Second Commission on Undergraduate Education

Composition and Governance

CUE2 is co-chaired by the Deans of the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering and will be comprised of faculty, students, alumni, and staff. It will be overseen by a Steering Committee consisting of President Daniels, Provost Kumar, and the Co-Chairs. The commission is staffed by Janet Schreck, Assistant Vice Provost for Education.

Commission Members


Ed Schlesinger, Dean of Whiting School of Engineering

Beverly Wendland, Dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences


Michael Falk, Materials Science and Engineering

Bertrand Garcia-Moreno, Biophysics

Pablo Iglesias, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Stuart Leslie, History of Science

Renée Marlin-Bennett, Political Science

Andrew Miller, English

Gabriel Paquette, History and Provost’s Fellow for CUE2

Daniel Robinson, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Sridevi Sarma, Bio-Medical Engineering

Joel Schildbach, Biology

Pamela Sheff, Center for Leadership Education

Divisional Representatives

Eliot Cohen, SAIS

Darrell Gaskin, Bloomberg School of Public Health

Paul Mathews, Peabody

Staff Members

Ashley Costello, Senior Administrative Coordinator, Department of History of Art

Laura Graham, Administrator, Department of Computer Science

Michael Reese, Associate Dean of University Libraries and Director, Center for Educational Resources

Stephen Ruckman, Senior Adviser to the President

Janet Schreck, Assistant Vice Provost for Education

Fritz Schroeder, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Andrew Wilson, Dean of Academic and Student Services

Alumni Members

Matthew Daimler WSE ‘99

Natalie Givans WSE ‘89

Samuel Lichtenstein KSAS ‘11

Student Members

Rocio Bermudez KSAS

Gale McFarlane KSAS

Nathaniel McKeever WSE

Catharine Wain WSE