Update on the effect of the government shutdown

Dear Members of the Johns Hopkins University Community,
Earlier this week, I wrote to you about the federal government shutdown and promised to keep you informed about its effects on our community. In the days that have followed, administration has worked closely with our schools and divisions to assess the potential impacts of a longer-term closure.
So far, Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine have not experienced significant disruptions. We have received a small number of “stop work” orders for a very limited number of specific projects, and administration has received reports that researchers and students who rely on government resources, such as the Library of Congress, have been unable to access them. Some researchers who collaborate with federal employees have not been able to reach them or gain access to labs at federal facilities.
Moving forward, the impacts could be more significant. We are in the midst of analyzing the potential consequences of an extended shutdown, but for the moment, the important work of the university community continues.
We have launched a webpage to keep individuals, particularly grant recipients and others who rely on federal funding and services, informed about the evolving situation. The page includes links to external resources, updates, and contact information for individuals with questions or concerns. It will be updated as new information becomes available.
Thank you for your continued dedication during this uncertain time.
Robert C. Lieberman
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs