Partial Government Shutdown

Dear Colleagues,

During the past week, we have witnessed the impacts of the partial federal government shutdown on people across our region and the nation. Many of our sponsors, family members, and friends have been affected, and the situation will certainly become more challenging unless the federal budget impasse is resolved soon.
Although we have experienced some program disruptions, we thus far have been able to assign staff members whose project funding has been interrupted to other projects and duties. We also have been analyzing the potential consequences of an extended shutdown and developing plans to curtail our expenses as we move forward. While the news we hear every day about the impasse has been concerning, there have also been some positive developments. For example, we are hopeful that Secretary Hagel's decision this past Saturday to bring most furloughed DoD employees back to work will ensure the continuation of many of our key programs, which is both important to our sponsors and critical to the long-term security of our country.
We will continue to monitor the situation closely, manage the impacts as best we can, and keep you informed of any significant developments. I encourage you to share any specific concerns you may have with your supervisors, department leadership, or me as we work though this challenging time.
Thank you again for all you do for APL and our nation.