Transition-Related Health Coverage

Student health insurance at Hopkins has provisions for trans-inclusive care. Hormones and gender confirmation surgery are covered as any other medical procedure would be. We are still working on providing simlar levels of coverage for Hopkins employees.

Johns Hopkins University Student Health Benefit Plan

The Student Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) is administered by Consolidated Health Plans, Inc., and has contracted with Cigna. You are eligible for this plan if you are a student at Whitting Engineering, Kreiger Arts & Sciences, SAIS, Carey, or the School of Education. For information about the SHBP, visit The Plan allows coverage for "gender reassignment surgery" after a series of critera are met; these critera are available in the SHBP brochure.

Johns Hopkins EHP Student Health Program

This plan is for students enrolled at the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and School of Public Health. Students are eligible for the EHP Student Health Program, which you can learn more about via the EHP website. Specifics of the transition-related coverage are available here.

Hopkins Employee Health Care

Currently, Hopkins employees are not eligible for transition-related health care coverage. We will update this page when that changes.