In carrying out our mission Government and Community Affairs (GCA) uses the following priorities to help guide what we do every day.

GCA builds and strengthens Johns Hopkins' relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders, policymakers, business and community leaders, and neighborhood residents whose interest and support are vital to the mission of Johns Hopkins.

Johns Hopkins Mission

GCA supports the tripartite mission of education, research, and health care through our interactions at all levels of government and within our communities. By staying attuned to risks and opportunities arising from policymakers' proposals and actions, and by responding to issues in our local and global communities, we try to ensure positive outcomes for the institution and the people and communities it serves. We keep in mind the words of the University’s first president Daniel Coit Gilman that Johns Hopkins is about, “The encouragement of research…and the advancement of individual scholars, who by their excellence will advance the sciences they pursue, and the society where they dwell.” 

Commitment to our Communities

GCA supports Johns Hopkins initiatives to improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods surrounding our campuses. We identify opportunities for Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, and students to engage through volunteer activities and work with community groups, government offices and agencies, and private companies. Through initiatives like the Community Engagement Inventory and the Community Health Needs Assessment, GCA works with internal and external stakeholders to identify not only the needs of our communities, but to support community efforts to improve health and wellness, support education, and provide economic opportunities and jobs. GCA also works to help promote our communities by partnering with organizations and government officials. 

Evidence Informed Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy

Johns Hopkins University and Health System are subject to regulatory actions in many arenas and at all levels of government. GCA is an organizing force behind a cohesive strategy, assisting institutional advocacy message framing, development, and delivery while recognizing academic freedom and balancing divisional interests. GCA advocates for policy that  rests on solid data driven and scientific foundations. 

Support for Research and Innovation

Working with researchers, national organizations, government officials and private partners, GCA promotes a strong research environment and increased funding and investment on behalf of Johns Hopkins. Whether it is promoting the value of basic research, highlighting tech transfer, or improving clinical care, GCA helps support and promote Johns Hopkins' long tradition of groundbreaking innovations that have made it a world renowned institution. Whether it is advocating for robust research funding and investment, organizing visits by officials to see the ground breaking research happening everyday, or participating in potentially life changing programs, GCA works to ensure Johns Hopkins is seen and heard.


Office of Government and Community Affairs