Employee Engagement Tools for Managers


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The university depends on department leaders and managers at all levels to champion employee engagement and make it part of your daily operations and interactions with staff.

Johns Hopkins is committed to building employee engagement as part of the Ten by Twenty vision plan, which states:

We must also be deliberate in our efforts to attract, develop, and retain a talented and diverse workforce of engaged employees. Our objective is to cultivate a working environment with a culture of intellectual curiosity, innovation, and teamwork, a place where everyone can develop professionally and make a difference. To achieve those ends, we will provide our employees those services and support necessary to ensure that a Hopkins position is conducive in every respect to growth and performance at the highest levels.

The Gallup survey was the first step

Building engagement is important because employees who are engaged are more motivated and productive, produce better business outcomes, are safer, and stay in their jobs longer. The 2018 Gallup survey closed on March 25, and nearly 30,000 Johns Hopkins University and Medicine staff members (over 70%) took the time to provide their input. Thank you for encouraging your teams to participate! Employee input will help the university continue our efforts to pursue employee engagement in a sustained way over time. It will also help you as a manager to incorporate best practices for engagement into your process and daily interactions with staff.

Now What?

Each manager who receives a report (because he or she supervises five or more respondents) is expected to review their results and make a plan to build engagement around at least one area. The HR Manager in your area will work with you to access your results, interpret what they mean, and begin to formulate an appropriate action plan. Gallup provides two user guides to help you navigate in the portal when the time is right.

Gallup Q12 reporting [PDF]

Gallup action planning [PDF]

As you think about how you can improve engagement in your area, consider these activities.

Lead a meeting to discuss the engagement survey elements and your team’s results.

Ask your team to choose one area where they would like to focus on building engagement.

Use the streamlined (one-page) template you will receive with your results to outline a plan.

Share your plan with your manager and HR representative.

Create a myPerformance goal for yourself as a manager that links to building engagement.  


If you have questions about engagement or the Gallup survey, you can always talk with your HR manager or review the resources below.

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