Government and Community Affairs (GCA) works with Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, and students to encourage and promote community engagement, and provide guidance on engaging in political activity. 

GCA can help Hopkins affiliates identify community organizations to work with, find volunteer opportunities, provide assistance in testifying before government officials, and answer questions in engaging with elected officials. Do not hesitate to reach out to our office at 443.287.9900 or send an email to

Community Programming Across Johns Hopkins

  • All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida offers a wide variety of community programs and classes designed to improve the lives of children through education, injury prevention, advocacy, and research.
  • Bayview's Community Relations provides programming to the communities around the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, addressing health, housing, economic development, transportation, and safety issues.
  • East Baltimore Community Affairs supports the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore to form community partnerships to make a collaborative impact on the health of the community, and seek new and innovative ways to improve the quality of life for our neighbors.
  • Hopkins in the Community is a commitment to the truth that the  health and well being of Johns Hopkins University is inextricably tied to the physical, social, and economic well being of Baltimore.
  • Howard County General Hospital Community Health and Giving serves Howard County, Maryland through health education, screenings, and charity care.
  • Sibley Memorial Hospital Community Health in Washington, DC supports health education and outreach efforts, emphasizing the importance of and value of prevention and early detection of illness and disease.
  • Suburban Hospital Community Health in Bethesda, Maryland identifies local health priorities and generates solutions to address the growing challenges of chronic disease prevention and building safe and healthy communities.

How GCA Can Help: Johns Hopkins Campus

  • Want to find an organization to volunteer with or tell GCA about an organization your department supports? The Community Engagement Inventory is an account of student, staff, and faculty participation in programs or organizations across Baltimore.
  • Are you a Hopkins employee, student, or faculty member interested in volunteering at Johns Hopkins Hospital? Sign up through East Baltimore Community Affairs.
  • Learn more about programs GCA supports, such as P-Tech and HopkinsLocal through Recent Initiatives 
  • Visit our staff page to learn more about all the teams of GCA.

Community Service Opportunities

Below are resources for Johns Hopkins staff, faculty, and students interested in volunteering and community service.

Center for Social Concern

The Center for Social Concern is an office with the Homewood Student Affairs division of Johns Hopkins that is dedicated to volunteerism and community engagement that strives to creat a "better community" in and around the Johns Hopkins campus.

CommunityWorks! Volunteers for East Baltimore

Johns Hopkins volunteers are needed to assist with EBCA sponsored programs and events. Signing up is easy!

East Baltimore Community Affairs (EBCA)

EBCA represents the five institutions on the East Baltimore campus in forming partnerships with the community to make a collaborative impact on the health status of the community, and continuing to seek new and innovative strategies to improve the quality of life for our neighbors. For more than 100 years, JHMI students, faculty and staff have volunteered in community service programs in clinics, schools, jails, community centers, and neighborhoods to combat health challenges in the area.

Holiday Gift Giving - Sponsor a Child

A yearly Hopkins volunteer event that allows Johns Hopkins faculty and staff to donate gifts to families in the East Baltimore Community. Holiday Gift Giving page will be activated in November.

Student Outreach Resource Center (SOURCE)

SOURCE is the community engagement and service-learning center for the Bloomberg School of Public Health, the School of Nursing, and the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University.

Johns Hopkins Impact

GCA works with partners across Johns Hopkins University and Medicine to discover, analyze, and present comprehensive information on the impact of Johns Hopkins. 

Community Benefit Report

Nationwide, all nonprofit hospitals are required by the IRS to demonstrate the value they directly provide in community benefit activity. To view the Community Benefit Report for Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore visit Publications and Reports. For all other Johns Hopkins hospitals visit their community health page listed above under Community Programming Across Johns Hopkins.

Community Health Needs Assessment

The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is a report that assesses  the health issues in a hospital organization’s community and that community’s access to services related to those issues. To view the Community Health Needs Assessment for Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore visit the CHNA page under Publications and Reports. For all other Johns Hopkins hospitals visit their community health page listed above under Community Programming Across Johns Hopkins.

Economic Impact Report

The Economic Impact Report (EIR) examines the direct and indirect economic impact of Johns Hopkins in Maryland, Washington DC, and Florida. To view all of the reports visit the EIR page under Publications and Reports.

Johns Hopkins Initiatives

In addition to initiatives that GCA directly supports below are some of the initiatives of the broader Johns Hopkins community aimed at addressing some of the toughest challenges locally and globally.

Alliance for a Healthier World

The Alliance for a Healthier World is a Johns Hopkins University signature initiative to integrate university-wide expertise and diverse perspectives to unlock groundbreaking knowledge addressing unresolved global health challenges. It serves as an enterprising partnership and resource hub to stimulate and support innovation around healthy equity via multidisciplinary events, funding grants, mentorship and strategic communication that bring the Hopkins community together.

Johns Hopkins InHealth

At Johns Hopkins, experts across various disciplines have come together to achieve a new level of precision in health care. Combining the knowledge of specialists from one of the world’s pre-eminent academic medical centers, renowned public health scholars and some of the best systems engineers on planet - Johns Hopkins inHealth is continuing to explore and develop precision medicine approaches that will lead to quicker diagnoses, improved treatment and better outcomes.

Urban Health Institute

The Urban Health Institute (UHI) is a collaboration and a vital connection with East Baltimore. The UHI is the starting point for forging true university and community partnerships in health care, education and community planning, with all partners working to change the trajectory for the children, youth and families of East Baltimore.

21st Century Cities

The 21st Century Cities Initiative is committed to closing opportunity gaps in urban communities by working side-by-side with city partners, using the latest research across disciplines to inform public policy and practice nationwide.