Strategic Initiatives and Community Health Improvement partners with colleagues across Johns Hopkins University and Medicine to discover, analyze and present comprehensive information to strengthen Johns Hopkins' public position and reduce institutional risk.

Strategic Initiatives and Community Health Improvements sponsors activities such as CPR classes.

Strategic Initiatives and Community Health Improvements sponsors activities such as CPR classes.

Through their representation on the Community Health Improvement Strategy Council, Strategic Initiatives members represent all Johns Hopkins Hospital departments for community benefit and health improvement for the 250+ ongoing outreach programs to hospital and health system leadership, internal staff and external audiences. The team works closely and collaboratively with community health and community outreach teams at all JHHS hospitals to align priorities and messages system wide.

The Strategic Initiatives team produces collateral materials and reports for public relations and government compliance and influences positive community perception and change through strategic program development and communication strategies.  Reporting responsibilities in addition to the annual community benefit report include conducting the triennial Community Health Needs Assessment & Resulting Implementation Strategy for the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, the Economic Impact Reports (conducted every four years), the Community Engagement Inventory and various federal, state and local government compliance reports.

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Johns Hopkins Hospital and Bayview Community Benefit Program Highlights

Health Resource Programming at Mary Harvin Transformation Center and Southern Baptists Church

A central venue in East Baltimore designed to offer programs addressing the needs identified in the 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment by community residents. Program topics have included chronic disease management, healthy diet, depression and mental health, workforce development, flu shots, heart health, vision and hearing testing and exercise. Learn more about the Mary Harvin Transformation Center.

You Gotta Have Heart, Adrian Mosley

Training of community residents to perform "hands-only" method of CPR on a heart attack victim until emergency help arrives. Learn more about You Gotta Have a Heart.

Improving Access to Healthcare - Health Leads Family Resource Desks

Referrals to government and community resources related to basic and social needs of patients and their families, such as food, clothing, shelter, energy security, pest mitigation, and job training. Contact the Program Director for Health Leads Baltimore at 410.502.8450.

Community Chat

Community Chats - Educational Outreach Service of the Office of Community Health

Expert speakers from the faculty and staff of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions are available to address your organization on a variety of topics related to children's and adult health care. A brochure is available to help find the topic that best suits your group's needs and interests.  Group size should be a minimum of 15 people. Requests must be made at least six weeks in advance by calling 410.614.3661 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. or completing the form in the brochure and returning it to the Office of Community Health. Find out more about the topics available in the Community Chats 2019/20 edition.

Improving Access to Healthcare – The Access Partnership

Primary care visits and specialty referrals for uninsured and underinsured residents of the community surrounding Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Bayview. Contact the Program Director for Health Leads Baltimore at 410.502.8450.

Camp SuperKids

Participants in Camp SuperKids

A week-long residential summer camp for children with asthma, ages 7 ½ to 12.  Children learn how to manage their asthma while enjoying a full range of traditional camp activities, such as swimming, archery, arts & crafts, team-building skills and more.  Sponsorships available for children who qualify residing in the East Baltimore CBSA to attend at no charge. Contact us for more info!

For more information and about community benefits at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Bayview view the 2017 Community Benefit Report and the 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment on our Publications and Reports page.