Every day GCA works with partners across the Johns Hopkins Institutions and within our communities to help improve quality of life and push for economic growth.

Below are just some examples of the impact of Johns Hopkins and GCA, from capturing the volunteer opportunities our faculty, students, and staff are passionate about, to the work we do with partners across the region.

Photo of BLocal partners

BLocal Partners Reach Three Year Goal in Inaugural Year

The BLocal Initiative, a local business hiring and buying initiative, supported by some of Baltimore largest employers pledged in April 2016 to spend $69 million over three years on contract, goods, and services with local, minority-owned and women owned businesses. Members spent $86.1 million in committed construction and purchasing in their inaugural year.

Learn more about the BLocal Initiative.

Photo of community CPR class

Over 1400 East Baltimore Residents Participated in the 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment

As of December 2017, over 1,400 East Baltimore City residents have been surveyed and/or participated in focus groups for the 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for the Johns Hopkins Hospital/Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. The input will be used to prioritize strategies to address the identified needs within the community. Top needs include mental health and substance abuse.

View the most recent CHNA.

Image of Fast Forward East in Baltimore

$12.6 Billion Economic Impact in Maryland

Johns Hopkins is Maryland’s largest private employer, a major purchaser of goods and services, a sponsor of construction projects, and a magnet for students and visitors. In fiscal year 2019, it is estimated that Johns Hopkins and its affiliates directly and indirectly accounted for more than $12.6 billion in economic output in Maryland.

View the Economic Impact Report.

Photo from Days of Taste

Johns Hopkins Faculty, Staff and Students Participated in Over 300 Community Programs

The Community Engagement Inventory (CEI) is a working inventory of community engagement in Baltimore City, inclusive of student, staff, and faculty participation in programs or organizations.

Search the CEI Database or read the printed edition.


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