburgh Tribune Review
August 26, 2009
Carnegie Mellon University responds quickly to reports of swine flu
At least 26 students at the Oakland university have flulike illnesses
consistent with the symptoms of H1N1, or swine flu, an influenza
strain that emerged in spring and swept the globe, said Anita Barkin,
director of Student Health Services. She sent an e-mail Monday
evening to Carnegie Mellon students and employees informing them of
the sick students. The e-mail made its rounds to other Western
Pennsylvania universities that are opening this week and next. 

New York Times – The Choice Blog
August 27, 2009
Raising Questions About Why College Is So Costly
An opinion article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution earlier this
week raises interesting questions about why going to college is so
expensive, and points an accusing finger at professors and their
research work.

Baltimore Sun
August 28, 2009
Howard college to sell off 18th-century Belmont estate
After five years of contention, Howard Community College is putting
Belmont, its secluded 18th-century estate in Elkridge, up for sale. 

Washington Post
August 28, 2009
Faculty Votes 'No Confidence' in President
Montgomery College faculty members Thursday evening approved a
no-confidence resolution on President Brian K. Johnson, amid mounting
concern that he has steered Maryland's largest community college off
course during his two-year tenure. 

Wall Street Journal
August 28, 2009
Opportunity at a Bargain Price – Opinion Piece
Two-year schools give people a serious chance at a better life. 

Inside Higher Ed
August 28, 2009
A College's Surprising Reprieve
In concession, Southern accrediting group backs federal court's order
that continues Paul Quinn College's accreditation (and ability to
award federal financial aid) until legal challenge is adjudicated.

Inside Higher Ed
August 28, 2009
Anticipating Impact of New GI Bill
Report suggests veterans, who have flocked to community colleges,
part-time, might seek more expensive four-year universities and enroll
full-time because of new benefits.

Inside Higher Ed
August 28, 2009
Quick Takes: Another Tragedy for Virginia Tech
Two students at Virginia Tech were found shot and killed Thursday at a
campground near the campus that is popular with students, The Roanoke
Times reported. The killings -- being investigated as a double
homicide -- come at an institution where many are still recovering
from the murder of 32 students and faculty members by a student in

Johns Hopkins University