Name Change and Privacy in JHU Computer Systems

name tagMany transgender people use a name that is not their legal name. At times, this may be called a "preferred name," a "nickname," or a "name-in-use." Many cisgender people also use preferred names. One way to show respect for individuals is to consistently use the name that person prefers. While there are some circumstances that require a legal name (e.g. official transcripts, background checks), most communication should use preferred names.

Learn about where your name shows up, who can see it, and how you can alter your preferences in the many components of the university’s online systems.

This system is still incomplete, so please contact us if you experience challenges!


Name-in-Use Changes

Start here: There are three places where you should start. These changes should apply to any student at Hopkins, regardless of campus. Click the links to find out how to make these changes.

  1. Change your nickname in myJHU.
  2. Change your preferred name in ISIS.
  3. Visit the J-Card office for a new card. Request that your preferred name be put on the card. You may also take a new picture at this time.

You may also want to change your email alias and change the privacy of your myJHU profile.

Other systems: There are many computer systems throughout the university. If you change your preferred name, some computer systems will update quickly and others will take several months to be updated. Others may not update at all. If you have any questions about any aspect of this, please contact us to discuss your situation.

  • Counseling Center (Homewood): When you make an appointment, and when you fill out the intake form, you will have the opportunity to enter a preferred name.
  • Mail Room (Homewood students who live on campus): Homewood Campus Residence Hall Mail Rooms will use your preferred name from ISIS. However, you may want to update your photo and the label on your mailbox. Email Lisa to request this.
  • Student Health and Wellness Center (Homewood): The health center computer system should import your preferred name from ISIS.
  • Student Employment: Student Employment uses your legal name for processing paychecks. If you pick up your paycheck in person, you will need to use an ID that has your legal name.

Communicating with faculty: If you are using a name that is not your legal name, you may want to talk directly to faculty members before the semester begins. Here's some suggested language and points to consider. We're also happy to serve as a resource for your faculty members. 


Legal Name Changes

After a legal name change, you may also wish to change your JHED login id. You can also submit a name change request form with your division. Here's some school-specific information; we're working on gathering others:

This may be different for international students, who should ensure that their name on their visa certificate is changed first.