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About the JHU Animal Care and Use Program

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About the JHU Animal Care and Use Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Forms (for download)

  • Animal Care and Use New Protocol/Third Year Renewal Form
  • Changes in Procedures or Numbers Amendment Form
  • Change in Locations Amendment Form
  • Change in Principal Investigator Form
  • Change in Personnel Amendment Form
  • PI Departure Form
  • Satellite Housing Form
  • Animal Exposure Surveillance Program
  • Surgery and Anesthesia Form

Policies and Guidelines

  • Animal Surgical Suites
  • Guidelines for Addressing Noncompliance
  • Guidelines on Duplicate Review of Protocols
  • Guidelines for Euthanasia of Rodents Using Carbon Dioxide
  • Guidelines on Food or Fluid Restriction
  • Guidelines for Genotyping
  • Guidelines for Harvesting Frog Oocytes
  • Guidelines for Multiple Blood Draws
  • Guidelines on Restraining Animals
  • Guidelines for Rodent Survival Surgery
  • Guidelines for Toe Clipping
  • Guidelines for Transportation of Animals
  • Guidelines for Using the Ascites Method of Monoclonal Antibody Production
  • RAR Policy and Procedure for Handling Overcrowded Rodent Cages
  • Satellite Housing Policy
  • Significant Changes to Approved Animal Activities
  • Standards for Housing Rats and Mice in Laboratories
  • Storage of Controlled Drugs
  • Survival Surgery: Major, Minor and Multiple Major
  • Use of Ether in Animal Anesthesia
  • Use of Neuromuscular Blocking Agents
  • Use of Non-pharmaceutical Grade Medications

Training Program

Rodent Drug Formulary: Quick Reference Guide


Contact Information

Important Links

Animal Welfare Concerns

Emergency Information

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