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About the JHU Animal Care and Use Program

Verification of Grant and Animal Use Protocol Congruence

Public Health Service (PHS) policy, and other funding agencies and institutions, require that institutions verify congruence between those components of the grant applications related to animal care and use and approved Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocol(s). With adoption of "Just-In-Time" (JIT) by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), verification of IACUC approval by comparison of the grant with the protocol(s) occurs prior to award rather than prior to peer review. For other agencies and institutions verfication is done when requested.

For the NIH, JIT notifications are typically mailed to applicants approximately 15 days after the priority score is released. If you determine that your score is in a fundable range, we recommend that you compare the procedures proposed in the grant with applicable approved protocols. Submit any necessary new protocols or amendments to existing protocols to the IACUC as soon as possible to avoid possible delays in funding.  Once the notification is received, the ORA contact for your department will ask you to send the protocol numbers that apply to the grant along with the Research Strategy and Vertebrate Animal sections of the grant to the ORA office.  This information is then sent to the ACUC office where it is reviewed by the Training and Compliance staff who compares the procedures in the grant to those in the protocol.  If the procedures in the grant are signficantly different from those in the protocol(s), the PI will be contacted to submit an amendment.  Once the amendment is received and approved, the IACUC signs off on the grant for the ORA.  The ORA then sends the information to the NIH or other funding entity.

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