Faculty Forum on Teaching

As part of the Gateway Sciences Initiative, a Faculty Forum on Teaching facilitates informal faculty discussions about pedagogy, research on how students learn, instructional delivery strategies and techniques, case studies, and solutions to common instructional challenges. 

The first of these occurred during the January 20, 2012 Symposium on Teaching Excellence

The second took place on May 22, 2012, when Physics and Astronomy Professor David Neufeld gave a presentation on his initial findings regarding the impact of introducing active learning strategies into his lecture-based introductory physics course.  See http://www.cer.jhu.edu/talks/neufeld/

Check back for a calendar of Forum events planned for academic year 2012-13.  This page will also post Forum recordings with slides and discussion as they occur.  If you have a suggestion for a Forum topic or if you are interested in leading a Forum presentation, please send a message to Gateway.Sciences@jhu.edu; you will be contacted to explore your interest.