Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion

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Key Dates in the JHU Diversity Roadmap

The JHU Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion was drafted in early 2016 to capture the university’s priorities and ambitions, and to state in explicit and concrete terms its institutional commitments in this area. The document was revised with input from forums, meetings, emails, and conversations and approved by the university board of trustees in October 2016.
As stated in the executive summary:
The Roadmap articulates our institutional commitment to the equal dignity and worth of all persons. This commitment, expressed in several key institutional documents over time, including the university’s Ten by Twenty, requires us to seek broad diversity within our community and to cultivate an environment that allows each member of our community to feel valued, engaged, and empowered to succeed.
This Roadmap sets out a wide range of initiatives to achieve that goal. Our ultimate success depends not on any single project but on a sustained and systemic effort across our strategic priorities to achieve greater diversity of membership in the JHU community, improve opportunity for JHU community members of all backgrounds, enable robust engagement with diverse viewpoints, and foster a climate of respect.