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Flu Update for Students, Faculty and Staff

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General Flu Information

2011 Johns Hopkins University flu vaccinations for faculty, staff, spouses and same-sex domestic partners
(September 2011)

[This information is for employees of The Johns Hopkins University who are NOT affiliated with the School of Medicine. Employees of the School of Medicine or of The Johns Hopkins Health
System should check
here for information on flu vaccinations. Students should check with the student health center serving their own schools or campuses.]

Dear Faculty and Staff Members:

The 2011 influenza vaccine will be administered free of charge to eligible employees of The Johns Hopkins University beginning late this month.

The vaccination sessions begin on Tuesday, Sept. 27, and continue at locations across the university over a two-week span through Tuesday, Oct. 11. A full schedule of vaccination sessions is available online. Go here

Again this year, you need only one flu shot. The vaccine for H1N1 (the pandemic strain of flu from two years ago) is included in the shot along with the vaccine for two other strains of flu expected to be in wide circulation this year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommend that everyone 6 months of age or older be vaccinated for flu every year. You should be vaccinated even if you received the vaccine last year. For details, see this CDC website.

The Johns Hopkins flu vaccination program for university faculty and staff is free. You are eligible to receive vaccine if you are a full-time university employee, or if you are the spouse or same-sex domestic partner of a full-time employee. Also eligible are part-time employees for whom the university is the primary employer and their spouses and same-sex domestic partners. Children are not eligible.

The employee must accompany his or her spouse or domestic partner at the time of vaccination.  Bring your university identification. Please remember to wear clothing that makes your upper arm accessible; the flu shot is given in the muscle of the upper arm near the shoulder. 

If you have questions, please contact Occupational Health Services at 410-955-6211 (the East Baltimore office) or 410-516-0450 (the Homewood office).  


Frances Humphrey-Carothers, CRNP
Associate Director for Occupational Health Services
Office of Health, Safety and Environment


Download flyers:
The 2011 JHU flu awareness flyers are now available for download.


Flu Safety poster


Flu Vaccine poster

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