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2nd Biennial Science of Learning and 4th GSI Excellence in Teaching and Learning in the Sciences Symposia

The University will hold its 2nd Biennial Science of Learning and 4th Symposium on Excellence in Teaching and Learning in the Sciences on January 11th and 12th, 2016. This two-day event co-sponsored by the Science of Learning Institute and the Gateway Sciences Initiative will host distinguished scientists and educators that will highlight cutting edge research on human learning (including approaches from neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, computer science, engineering, and education) and pioneering pedagogical innovations. The first day will highlight cognitive learning research; the second day will examine the practical application of techniques, programs, tools, and strategies that promote gateway science learning. Over the course of the symposia, participants will explore recent findings about how humans learn and pair those findings with the latest thinking on effective and innovative teaching strategies.

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January 11th

Learn about cutting edge research in the science of learning and its applications.

Speakers include:
Ed Connor, Johns Hopkins University
Jason Eisner, 
Johns Hopkins University
Richard Huganir, Johns Hopkins University
Katherine Kinzler, University of Chicago
Bruce McCandliss, Stanford University
Elissa Newport, Georgetown University
Jonathan Plucker, University of Connecticut
Brenda Rapp, 
Johns Hopkins University
Alan Yuille, Johns Hopkins University

January 12th

Learn about educational innovations advancing STEM gateway instruction.

Speakers include:
David Asai, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Melanie Cooper, Michigan State University
Eileen Haase, 
Johns Hopkins University
Robert Leheny, Johns Hopkins University
Steven Luck, University of California, Davis
Tyrel McQueen, 
Johns Hopkins University
Sheri Sheppard, Stanford University

To view the webcast videos from the 2014 event:

  1. Visit the webcast program website to review available presentation sessions and speaker details.
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Information on and recordings of the keynote speakers from the 2013 Symposium on Excellence in Teaching and Learning in the Sciences and the 2012 Symposium  have been archived.