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Building upon Johns Hopkins' ongoing economic inclusion efforts, in September 2015, Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Health System announced the launch of HopkinsLocal, a new initiative to build a stronger Baltimore.

This joint effort by the university and health system focuses the entire institution on maximizing opportunities for city residents and city businesses when we build, hire, and buy, and it will allow us to encourage other employers to invest in Baltimore as well. It is a deep, solid, and measurable commitment to increase design and construction contracts with local, minority-owned, and women-owned businesses, expand the number of new hires that come from city neighborhoods, and spend more of our purchasing dollars with city vendors. 

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Administrative Excellence

Launched in August 2013, the Administrative Excellence Initiative (AEI) is a universitywide effort focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative functions that support Johns Hopkins’ teaching, research, and service missions. This initiative will enhance administrative service levels, rationalize administrative spending, and identify opportunities to redirect resources toward strategic academic priorities.

One component of AEI is the Johns Hopkins Procurement Initiative, which has convened committees of faculty, staff, and procurement experts to identify more streamlined and cost-effective procedures to purchase supplies and services. The procurement initiative is on track to secure more than $18 million in savings and improve customer service across a range of purchasing areas, including office supplies, labware, temporary staffing, building maintenance, travel and more.

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Employee Engagement

In order to meet its ambitious vision for the future, the university needs an engaged workforce that tackles challenges with passion and energy, feels connected to the university's broader mission, and contributes to organizational growth with creativity and entrepreneurship. In an ongoing effort to build employee engagement, the university is working with the Gallup Organization to survey the staff regularly.  The most recent survey took place in March 2015 and the results will be used to help department leaders support the engagement of employees across the university.

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Benefits Advisory Committee

In April 2011, Provost Lloyd Minor and Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration Daniel Ennis convened a Benefits Advisory Committee to undertake a review of the university's benefit programs. The committee consisted of representatives from all segments of the university and received support from the benefits and human resources teams. The committee completed a comprehensive review of the university's benefits program with a focus on the university's healthcare program that led to more than $12 million in savings to the university.

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